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clbUpdate from opt: 17 Jan 16:05 - gimp: updated to version 2.4.3 || 17 Jan 16:05 - avahi: updated to version 0.6.22 || 17 Jan 14:41 - libdaemon: updated to version 0.1210:18
clbUpdate from opt: 17 Jan 16:42 - directfb: downgraded to
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clbUpdate from opt: 17 Jan 17:02 - glib: updated to version 2.14.511:18
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clbUpdate from opt: 17 Jan 19:46 - gtk: updated to version 2.12.413:49
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clbUpdate from opt: 17 Jan 20:03 - pango: updated to version 1.18.414:19
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jaegerposted to crux-devel about this test iso17:20
pitillothis isn't a big report but I tested 2.4e1 in an older computer, (p2-300) without any option and with noscsi, nosata, nofirewire, nousb options and in both ways worked fine. (I can't test the last point of the message, I am not a vmware user) Tomorrow I will try to play a bit with vbox. Thank you for your work jaeger. :)18:21
jaegerpitillo: I appreciate the feedback, thanks :)18:23
jaegerI used parallels in mac os x and virtualbox in windows vista to test it as well18:23
jaegerbut I dislike vmware intensely so I haven't used that to test18:23
pitilloyes I readed you some days ago and you effort to support the vmware controllers, but I can't do anything here.18:24
jaegerno problem, I'm sure someone using vmware will test it, I know we have a few users18:26
jaegertek and clickonce, perhaps others18:26
pitilloyep, I readed clickonce and if he read the ML or the ping he will test it under vmware for sure18:27
Romsterif prologic had soem time i'd ask him to try it in vmware since he seems to like that.18:36
Romsteri could test in qemu18:36
Romsterdunno of anyone else that uses vmware.18:37
Romsterya know what would be nice is some reporting tool to report back to say what ports users use and have stastics on it.18:38
Romsteruseally i don't know if anyone uses mine untill someproblem crops up and they inform me.18:38
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j^2hey anyone use xen here?21:00
Romsternot me and i have no idea of who would.21:06

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