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tilmanah crap13:19
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clbUpdate from opt: 28 Jan 19:19 - lftp: updated to
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cruxbot[tilman.git]: sparse: initial release.13:24
tilmanoh ffs13:26
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cruxbot[tilman.git]: libdevil: deleted.13:29
cruxbot[tilman.git]: rbot: removed.13:30
cruxbot[tilman.git]: rcov: removed.13:31
cruxbot[tilman.git]: ruby-bdb: removed.13:31
tilmansepen: there's your git monitoring bot13:31
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sepentilman, not its only in -es channel13:36
tilmanof course it's not only in -es channel, wtf?13:36
sepentilman, my bots are now stopped13:38
sepenwhats the problem13:38
sepencruxbot isn't mine13:38
tilmansorry, i don't understand13:39
tilmani said "yours" because you requested it13:39
tilmanaround christmas13:39
tilmani think so! :)13:39
sepenI understand you13:39
sepenyeah I request for a bot, is right?13:39
sepenso I like it13:41
tilmanlet's see how well it really works13:42
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sepenRomster, hi!15:49
sepenI have a new report of my repoverify
sepenany idea to perform a common script for devel tasks?15:50
sepensurely all whould be more easy with something similar to a nightly_build script combinning your safe build script and this one or similar15:51
sepenimo there are few maintainers for a lot of ports, more in your case xD15:51
sepenprologic, pig15:53
sepenprologic, ping15:53
sepencan you take a look of this report log, specially where appears p5-lwp15:53
sepenwe have a conflict with p5-lwp and p5-libwww15:55
sepenany idea?15:55
Romsterhi sepen15:55
Romstermissing dependency: curl < you could try adding in core as that is always present.15:56
Romsterand opt and xorg and other DE/WM repos maybe?15:57
Romsterand the maintainer of the port in question would be nice.15:57
sepenthe best problem I found appears on ports like nvidia-legacy15:57
sepenor php415:57
sepenports that have the same files that others15:57
Romsterand ports that have no problems like pymedia should be supressed.15:57
sepenno idea how to proceed15:58
sepenRomster, yeah the new version solves that issue15:58
Romsterwell they arn't ment to be instaled at the same time..15:58
sepenbut the report takes about a pair of hours with contrib repo15:58
sepenIm doing it a new one15:58
Romstermaybe we need a metatag in the Pkgfile that says # Conflicts: nvidia ...15:58
sepenRomster, Im thinking in gl-select15:59
sepenthis script solves the conflict15:59
sepenwhy don't write a pkgmk tool for doing it15:59
sepenRomster, for gl files and ati/nvidia conflicts, the gl-select script solves this problem16:00
sepenimo could be a nice pkgmk tool maybe it should do something similar16:01
Romsterit looks for the spefic file but what happens to all the other conflicting things like mail sending see the alias file in pkgutils.16:01
sepensorry my english16:01
Romsterit would only resolve one issue with video drivers.16:01
sepenyeah, maybe isn't generic16:02
Romsterbut other conflicting ports..16:02
sepenmy happy idea of the day16:02
Romsterwe need soemting wide spread and a metatag saying what conflicts with it wouldn't be too hard todo.16:02
sepenRomster, and that?
sepentoday I've another idea .)16:03
Romsteractually conflicting files in ports could be added to a conflicts= line?16:03
Romsterfrom parsing.16:03
sepenthat could be a method to resolve the issue16:03
sepenwhats your opinion about this idea for repo deps?16:04
Romsterdid you do that from a script?16:04
sepenports.opt .... ?16:04
sepenohh the last link? no16:05
Romsteris deps-for-repos typed out or generated from a script?16:05
sepenthats only an idea wirtten in an empty file16:05
sepenbut feel free to see
Romsteractualyl we can do away with a conflicts line and do something like this16:06
sepenI wrote a simple script to explode opt and my xopt concept16:06
Romsterfind all ERROR  contrib/pidentd .......... file conflict found: opt/linux-identd -> usr/sbin/identd16:06
Romsterand list them two as a conflict.16:06
sepenyeah for that case16:06
Romsterthat's simple enough todo, and make a list to say it conflicts and not show the errors of file conflict.16:07
sepenRomster, is based on pkgtools scripts16:08
sepenprtverify and findredundantdeps16:08
sepenthe only feature I added was verifysources function16:08
sepenit does the same that these scripts can do16:09
Romsteri haven't hacked anything up but i'm sure i could make some improvments and ideas.16:12
Romsteri'm good for that <<16:12
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cruxbot[contrib.git]: ntfs-3g: 1.1120 -> 1.212917:20
cruxbot[contrib.git]: Created repository17:20
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RomsterO_o we have a cruxbot18:01
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cruxbot[contrib.git]: x264: r717 -> r73622:13
cruxbot[contrib.git]: Created repository22:13
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