IRC Logs for #crux-devel Friday, 2008-01-04

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DarkNekroshi everybody ;)04:01
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tilmanwb treach07:54
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treachthank you. :)08:22
treachaon: another set of "lots of bugfixes" seems to be out. :)08:42
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j^2*sneeze* *sneeze* *cough* *cough*09:43
aonj^2: yeah, it's infernally cold here too09:47
aonand i only have short underwear :(09:47
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j^2i'm all kinds of messed up right now it's horrible, and i'm sitting at my workstation trying to work09:58
j^2i cant type root passwds for the life of me09:58
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treachaon: no ill effects of wine 0.9.52 detected so far. :p10:42
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Romsteri've been on wine52 since it got released. and 5117:51
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treachsssooo? isn't one version enough? ;)18:49
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prologicCan you please please please put madwifi on the next cd release21:55
prologicit is _very_ essential for a lot of wireless cards21:55
prologicI a bit disappointed it isn't on the 2.4 cd :/21:55
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