IRC Logs for #crux-devel Monday, 2008-01-14

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DarkNekroshi everybody ;)01:56
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* jaeger starts working on a disk support rewrite for the iso kernel/initramfs10:25
jaegerIt'll be interesting to see how well this works and if people hate it or not :)10:27
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jaegerI've got an iso working now that uses all modules for its disk/cdrom support16:08
Romsterah there was 2 others things it should have on it.16:13
Romsterone wifi one that's not in opt i forgot the name now. i think madwifi was on the cd but not the other that prologic complained about for 2.3 to have on the cd16:14
Romsteryet it's still not on the 2.4 cd.16:15
jaegernoted, but not what I'm working on at the moment16:15
Romsterah so you did note the package?16:15
jaegernope... I was referring to your comment just now16:16
Romsterthe ndiswrapper i've added to contrib could be another useful package for wifi cards too.16:16
Romsteri'l grab the name of it.16:16
sepensure would be a nice port for supporting more cards16:17
sepenimo it should be on 'opt'16:17
RomsterJan 05 14:55:06 <prologic>Can you please please please put madwifi on the next cd release16:23
Romstersepen, true but i have no opt access i dont' even use ndiswraper but my best i could do was throw it in contrib.16:24
Romsteri know the pain of not having net access and having to goto the public library to with a usb drive to get a program to get net on at home, all because there wasn't the driver i needed.16:25
Romsterhasn't haped with crux but i bet it would be diferent with wifi and them missing packages.16:25
sepensend to ML's16:26
Romsterhmm even better throw it on flyspray16:27
Romstersinc ei can still not use the ML16:27
Romsterwithout geting a mail service out side of australia.16:27
sepenboth are fine for me16:27
Romsterhmm i'll try it now maybe they fixed it...16:28
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