IRC Logs for #crux-devel Friday, 2008-01-11

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DarkNekroshi everybody ;)04:12
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pitillohello jue06:59
Romsterah crap..07:02
Romsterand i just updated it...07:02
Romsterso why is iptables, sudo, libsdl directfb etc out of date?07:02
juereading the mailing-list is sometimes useful ;-)07:02
Romsterthat expalins one package but there are others that are out of date, dependencys arn't listed right etc.07:03
Romsteri report a few get fixed.07:03
Romsteri email the maintainers or use irc if i know they read in here.07:04
juewould be nice if you inform the maintainers or file a bug instead of complainung in irc07:04
Romsteri have.07:04
juefor sudo -> mail sip07:05
juefor iptables -> I'll on it07:05
Romsterand when will be fixed so that i can use the mailing list? <_<07:05
Romsterwell so far iptables 1.4.0 is working fine for me.07:06
Romstereh sorry for my outburst earlier i just got in a bad mood with mike_k...07:06
juehehe, np07:06
Romsterand then everything else on my mind i jsut decided fuck it speak my mind.07:06
Romsteri love crux and all that.07:07
Romsterand i'm not trying to be han or another yahfri hell no...07:07
jueyes, I know and really appreciate your work07:08
Romsteri just want things to work07:08
Romsteri try my best, though i get the impresion i'm a bit of a pest.07:08
Romsterhmm may i ought to report stuff again, and see if anything happens, i know things can get overlooked and missed, i've even done that, but once spoted i fix. and i also know no one here here 24/7.07:11
jueI think that for outdated opt/core ports a flyspray-bugreport is best07:13
juebut please give the maintainers some days ...07:14
Romsterso i should make it more formal, and use flyspray.07:17
jueIMO yes07:17
Romstermain things i find anoying is missing dependencys so prt-get depinst breaks on a clean system. i'm currently going though things and fexing that stuff.07:19
juehmm, may I have an example?07:20
Romsterwell atm pinentry is broken it's mising xorg stuff on it's dependency so i can't do a prt-get depinst gnupg on a chroot or clean system.07:21
Romsterthat's just one, i haven't done any fixes for that yet.07:21
juehmm, cannot agree on that07:22
jueyou can build pinentry without x07:22
Romsteryou can find changes i've done on and
Romsterhmm maybe i'm looking at the wrong package..07:23
Romsterone was messing up..07:23
Romsteri'll have to try again.07:23
Romsterah i was right07:25
Romsterchecking for X... no07:25
Romsterconfigure: error: Can't find X. Please check your installation and add the correct paths!07:25
Romster=======> ERROR: Building '/usr/ports/packages/pinentry#0.7.4-1.pkg.tar.gz' failed.07:25
Romsterclean chroot with crux 2.407:26
Romsterok it could do with a sysup but i don't see anything there that would mess pinentry up.07:27
Romsterthis is were we need a build system and my safe-build script is not too far off being automated to test every package.07:27
Romstercould turn it into a buildbot.07:28
Romsteror just have it do a cron job or test any updates to see it it breaks anything else then reports.07:28
jueyep, your are right for pinentry07:29
Romstersee :)07:29
juebut I'd consider this as a bug in pinentry, because the ncurses interface should build without x07:30
juehave you talked with viper about that?07:30
Romsternot yet..07:30
juesee :)07:30
Romsteri wasn't complaining about that one <<07:30
Romsteras i haven't talked yet.07:31
Romsterbut there are other cases.07:31
Romsteri'll be testing the lot and puting in reports.07:31
juewhat's with rsync and util-linux? I cannot see any differences07:31
Romsterwell what i find of value.07:31
Romsterah they haven't now but i made util-linux-ng back when i was on crux-2.307:32
Romsterand rsync i made becasue the maintainer wouldn't submit the fix for useing internal popt intot he crux-2.3 repo and was only added in crux-2.407:32
Romsterthat later thing anoyed me.07:33
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juebtw the maintainer is jue07:33
Romsteri could remove them other 2 now.07:33
Romsterwell it anoyed me not puting in a critical issue into 2.3 aswell.07:34
Romsterjsut as tillman anoyed me with not adding in the keyboard led fix...07:34
juesorry, but that's not a critical issue07:34
Romsterand also that prt-utils didn't have a check to say that libarchive is missing.07:34
Romsterguess my opinion is diferent but it anoyed me.07:35
Romsteranyways, that's the past not now.07:35
Romsternothing person btw.07:35
Romstererr personal07:35
jueso we have left the outdated iptabels in core07:36
Romsterthink i read that perl has a new version but i understand not upgrading that so close to the release.07:37
juewhat about swig?07:37
Romsterah that's jsut me removing suposidly junk off my system although i might of seriosuly broke it doing that. arn't too sure..07:38
Romsterwhat i should do is find the changes that prevent something form building etc, and submit to flyspray.07:39
Romsterso really is my fault not using the bug tracker as much as i should.07:39
jueok, fine. Awaiting your reports ;-)07:40
juehave to leave now, cu07:41
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sepenRomster, here07:45
sepennot excesive time today for doing tests07:46
sepenIm working hard at office for a while07:46
sepenalso I've write a little script for verifying repos07:47
sepenthis is your log07:47
sepenRomster, it shows me some relevant information like this:07:48
sepenERROR Url '': HTTP/1.1 404 Not Found07:48
Romsterok whats happening here..07:56
Romstermy priavte repo i haven't ran extensive tests, its' a use as is, but i'm gonna get too that and fix stuff.07:57
Romsteri'm gonna nuke xmule it's broken i got amule to work.07:57
Romstermy private repo is my testing ground, not everything is gonna work.07:58
Romstersepen, if you check my ports in contrib you'll see i've got them all clean or should be.07:59
Romsterwhat the hell bmpx forbidden O-o i only updated that not too long ago08:00
sepenRomster, no worry, Im only trying to get an automatic check of my repo08:00
sepenbut trying also to extend to others08:00
sepenafter finish to verify my repo I'll run repoverify one more time against contrib repo08:01
sepenand I'll upload reports to the same url08:01
Romsterhmm k i'll go over that list though.08:02
Romsterand i got other checks and if oyur intersted you should look at my safe-build port too.08:02
Romsterbasicly i'm gona do what i've typed earlier in here08:07
Romsterdepinst ports in a clean chroot find what dependencys are missing add them recheck etc.08:08
Romsterand submit a report on it to be fixed.08:08
Romsterand later to find redundent dependencys to remove.08:08
sepenbut sounds like you need at least one day for checking an entire repo08:13
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Romsteryeah it's a big repo.08:24
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aonjaeger: could you bump scorched3d and test if it builds with wxgtk 2.8.4?12:22
aon or the personal repos on crux.nu12:22
jaegeraon: sure12:39
jaegerI wonder why the cron daemon on my ck4up box isn't working12:50
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jaegeraon: didn't build but it looks like an OpenAL issue rather than wxgtk14:17
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jaegerpatched up openal and now there's some error about jpeg :P15:21
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clbUpdate from opt: 12 Jan 00:21 - zsh: fixed md5sum of zsh-lovers.1 || 12 Jan 00:16 - cdrtools: updated to 2.01.01a3718:43
clbUpdate from opt: 12 Jan 01:07 - openal: patch for ALCvoid compile errors in other apps || 12 Jan 01:05 - scorched3d: updated to version 41.119:13
aoni'll update wxgtk and my stuff that's dependent on it later today19:16
aontoo lazy to go to the other room anymore before sleeping :)19:16
aonand sshd on the crux box is off19:16
Romsterdoes that mean i can't push changes to contrib soon...19:20
Romsterhmm so maybe now i can put wxpython in contrib too19:20
Romsterlibpcre in the same commit as cdrools..19:22
jaegerI'm gonna move scorched3d to contrib later if anyone cares19:41
Romsteri can see a improvment for pkgmk retry downloads like 3 times before giving up and if the first 1 fails with a gateway time out todo a force content to get transparent proxys to retry and get the content so it works, otherwise i need to open it in a borwser and use shift+refresh then use pkgmk again.19:49
Romsteri should see if wget has this header option.19:49
DarkNekrosnight everybody ;)19:50
Romsterg'night DarkNekros19:50
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Romsteroh neat i can't push updates <<20:29
Romsterah then again i can.. think i jsut had some connection problems.20:29
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