IRC Logs for #crux-devel Saturday, 2008-01-12

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clbUpdate from opt: 12 Jan 09:50 - squid: update to 2.6.STABLE18 || 12 Jan 09:48 - ocaml: update to 3.10.1 || 12 Jan 09:43 - libxml2-python: update to 2.6.31 || 12 Jan 09:43 - libxml2: update to 2.6.3104:16
clbUpdate from opt: 12 Jan 10:41 - amule: bumped release || 12 Jan 10:37 - amule: added patch for new wxgtk || 12 Jan 10:37 - wxgtk: updated to 2.8.4 || 12 Jan 10:31 - transmission: update to 1.0104:46
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DarkNekroshi everybody ;)05:09
Roomsternow they fix amule...05:56
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Romsterwell the one that fixed it. i havd amule running for awhile but i find it crashes ocasionally08:22
Romsterand being you..08:23
Romsterwell it's not too bad seems to do it when i hit the kad node update button.08:24
aonwith the patch, too?08:24
Romsterwell i'm using the one i made not sure if your patch is diferent i'm about to do a diff.08:24
aondunno, probably not08:25
Romsteromg.. did you copy my patch <<08:25
Romsterdiff -u /usr/ports/opt/amule/amule-2.1.3-wx.diff /usr/ports/romster-opt/amule/amule-2.1.3-wx.patch08:25
Romsterno diff at all.08:25
Romsterunless you got it off the site i found the patch on.08:26
Romsterso maybe flags i've edited cflags a little.08:26
aonthe patch is from the amule site before the crash08:26
aondunno if it's available there anymore08:26
Romsterah i found mine from another site that wasn't in english but it's exactly as mine.08:27
Romsterwhat is with the stack protector change?08:27
Romsteron cflags/cxxflags08:28
Romsterall i added was -fno-strict-aliasing08:28
Romsteri saw way too many errors to compile without.08:28
Romsterwell warnings.08:28
aoni'm not sure08:28
aoniirc it doesn't even compile with stack-protector08:29
Romsterit is your port and your not sure <<08:29
aonwell yeah, it's been a while since i looked at it08:29
aonand it probably doesn't affect in this case anyway08:29
Romsterah so it was there as you have stack-protector in your pkgmk.conf ?08:29
aonnot really, it's "legacy" :)08:30
aoni recall testing it, though08:30
Romsterhmm i added --enable-optimize maybe that's my instability, i'll have to test sometime when i'm bored.08:31
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clbUpdate from opt: 12 Jan 19:32 - wine: updated to 0.9.5313:47
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DarkNekrosgood night everybody ;)20:38
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jaegerjeez, another wine update21:07
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