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clbUpdate from opt: 21 Jan 10:49 - unison: update to 2.27.5705:09
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j^2hey hey everyone10:16
sepenIm still alive xDD10:48
sepenIm writing a little script to find other versions of ports maintained by me across the portdb, thats the results
sepenit tries to find me in contrib ports (maintainer line) and then by using portdb-search and curl it returns me if another version of the same port exists10:51
sepenthats the code
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treachjaeger: fwiw, I've tested your new iso, for both fresh a install and an upgrade, no issues to report.13:00
jaegerthanks, I appreciate it :)13:05
treachno problem, any feelings about including the raid5 module?13:07
jaegercould be handy, I'm sure13:08
treachmmh, I found it a bit strange that 0, 1 and 10 were included, but not 5.13:09
jaegerprobably not by design... I doubt any one of us have gone over every single option to see if it's useful or should be included13:13
jaegerer, has13:14
treachnp, welcome to the world of us mortals. ;)13:15
treachI blame Romster. :p13:15
treach'The property have ">10 apartments _", "< 10 but > 50 _" "< 50 _"13:28
treachit's nonsense because the idiot who typed it up was.. an idiot..13:44
Romsteri was gonna say wtf.13:46
Romsterdosn't make any sense what so ever.13:46
Romsterthink i've been around dos too long.13:47
Romstersepen, hrmm not bad, i could use that myself.14:00
sepenwhat my lastest script?14:01
sepenits only an idea14:01
Romsteri really should start bashing out my code snipets.14:01
Romsteri got a heap of code i just copy and paste and run.14:02
sepensurely other can write another tool better than mine14:02
sependid you get my source?14:02
Romsterlooked on the revision, i hadn't downloaded it.14:03
sepenalso its inside my crux-scripts-sepen port on my repo14:03
sepenbut it need some adjustements14:03
sepenI hardcoded my name on it14:04
Romstermake a config file.14:05
Romsterlike i did with my safe-build script that i need to work on cleaning up more. but i got other things todo first.14:05
sepenI wrote this script in few minutes this afternoon14:06
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treachmmmh, in a bad mood jaeger?22:49
jaegercutting some of the spam, that's all22:50
jaegerdone pasting?22:50
treachI  wasn't pasting.22:50
jaegerwhat was that, then?22:50
treachsorry for the flooding, I wasn't expecting as many hits22:50
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