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clbUpdate from opt: 19 Jan 09:51 - unison: update to 2.27.5503:58
clbUpdate from xorg: 19 Jan 09:57 - xorg-xf86-input-joystick: updated to
clbUpdate from xorg: 19 Jan 10:24 - xorg-xf86-input-vmmouse: updated to 12.4.3. || 19 Jan 10:22 - xorg-xf86-video-vmware: updated to 10.15.2. || 19 Jan 10:19 - xorg-xf86-video-nv: updated to 2.1.6. || 19 Jan 10:17 - xorg-server: updated mesa version to
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sepen@seen ctpn05:23
clbsepen: I have not seen ctpn.05:23
sepen@seen cptn05:23
clbsepen: cptn was last seen in #crux-devel 14 weeks, 6 days, 22 hours, 27 minutes, and 15 seconds ago: <cptn> thanks :-)05:23
clbUpdate from core: 19 Jan 11:13 - pkg-config: updated to 0.23.05:28
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clbUpdate from opt: 19 Jan 11:44 - gdb: updated to
Romsterman there is alot of updates the past few days <_<06:14
tilmani've caught up on x updates06:15
Romsterbit behind?06:15
Romsterbusy with real life stuff?06:16
tilmanwhen i built my new desktop in november i ignored some updates06:17
tilmanand then forgot about them06:17
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Romsteroh i see..06:23
Romsterlet it get too far behind and it's so much more work to check each one.06:24
Romsteri've been there.06:24
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sepenhi jue08:17
sependid you read my mail?08:17
jueyes, got it08:18
sepenoh nice08:18
juejust read in the #crux logs that you got a bounce?08:19
sepenimo that ports should appear in # Optional08:19
sepenyeah x)08:19
sepensurely my sourceforge addres causes my problem08:19
sepenjue, can you test it?
juewrt ocaml: thanks for the info, I'll remove the deps to x stuff08:20
sepenIm trying to find new ports for the xfce repo08:20
sepenjue, thanks for your job08:21
juefine, will test it today08:21
sepenwhos is the apropitate core mantainer to talk about subdomains of
sepenjue, the only problem is that my xfce-portdiscover script need my another portdb-search script08:22
sepenohh nice I want to told him about es.crux.nu08:22
sepenor delegate this zone to us08:22
sepenes comunity its growing up more and more08:23
jueah, got that wrong. For the basic infra-structure of our server another guy is responsable08:24
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juesorry don't remember his name now08:24
sepenjue 2 alternatives: 1 delegate the zone.  2 A and MX registers on dns server08:25
* jue wonders why most people think that awk can only do {print $2}08:25
juepkginfo -i |awk '/^mesa3d / {sub(/-[0-9]$/,""); print $2}'08:25
jueor even08:26
juepkginfo -i |awk '/^mesa3d / {print gensub(/-[0-9]$/,"",1,$2)}'08:26
sepen04:52:32 <sepen> Romster, $ awk '/mesa3d/ {getline; print}' /var/lib/pkg/db | sed s/-[0-9]*//08:27
sepenprints the line after the match08:27
sepensurely better with ^mesa3d08:28
sepenwe told about pkginfo --installed-version mesa3d  option switch08:28
jueawk '/^mesa3d/ {getline; print gensub(/-[0-9]$/,"",1,$1)}' /var/lib/pkg/db08:29
sepen$ pkginfo -i <port>08:29
sepenjue, xD08:29
Romsteryeah gonna write something up about a pkginfo feature.08:29
sepenjust another awk hacker08:29
jueawk is pretty cool08:30
Romstereh i don't like reading from the database directly.08:30
sepenor we can post a ticket in flyspray Romster08:30
Romsterwhen it could be done in pkginfo.08:30
jueyep that's right, so use the awk line above08:30
Romstermight do that, but not right now i got html i'm editing.08:30
Romsternah i got my own line. :)08:30
Romsterbut it would be alot simpler if pkginfo had what sepen and i have in mine.08:31
sepenjue Im another interesting note about xfce ports08:31
sepenjue, i.e see Comment[* /usr/share/xfce4/panel-plugins/separator.desktop08:32
sepen sorry08:32
sepenarga arg arg apf1$("!=$=!"$08:32
sepenComment [*] lines in that file08:32
sepenI think we should remove this kind of internationalization08:32
jueyeah, sure. But who cares? Is this worth the effort?08:35
juebut don't get me wrong, if you feel that this is a must-do, feel free to change the ports08:36
sepenall xfce ports?08:37
sepenIm trying to find a filter to do this08:37
sepenand use it inside all xfce ports that need it08:37
sepenare you using xfce?08:38
jueyeah, but evilwm most of the time08:38
jueguessing 98% evilwm, 1.5% xfce, 0.5% blackbox08:39
sepenIm very satified with xfce, here, at office, on my laptop with xfce-plugins08:41
clbUpdate from opt: 19 Jan 14:58 - ocaml: removed optional dependency to xorg, thanks sepen08:59
sepenhmmmm why xfce appears in and not contrib commits?09:07
juewhy should?09:10
sepenhmm only an opinion09:13
sepen$ cat /usr/share/xfce4/panel-plugins/separator.desktop  | sed '/^Comment\[/d' | sed '/^Name\[/d'  does the trick, another idea for that?09:13
sepen* sed -e '/^Comment\[/d' -e '/^Name\[/d'09:13
jue sed -ir '/^(Comment|Name)\[/d' /usr/share/xfce4/panel-plugins/separator.desktop09:16
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Romsterheh the power of reguler expressions.09:18
sepen $ for i in `pkginfo -o xfce4/panel-plugins/ | grep desktop$ | awk '{print $1}'`; do echo "find \${PKG}/usr/share/xfce4/panel-plugins -type f -name '*.desktop' -exec sed -r '/^(Comment|Name)\[/d' -i {} \;" >> $i/Pkgfile; done09:19
sepenediting now09:20
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Man0l0what is that ?09:20
sepenclenaup task for some ports09:20
sepen*Clean up09:20
sepenpffffaff arg arg arg09:31
sepenbad commit09:31
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juelol, somewhat :-)09:33
sepenIll fix09:33
Romsterbad sepen bad <<09:37
sepengit commit -a09:37
sepenwait a moment please09:38
jueno panic, git-revert is your friend09:38
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sepenpffff Im very dangerous09:46
sepeninternalization??? inernationalization09:47
juesomeone here who has a kvm package for 2.6.23? I'm not in the mood to install gcc34 for that.09:50
Romsterah i could make one jue ?09:57
Romsteri have gcc34 installed.09:57
jueyeah, cool09:58
Romsteri better edit my cflags frist it's set to althon.09:58
juethe latest version is 59, the port is on 5509:59
Romsterk i'll bump it then.09:59
sepen@seen sip10:00
clbsepen: sip was last seen in #crux-devel 7 weeks, 1 day, 20 hours, 36 minutes, and 51 seconds ago: <sip> yeah, I'm always lucky with this kind of things10:00
juebye sepen10:01
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Romsterbuilding be done soon hope kernel is ok.10:06
jueyep, same here10:06
Romsteryour in luck then.10:06
Romstermake: *** x86_64-softmmu: No such file or directory.  Stop.10:09
Romsterhmm.. strange i don't have x86_6410:09
Romsterjue, is "target list       x86_64-softmmu" correct?10:11
juehmm, looking at the configure script, I'd see we had to add --arch=i38610:13
Romsterand no man path fix either.. i'll sed that.10:15
juehmm, no. I doubt it will work10:17
RomsterERROR: QEMU requires SDL or Cocoa for graphical output10:19
RomsterTo build QEMU without graphical output configure with --disable-gfx-check10:19
RomsterNote that this will disable all output from the virtual graphics card.10:19
juebecause --arch is set with `uname -m` and that's probably i68610:20
Romsterhmm want me to add in sdl or disable it, i should read more carefully.10:20
juewith sdl would be better10:20
Romstersomeone ought to update that kvm port.10:22
Romsterjue, done not sure if your dcc works.10:49
juecan you upload it somewhere?10:50
Romsterk i take it your dcc is borked.10:50
juedunno, never tried it ;-)10:51
Romsteruploading it i'll paste the link when it's done.10:51
jueok, many thanks10:51
Romsterhope it works i didn't install any of xorg except the one package that libsdl refered.10:54
Romstermy desktop isn't on the 2.6.23.x kernel yet.10:54
Romsterhmm that libsdl i added in my private ports tree i added that dependency a classic case of puting that to a optional line.10:58
Romsteri'm starting to see why ports should be kept to a miniumn of dependencys.10:58
jueyep, seems to work11:02
Romsteryou wanna mail the maintainer to add libsdl and up the version, or shall i mail?11:04
juemail you, please11:05
Romsterok i'll take that as 'you mail, please.'11:06
jueyeah :-)11:06
Romstereven better i'll send him a diff.11:07
Romsterbut after i sleep i'm off to bed now.11:07
juebye and thanks again11:08
Romsteryour welcome11:08
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treachthrowing stones in glasshouses.. "you're welcome". :p11:29
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