IRC Logs for #crux-devel Monday, 2007-12-31

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tilmanjaeger: mind if i play with an rbot (irc bot) on i'd like to hook it up to the git repos01:46
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jaegertilman: doesn't bother me any10:15
jaegerif that's preferred over the supybot rss thing I'll disable it when that's set up10:16
tilmanit would allow instant updates without polling10:26
tilmanbut i didn't get it working yet10:26
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jaegerhow would I check out the release-2.4 iso.git tag?23:27
jaegergit checkout <tag> ?23:28
jaegerlooks like that works but into an unnamed branch which can be branched with checkout -b or whatever23:28
Romsterhmm you'd check out there revison i guess?23:33
jaegergit clone path and then git checkout <tag> seems to do what I want23:33
jaegerI don't need to push back, only check out the iso release-2.4 and make a source iso23:34
jaegergit clone path && git checkout -b release-2.4 <-- this seems to get the right thing23:35
Romsterthere is a git fetch --tags23:36
jaegerand creates a local release-2.4 branch at the same time23:36
jaegerthat will get the tags and store them in .git/refs/tags/ at least23:36
Romsteris a start.23:36
jaegeractually that didn't do quite what I expected, that makes a new branch without the tag23:37
jaeger"git checkout -b release-2.4 release-2.4" does it23:37
jaegertilman said having a branch and tag named the same causes problems but in this case it shouldn't; it's not going to be pushed back and it's only used once23:38
Romsteras it used the branch name as prefered.23:38
jaegerI think he said it preferred the tag23:38
jaegerwhen fetching, at leat23:38
Romsterhmm still i wouldn't get into a habbit that would couse problems in another situration.23:39
jaegerthis doesn't solve the problem anyway, it turns out23:39
jaegerbecause I need to get the ports sources at the same time23:39
jaegerah, but it looks like someone tagged them, too23:40
Romstergit checkout -m release-2.4 ...23:40
Romsteroh that's only if you need a 3 way merge hmm..23:41
Romsteri think tilman taged them.23:41
Romsterjaeger, git checkout -f [tag]/[sha1]/[branch name]23:44
Romsterso it's easy enough.23:44
jaegerthat seems a bit brutish to me for some reason23:45
Romsteri got it off a page23:45
Romsterget rid of the -f then.23:46
Romsterbeing that you are only doing a read and not editing i can't see -f being a issue.23:47
jaegerbut why get into that habit if not the other? :)23:47
Romsteryou could add the git clone into the for loop too.23:49
jaegertrue. just wrote that up quickly and didn't optimize it23:49
Romsterunless you plan todo a for i in *; do23:49
Romsterhmm 2 questions but i've had  quick look over the Makefile, use ccache,distcc and a virtual ram fs to compile on.23:51
Romsteryou could even make a gnome iso too <<23:52
Romsteri've thought of making a kde one.23:53
Romsterwouldn't take you much time since you could reuse the built packages every time you do a new release.23:55
Romstera downlaod counter on the file would be handy to see if it's worthwhile to contine to make it.23:56

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