IRC Logs for #crux-devel Tuesday, 2008-01-15

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DarkNekroshi everybody ;)01:04
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sepenimpossible to find sudo-1.6.9p804:45
sepenonly available 1.6.9p7 in OLD/ folder at ftp server, and the next ones 1.6.9p10 and 1.6.9p1104:46
Romsterp10 is out04:47
Romstergmm 11 now..04:47
Romsteri have the p10 one in my opt.04:47
Romsteri'll make 11 now.04:48
sepenIll try it04:48
Romsteri got sick of relying on others04:48
Romsteri'll make 11 if you wanna wait a bit04:48
Romsteri have 10 on 3 pcs all work fine.04:48
sepenbetter for me if you can paste the httpup path04:51
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Romsterneed to add it into a ck4up so i can monitor changes quicker.04:53
Romsterlike with the rest i've done.04:53
Romsterthe httpup path is above ^04:53
Romsteras for core xorg and whatever else i use i'll be making my own copys that i'll sync with crux's repos if they keep up or looks more like i'll be mroe updated.04:54
Romsterplus i ate other ports that i'm using to disapear on me so keeping a copy is handy04:55
sepensorry, Im at office05:36
sepenand near the boss05:36
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jaegerhrmm... I guess I ought to make a separate branch for this iso instead of putting these changes into the 2.4 tree10:05
Romsteryou should work in a local branch.10:15
Romsterand port changes over to a branch when your ready too.10:15
Romsterbeen talking to the guys in #git very helpful people.10:16
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clbUpdate from opt: 15 Jan 18:02 - mpg123: update to 1.1.012:08
clbUpdate from core: 15 Jan 18:06 - iptables: update to 1.4.0 || 15 Jan 18:04 - dhcpcd: update to 3.1.912:08
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