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clbUpdate from opt: 24 Jan 11:14 - transmission: update to 1.02 || 24 Jan 11:05 - mysql: update to 5.0.51a05:27
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thanos0101hello...anybody here have crux running on an EFIKA?17:47
thanos0101was that a stupid question?17:49
treachbut few people running crux on ppc venture here.17:56
treachacrux has an efika, I think, but he's probably the only one I've heard about.17:56
thanos0101hmm, ok, thanks for that.17:58
Romsterand it's best to ask in #crux not sure of a #crux-ppc channel17:58
thanos0101allright, I'll inquire over at #crux.17:59
treachno idea, we rarely hear anything from those guys..17:59
thanos0101its a really cool little machine, but its challenging my limited abilities!18:00
treachmmh, acrux is in #crux. maybe you can make some sort of contact with him.18:02
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