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clbUpdate from core: 25 Jan 10:23 - coreutils: readded a uname-patch || 25 Jan 10:23 - coreutils: readded a uname-patch04:34
clbUpdate from xorg: 25 Jan 14:17 - xorg-server: switched to multiple-overflows-v2.diff.08:35
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j^2hey hey10:45
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clbUpdate from opt: 25 Jan 21:50 - rxvt-unicode: updated to 9.0.16:08
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roliveiraRomster, do you know it the ports tree for 2.3 is still maintained?17:48
Romsternope it's not maintained yet a few still commit to contrib-2.317:51
roliveiratalking about these updates, i think it could be better if instead of updating the 2.4 ports tree a "current" tree could be created...just an idea17:54
roliveiraother distros do it like that17:54
roliveiraand keep the ports tree for the current release more stable17:56
Romstera) more effort b) crux is ment to be broken <<17:59
Romsterdon't learn if oyu don't break things.17:59
Romster3) other distros do the hand holding imo.18:00
roliveirai see your point and reading the FAQ "If the port is from the core, base or opt collections, this is considered a bug."18:01
roliveirabut i don`t entirely agree with this18:01
roliveirathe way i see it the ports on the release should be updated if a vulnerabily or other security issue is found...18:02
roliveirabecause you will almost for sure find incompatibilities with software versions and all18:03
Romsterwe dont' have a base now..18:06
Romsterimo xorg should be listed with core and opt18:06
roliveirayes, the FAQ is a bit outdated...18:08
Romsterthat's just saying keeping a stable and testing branch.18:08
roliveirayea, i think it is a good idea18:08
Romsterwell there is a bug tracker add t in as a feater request18:09
Romsterand my typing is being bad...18:09
roliveirayes why not, i will do it, even do i have my doubts it will produce any results, as i never saw anyone talking about this around here18:10
Romsterit'll either get a thought on or rejected but at least it'll have to be read.18:12
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