IRC Logs for #crux-devel Sunday, 2008-01-27

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clbUpdate from core: 27 Jan 10:08 - wget: updated to 1.11.04:17
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sepensome contrib devel here?18:34
sepenthat the result of my repoverify script18:35
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treachsepen: nice job. (even if I'm not a contrib maintainer. ;) )19:25
sepenthanks, Im trying to write some nice tool for depurate ports19:26
sepensurely others can do it better19:26
sepennow Im removing from the list all ports which don't have any kind of problems19:28
treachshould make the download somewhat quicker. :>19:28
treachjeez, vmware is a serious offender. :/19:30
sepenyeah, after use this script I read a lot of serious offender lines19:30
sepenalso some ones are mine19:31
sepensome other files
sepenwell Im going to sleep19:33
sepensee later19:33
treach"Redundant deps for mythtv are: lame" ;D19:34
treachdamn right. :P19:34
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