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clbUpdate from opt: 18 Jan 12:21 - sane: fixed udev rules, ticket #210 || 18 Jan 12:17 - samhain: update to 2.4.206:23
clbUpdate from opt: 18 Jan 12:42 - [notify] apache: update to 2.2.806:53
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clbUpdate from xorg: 18 Jan 19:15 - [security] xorg-server: fixed multiple security issues. || 18 Jan 19:14 - [security] xorg-libxfont: added fix for CVE-2008-0006. || 18 Jan 18:55 - xorg-libxmu: updated to 1.0.4. || 18 Jan 18:53 - xorg-xf86-video-amd: updated to || 18 Jan 18:50 - xorg-xf86-video-mga: updated to
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clbUpdate from opt: 18 Jan 19:25 - scummvm: updated to version 0.11.013:54
Romstertilman, any reason you don't have a port of intel i810 video driver? the intel package supports it but it breaks on at elast one i810 a user reported, and i've seen numerious other reports of the same issue from google.13:58
tilmanthe i810 driver has been renamed to "intel"13:58
tilmanit's the same code13:58
Romsterwell the person reported the i810 worked while intel didn't.13:59
Romsterso no idea there.13:59
tilmanit's called a "regression"14:00
tilmanbut that doesn't mean i'll ship an older version of the same package14:00
tilmanwe don't have gaim in ports anymore either14:00
Romsteralso the fact the i810 part of the intel driver uses i830_driver.c file is a mistery too.14:00
Romsterno need for gaim pidgin works well.14:01
Romsteri was just wondering why, had to be a reason.14:01
tilmanthe user should file a bug at bugs.freedesktop.org14:01
Romsterah, i should of told that user that, oh well.14:01
Romstertilman, is that were you see the security updates or you look at the ML or there cms?14:05
tilmanno, i saw the announcement on the xorg-announce mailing list14:07
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jaegerI would like to complain for the record that it blows my goddamn mind that people will complain about something as SMALL as some colored text output18:16
jaegerThere MUST be something more important than that they can complain about.18:16
Romsteryeah really..18:16
Romsterif he hates it that much he can go jump in a lake or make his own install cd. personally colours adds a nice touch.18:17
Romsternot like it's a memory hog or the coulrs clash and is hard to read.18:17
jaegerI'm not changing them just because of a complaint, it just amazes me that it's worth complaining about18:17
Romsterheh no idea why, maybe he is emo.18:18
Romsterbetter things to discuss than that imo.18:18
jaegermuch better things18:19
Romsteractually i was thinking if i should try out beryl with pekwm, if it would work.18:19
Romsterhaven't looked into that yet.18:20
Romsteri've been off kde for a few days now, sort of coping.18:20
Romstermaybe he should go back to using one of them monochrome green crts <<18:22
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