IRC Logs for #crux-devel Wednesday, 2008-01-02

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clbUpdate from core: 2 Jan 13:42 - flex: downgrade to 2.5.3308:06
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DarkNekroshappy new year everybody!! ;)08:23
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clbUpdate from opt: 2 Jan 15:54 - libidl: updated to version 0.8.910:08
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tilmanjaeger: i'm syncing the sources.iso & jue's i586 iso now14:46
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treach*palmface* another one spending hours looking at the output of the initscripts..15:50
Romsteri really don't see the point, i like colour but how long do init scripts last for loading, not very long.15:53
treachFound in /usr/ports/opt/prt-utils:16:00
treach  /usr/bin/revdep16:00
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Romstersudo is geting a 404 1.6.9p10 is stable now.16:20
Romsteri'm 2 patch versions behind...16:21
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