IRC Logs for #crux-devel Wednesday, 2008-01-30

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sepenRomster, ping04:39
Romstersepen, pong04:42
sepenare you using kde now?04:43
Romsternah i've been in pekwm for a while few weeks i still got kde though.04:45
Romsterand i hadn't done anymore on kde4 i've made.04:46
Romsteryou gonna ask me on kde4 stuff?04:47
sepenno no04:47
sepenIm doing some repo cheks  with this script and I need a repodiff between cotrib-kde, gnome-kde, xfce-kde04:48
Romsterwhat was the url of my checked repo?04:48
sepento find duplicated ports04:48
Romsteri've got my ports seperated so i don't have many duplicates.04:49
sepenRomster, the kde oficil repo04:49
Romstereven my contrib ports i keep seperate from mine.04:49
sepenwell to take an idea I want
Romsteri don't use the offical kde it's got out of data and only now has it cached up.04:49
sepenohh so nothing04:50
Romsteri find some want or need diferent options04:53
Romsteranother point is being in control, one might change the version and break something else.04:53
Romsteri have no interest in gnome but want to use gstreamer so that's why that is in contrib striped of any gnome stuff that it dosn't need.04:54
Romsterand tings like glibmm if i use something else that uses glibmm that is in contrib it has to be either in core,opt or contrib.04:56
Romsterbut then again i got k3b in contrib depending on kde repo..04:56
Romsterthis gets confusing.04:56
Romsteri should be providing kdelibs in contrib too..04:56
Romsterbut then that creates another duplicate.04:57
sepenRomster, Im trying to report this kinds of faults for me04:57
Romsterwhats the rules on this situration.04:57
sepenRomster, see my ideas
Romsterk3b and such is well used.04:57
sepenwhats your opinion?04:57
sepenthis afternoon Ill comment that04:58
Romstercontrib could even be seperated. to xcontrib too.04:59
Romsterand rules on seperating will get confusing.05:00
Romstermain porblem is one port having 2 or more diferent configuratiosn to suit a spefic repo.05:00
sepenI like the idea of xopt repo05:01
sepensurely iso's whould be released more easy than now05:01
sepenthere are a lot of ports in opt05:02
Romsterand quite a few out of date05:02
sepenmy first version for xopt ports
Romstermainly sips05:02
sepentake a look of the entire directory if you want
Romsterhmm interesting.05:09
Romstertrying to kill all duplicates is not gonna be easy.05:10
Romsternot everyone wants the same setup05:10
sepenits only my proposal idea05:10
Romsterand some attempt is at seperating things like libxml2 and libxml2-python05:10
sepenwhat about that? 1 - some opt ports depends on xorg ports (example opt/gtk)05:11
Romsterthings like port foo needs to be edit to work with gnome while that same port needs something else for xfce405:11
Romsterand not having access to that port so both dupliacte it and edit it to there needs.05:12
sepenit should appear on crontrib unless is not specific05:12
Romsteri agree to that either opt or contrib if it's not spefic to a repo mainly WM/DE05:12
sepenproblems may appear when the same port for both repos has different switch  on configure05:13
sepenhmm ok05:13
Romsterif you want to use both.05:13
Romsteruseally you put one above the other in prt-get.conf to get around that.05:13
Romsteronly problems arise if the person wants to use more than one repo like gnome and xfce on the same system.05:17
sepenRomster, and that? whats your opinion of this way to resolve05:17
sepenit pasted from an installation in my openbsd box05:17
sepenpkg_* utils from obsd has this nice way to select between 2 versions of the same port/package05:18
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Romsteranotherwords going by name and version for prt-get instead of just name05:19
sepentoo many changes05:20
Romsterwhat you propose is alot of changes too.05:21
sepenwhat xopt?05:21
sepenI think only for the git maintainer05:22
sepenrepo maintainer shouldn't be affected05:22
Romsterhmm what is crux's cet time again i get no reply off the bots using ctcp <name> time05:30
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cruxbotcontrib.git: syslinux: Updated 3.54 -> 3.6010:24
cruxbotcontrib.git: Created repository10:24
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Romsterany reason why cruxbot keeps spiting out "Created repository"10:29
tilmangit bug10:29
tilmangit-log even10:29
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aoncan't you hack it to not show that?10:29
Romsterdosn't do it for opt or core as far as i've seen.10:30
tilmanbut i hate filthy workarounds10:30
Romsteronly contrib.10:30
tilmani wanted to debug git-log10:30
tilmanbut didn't get tot it yet10:30
Romsterany reason why udev dosn't have the cdrom permissions and 118 is out now.10:31
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cruxbotcontrib.git: p5-gtk2: Fixed maintainer line in Pkgfile.12:13
cruxbotcontrib.git: Created repository12:14
sepentilman, is the second line of the cruxbot announce required?12:14
tilmanit's a bug in git-log i think12:16
sepenand with something like $ postcommit script | sed 1q12:17
tilman(17:29) <       aon> can't you hack it to not show that?12:19
tilman(17:30) <    tilman> sure12:19
tilman(17:30) <   Romster> dosn't do it for opt or core as far as i've seen.12:19
tilman(17:30) <    tilman> but i hate filthy workarounds12:19
sepenoooh ok12:19
Romster+1 for not filthy workarounds12:20
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cruxbotcontrib.git: aqsis: Removed redundant deps.12:21
cruxbotcontrib.git: Created repository12:21
Romsterhow far way is the meeting i'm over tired now.12:32
Romsternever been good with times.12:33
tilmanTZ=CET date12:33
Romsterah right i keep forgeting about that.12:33
Romster26min away.12:34
Romsteri'll hang out.12:34
Romsterman i need to add that somewere so i don't forget.12:35
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tilmanhi jue12:57
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tilmanhi sip12:57
juehi sip12:57
Romsterevening everyone.12:58
tilmanViper_, aon: are you around yet? :P12:58
Viper_of course12:58
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* sepen ./start13:00
tilmanhey roliveira13:00
roliveirahello tilman13:01
roliveiraand sip13:01
roliveiraand eveyone :D13:01
tilmanroliveira: i'm reviewing your ports, and they look sane, except that "make || return 1" bit. which is redundant, cause the build will abort anyway if make fails ;)13:01
roliveiraohh ok, thanks for the tip13:02
j^2hey all13:03
jueok, seems that aon will not attend, lets start13:04
tilmanwhich tasks did jaeger take care of?13:04
sipmailing lists13:04
j^2iso build13:04
tilmani know he looked after the mailing lists, is there something else?13:04
juearound 75 opt poprts13:04
j^2including all of gnome13:05
tilmansure, i'm mean only crux.NU stuff13:05
tilmanas in :P13:05
sipheh. only mailing lists afaik13:05
sipand the mail server in general (postfix)13:06
juetorrent tracker?13:06
tilmani could take those two13:06
sipaww, right, bt as well13:06
tilmansip: unless you want them?13:06
sipdon't have enough time to sleep lately :-/13:06
j^2sleep is a luxury in our industry :P13:07
siphihi, how true. speaking of infra-stuff, I'd like to simplify a bit our setup13:07
tilmanwhat do you have in mind?13:07
sipmainly lighttpd13:08
j^2(this isnt a joke do we have someone taking "action items?")13:08
j^2and an output to the wiki?13:08
tilmanj^2: do it ;)13:08
j^2at work :(13:08
sipand I'm not sure if we should keep the timeline13:08
tilmanat least *some* people seem to use the timeline13:09
tilmanthrice` bugged me about it some time ago ;)13:09
jueyep, it's nice13:09
sipI think it needs some love tho ;-)13:09
tilmanfeel free to switch to lighty though :)13:09
juemight be a job for Falk?13:09
sipthe caching function are a bit messy13:10
tilmanspeaking of messy13:10
tilmani tried to update gitweb some time ago13:10
sipnow you feel my pain13:10
tilmanand gave up after an hour or so13:10
juebut lighttp will not help here13:11
Romsterisn't apache good enough?13:11
tilmannot the biggest issue... the current system does work13:11
jueI'd prefer apache13:12
sipyeah, apache works fine, but cba to fix the configuration13:12
Romstersurely it's not that much of  a pain to fix.13:13
Romstercan't be arsed?13:13
sipanyway, before making any change I'd upgrade the server to 2.413:13
Romster+1 on upgrade server first13:13
sipbinary update *mostly* worked at work -cough cough-13:14
Romsterdo we have a list of items to be discussed?13:14
sepenfrom my modest opinion I want to propose some changes on the opt repo, imo its growing up and some ports depends directly from X related ports13:14
sepenthats a example file
Romsterlike 1 server update 2 matt's things 3...13:15
sepenopt cleanup?13:15
sipRomster, not really, but we can make one now13:16
Romstersepen, i'd say that be under other items to discuess later in the meeting13:16
Romsterif this is a offical meeting style.13:16
tilmanregarding the maintainer recruiting process...13:16
tilmansip and me thought about issueing a call for participation to the crux ml13:17
tilmanif the suspects we thought about don't respond to that, we can still talk to them a couple of days later13:17
tilmanhow does that sound? :P13:17
Romstersounds good.13:17
juefine for me13:18
Viper_yeah sounds good13:18
sipas sepen says we could take a moment to (re)define the ports collection if needed13:19
tilmani don't know whether there's a problem with opt atm :o13:19
sepenyep, as Romster says ... later13:19
tilmanimho it's fine to have some (many) ports depend on x there13:19
Romsteri got some thoughts on things but i'll wait untill the devs have done there thing.13:20
sipwell I'm not that afraid of dependencies, rather than mildly useful stuff getting into opt13:20
sepenonly my modest opinion13:20
tilmansip: you think there's some ports in opt that are too boring/lame? ;)13:21
juesip, there is already midly used stuff in opt13:21
sipapart from lame?13:21
juebut I don't see a problem with that13:21
Romsteri'd like to see all ofopt to be looked over.13:22
tilmansip: i meant lame-the-adjective, not the mp3 encoder :p13:22
Romsterone port i say has 2 maintainer lines matt and sip13:22
sipyeah, it's only a presonal thing I think. I tend to put stuff in opt that I rarely use and end up not updating it13:22
Romsterother errors too.13:22
jueper definition opt is a collection for everything but core13:22
Romsterand some out of date.13:22
juea opt port should be up-to-date13:23
jueat least mostly13:23
sipwas more a note to myself ;-)13:23
Romstershould be but i'm seeing alot that arn't13:23
Romsterand some maintainers in contrib arn't pulling there weight either with updates.13:24
tilmanimo xfce/gnome/kde shouldn't depend on contrib13:24
jueRomster: sometimes I think you have nothing to do than looking at opt ports going out-to date13:24
sepentilman, are they official repos?13:24
juexfce don't13:25
Romsterjue hmm its because i use some of them but if you say so let them rot.13:25
tilmanno, they aren't13:25
sepenand whereis the problem so13:25
tilmanbut i think it would be nice if they didn't depend on contrib anyway13:25
sepentilman, an a shared repo?13:25
tilmansooo, if possible, those common 'desktop-ish' ports like intltool/librsvg/vte should be moved to opt13:26
sepenthats my idea13:26
tilmani can see why those duplicates annoy you13:26
sepenI only trying to find solutions13:26
juehmm, won't work, e.g. look at the librsvg ports13:26
sepenwell, If Im porting some xfce related stuff and depends on gnome13:26
juethe gnome one has a lot more deps13:26
tilmanah, damn13:27
sepenxfce depends on gnome actually13:27
juebut we could the xfce into opt and have a dup in gnome13:27
Romsterhmm xfce should only depend on itself core and opt maybe contrib?13:27
juesepen: ?13:27
sepenthats my idea13:27
juepfff, never13:28
sepenor a '''xopt''' repo13:28
Viper_contrib should not be a depency of anything official13:28
sepennot contrib13:28
Romsteris xfce opffical13:28
sepenViper_, <sepen> tilman, are they official repos?13:28
sepen<jue> xfce don't13:28
sepen<tilman> no, they aren't13:28
juestop, I think we have better things to do as talking about the xfce repo13:28
tilmanright :]13:29
sepenyeah. sorry guys13:29
jueATM xfce depends only on core/opt and that's a good thing13:29
Viper_no contrib and that's good :>13:29
sepenjue, you mean that I could duplicate a gnome port in xfce?13:29
Romstermake it sound like contrib is a bad place to go <<13:29
sepenRomster, sure13:30
sipwell I don't see easy solutions here. maybe a big contrib containing all the non core/opt ports?13:31
juesepen: let's discuss this some other time13:31
sipso wrt server updates...13:31
sipI plan to update to 2.4 before the end of the month13:32
tilmangreat :)13:32
sipmy bad, I meant february, d'oh13:32
juedo you need some help here13:32
sipI'll have to work abroad for a couple of weeks13:32
sipI think I can manage it without great issues13:33
sipafter that (or before?) we need a volunteer for mailing lists/mail server13:34
tilmani'll do that13:34
sipi.e. I suspect our mailman setup is quite outdated13:34
tilmani guess mailman is easy enough13:34
tilmanand i'm somewhat familiar with postfix13:35
sipis that a "me!, me!"? :-)13:35
Viper_i am familiar with postfix, too; so if you need some help or so just ask :)13:35
tilmanwill do :D13:36
sipbtw if you'd like to switch to something else (ie exim) I think we can afford some downtime for adjustements13:36
sipsame for mailman.13:36
tilmandon't think so13:36
tilmanbut i'll keep it in mind13:37
sipI'd like to get rid of python as a dep hehe13:37
tilmanmailman is what everybody uses, no?13:37
sipyoungsters use it :-P13:37
tilmani mean i've seen a couple of other systems, but mailman has a nice web interface13:37
tilmanmmh :D13:37
sipmy original plan was something like qmail+mhonarc13:37
sipbut then work took away my time13:38
tilmanqmail? seriously? :P13:38
j^2qmail! woah i never thought i'd ever see than word here13:38
sipyup, works like a charm (after you sell your soul to the odd setup/layout)13:39
sepenqmail license?13:39
teKpublic domain?13:39
sipanyway, just use what you feel more cmfy with, that's the suggestion :-)13:40
tilmanthe only mta i've used on a real system is postfix13:40
tilmanlast time i used exim was in 2000 or so... for local delivery + smart relay thingy only ;p13:41
Viper_same here13:41
sipmentioned exim since we included it in the iso so I tought it was the most popular amongst core devs13:41
tilmaniirc most of us didn't feel very strong about the issue13:42
tilmanso iirc jue pushed exim13:42
jueyep, and it has the modest deps, that was the main reason13:42
j^2postfix is teh essance of l33tness13:42
tilman.oO(it's fine as long as it's not sendmail)13:42
jueand I loke it ...13:42
Viper_what will happen with jaeger's ports?13:44
sipok ok didn't mean to start a vi vs. emacs debate13:44
tilmanViper_: i'll take a few of them13:44
sipthere are 3 in core at last check13:44
siphotplug, iputils, usbutils13:45
tilmansip: core ports don't belong to a single person anyway :P13:45
jueI can take iputils and usbutils13:45
siplooks like a great escape plan13:45
tilmanthose Maintainer tags are outdated13:45
Viper_i can drop some of my ports and take some which are more important13:45
tilmanbut yeah13:45
tilmanwe need to look at hotplug and udev13:45
Romsteri'd like to adopt some from opt if no one else wants them.13:46
tilmanthey haven't been taken great care of :O13:46
Romsterudev is at 118 now.13:46
* tilman rolls eyes13:46
tilmani think we can afford to leave (some of) jaeger's opt ports as is for a week or so13:47
juegtk and firefox are the most important opt ports IMO13:47
tilmanjue: i thought about taking the gtk stack13:47
tilmanglib, atk, pango, gtk13:47
tilmani'm afraid of firefox :]13:47
Viper_yeah firefox is quite silly13:47
* thrice` bugs tilman, new maintainer, of outdated gtk13:47
tilmanthrice`: hehe13:47
Viper_regarding the build process13:48
j^2matt's make file for his iso was pretty straight forwad13:48
tilmanis anyone willing to take opt/nvidia?13:48
sepenRomster, ?13:49
Romsteri could13:49
juej^2: it's Per's with some additions ;-)13:49
tilmani wouldn't mind moving it to contrib fwiw13:49
sipmy nvidia exploded a while ago :-/13:49
Viper_i never had one13:49
tilmansip: i could send you a couple13:49
* j^2 changes opt/nvidia to 'echo "go to and get the binary"'13:49
tilmanbut they are all old, so they probably don't work with the current drivers anyway13:49
j^2jue: ;)13:50
Romstertilman, old drivers are in contrib.13:50
tilmanyes, you missed my point ;)13:50
sipI can take thunderbird, xchat, xorg-font-msttcorefonts, pidgin, mplayer, gimp if nobody wants them13:51
sipand let's hope we can finally get rid of grub :-P13:51
Romstercan xorg-font-* go in the xorg repo?13:51
tilmani pondered about taking grub13:51
* jue look sat Viper_ 13:51
tilmani'm not sure i want to maintain that patched bastard of a port :)13:51
sipbtw I have qt4 ready to commit but some ports would require heavy patching13:52
thrice`one thing i wanted to add was perhaps moving "cups" to "Nice to have" for ghostcript, instead of as a dep.13:52
Romsteri have qt4 in contrib hmmz13:53
sipyeah, was outdated at last check hehe13:53
thrice`it's a pain keeping cups installed, when stuff will run fine without (on printer-less systems)13:53
jueViper_: we are giving away ports, nothing interesting for you?13:53
thrice`oops, that was supposed to go into #crux :-)13:53
Viper_well to be honest, i haven't had a look at the ports of jaeger13:53
Viper_i will take some of them which nobody want13:54
siponly take the ones you use though13:54
tilmanwell, we don't have to assign them right now13:54
juethrice`: please add a ticket wrt cups13:54
Romsteri'd take over rss-glx since it depends on xscreensaver that is in contrib already that i maintain.13:54
Viper_sip, yes of course13:55
Romstercould we put in on the ML what each of use could maintain? and then someone can assign them to ehowever they see fit?13:55
Viper_yes that would be better13:55
cruxbotopt.git: gtk: assumed maintainership.13:56
cruxbotopt.git: atk: assumed maintainership.13:56
cruxbotopt.git: pango: assumed maintainership.13:56
cruxbotopt.git: glib: assumed maintainership.13:56
Romsterthats fast.13:56
tilmansip: i'm running a tiny irc bot on btw13:56
juetilman: glitz ?13:56
tilmansip: it doesn't evaluate any conversations though, so it should be safe ;)13:56
siphehe fair enough13:57
tilmanjue: right, and cairo13:57
sipI'll take pycairo since it's needed for my rox ports13:57
Romstersip you have a repo for rox?13:58
Romsterryuo and i are building one
sipit's in opt (just a couple of ports I use)13:58
siprox, archive and lib afair13:58
tilmanViper_: libgpg-error sounds like a good fit for you eg :)13:59
tilmanand maybe libgcrypt14:00
Viper_these gpg related ports14:00
Viper_i will take them14:00
juethe dbus stuff is really nice as well14:01
tilmansip: maybe you can take libidl as well, as only mozilla projects use it :D14:01
sipdang :-)14:01
sepenand alsa libs?14:02
tilmani'll take alsa14:02
sepen'''sounds''' nice14:02
tilmanwe should trick a gnome user into becoming involved with opt14:03
tilmanthen we could him dbus/hal/avahi and all that14:03
treachthere's nss as well, only used by pidgin afaik14:03
j^2that's just plain mean14:03
sipor we could ninja-assign ports to aon :-)14:03
sepenwell, this work could be also posted at FS?14:03
sepenwith a list of jaeger's port14:04
tilmansip: dunno, with him running around in the woods most of the time... :)14:04
clbUpdate from opt: 30 Jan 19:55 - gtk: assumed maintainership. || 30 Jan 19:55 - atk: assumed maintainership. || 30 Jan 19:54 - pango: assumed maintainership. || 30 Jan 19:52 - glib: assumed maintainership.14:04
j^210 mins late :P14:05
sipbot war!14:05
cruxbotopt.git: alsa-oss: assumed maintainership.14:06
cruxbotopt.git: alsa-utils: assumed maintainership.14:06
cruxbotopt.git: alsa-lib: assumed maintainership.14:06
cruxbotopt.git: cairo: assumed maintainership.14:06
cruxbotopt.git: glitz: assumed maintainership.14:06
sipok, wrt ports let's have a couple of days in which we choose to adopd them14:06
sipso we can go on with next topics14:06
Viper_what's the next point in our meeting?14:06
tilmani think there's a good chance that we'll have some new maintainers later this week14:06
RomsterFS or ML?14:06
tilmanhopefully they'll take some of the remaining orphaned ports :)14:06
sipI think we can add a ticket to FS with the remaining ports sometime next week14:07
sipor this weekend14:07
tilmansip, jue, Viper_: can you think about roliveira's application shortly? so we can give him some feedback :)14:08
tilmanie tomorrow or so :P14:08
Viper_checking his ports and stuff like that?14:08
jueok, tomorrow14:09
Romsterif this is for inclusion of contrib isn't 2 contrib maintainers ment to review them.14:09
tilmani'll shoot a mail to the crux ml asking for more contributors/applicants now :P14:10
mike_kSome long-term things: can current team clean up a PkgutilsIdeas a bit? It't hard (and interesting) to know what are you thinking of it _now_.14:11
tilmanah, right14:11
Viper_Romster, isn't he applying for opt!?14:11
tilmanmike_k: could you file a bug, so we don't forget about it?14:11
tilmanViper_: yes14:11
Viper_wasn't sure :)14:12
Romsterneather was i.14:12
mike_ktilman: ok14:12
sepenIm doing a report of his report too14:12
sepeninvalid email address: <roliveira fastmail fm>14:12
roliveira invalid?14:12
sepensee prtverify(1)14:12
cruxbotopt.git: xchat: took maintainership14:13
cruxbotopt.git: thunderbird: took maintainership14:13
cruxbotopt.git: startup-notification: took maintainership14:13
cruxbotopt.git: pycairo: took maintainership14:13
cruxbotopt.git: pidgin: took maintainership14:13
sepenroliveira, prtverify returns me that with your ports14:13
sepenIm doing a big report for you, wait a moment14:14
Romstername, roliveira at fastmail dot fm14:14
sepenand without < >14:14
thrice`jue: ok, my apoligies; I stuck it on flyspray14:14
cruxbotopt.git: libidl: took maintainership14:15
sipdang that bot is fast14:15
juethrice`: thx14:15
Romsterhmmz i have fftw in contrib.14:17
roliveiraa lot to change :\14:17
tilmansip: i'm using inotify to watch the 'head' files14:17
sipcheater :-)14:17
sepenIm too, and I think we aren't the only14:17
*** roliveira_ has joined #crux-devel14:17
Viper_let's go on with the meeting - we can check roliverira's repo later14:18
Romsterdirectory not allowed: usr/share/man/ < is a major thing.14:18
sepenusr/share/doc too14:18
tilmanis there anything left to discuss?14:18
sepentilman, you remember my petition about
sepen*do you x)14:19
sepencould be possible?14:19
tilmanwhat do you ask for?14:19
tilmanjust a CNAME and MX record at
sepenor zone delegation14:20
tilmansip, jue: what do you think? sepen would like to create some kind of 'crux spain community' site14:20
siplooks ok to me, if we can get in contact with somebody at kalmar ;-)14:21
tilmani need to contact charlie anyway because of's ip in rsync.crux.nu14:21
tilmansepen: i'll get back to you14:22
cruxbotopt.git: gimp: took maintainership14:22
sepenok thanks14:23
tilmansepen: ... which means it's not set in stone yet, i need to hear jue's opinion on it first14:24
sipso to recap the short term plan is 1) adopt matt's ports 2) recruit new maintainers 3) update server & stuff14:24
tilmansepen: yup14:24
tilmansip: yes :)14:24
juetilman: it's ok for me14:25
juesip: sounds like a plan :-)14:25
Viper_it's ok for me14:25
mike_ksomeone can remove a link to ukrainian crux community. the person in charge is doing other stuff...14:25
tilmanmike_k: too bad, looks like they could have gotten a fancy url ;))14:26
sipyeah, It'll take some time for me to update my ports though as I'll be away for a while :-/14:26
sepenhehe for the porn14:26
tilmansip: yell if you need help with the server update. i'm not sure of how much help i can be, but i can try14:27
jue[#crux-devel]  days back and again 3 weeks off. So don't expect much activity from me14:27
sipwell the update itself is a one-shot thing so it would not require much time14:27
juesip, me too. I'm off for 2 weeks beginning next week, than one or two day days back and again 3 weeks off. So don't expect much activity from me.14:28
cruxbotopt.git: libart_lgpl: took maintainership14:28
mike_ktilman: the fact is - crux is hardly a good candidate to have a strong local community. and it is ok for me. --disable-nls rulezz!14:28
tilmanmike_k: right14:28
mike_kI wonder how any local crux community can even exist14:28
tilmanmike_k: /j #crux-es, they know all about it i think :D14:29
mike_kand forking such a tiny thing just to have a localization is not wort either =(14:29
treachmike_k: the ppc guys apparently succeded, unless I'm totally off. ;)14:29
sepenmike_k, I can't get an account in but I can in my own server14:29
sipjue, I think we can take our time for now and just fix broken things14:29
sipi.e. I'm really puzzled about tetex being unmaintained (upstream)14:30
Viper_everybody seems to use texlive now14:31
Romsteri looked at the alternitive and it's 1GB in size.14:31
sipbut the current tetex port looks like it's working14:31
tilmanright, i wanted to ask about tetex14:31
tilmanit would be good if we could fix that sometime this year14:31
sipyeah, and the distro is on a iso at last check o_O14:31
tilmani'm not too worried about the security holes in tetex fwiw14:31
Romstersip, yeah on a dvd14:32
siptbh I only used it in conjunction with lyx for my thesis14:32
mike_ksepen: sorry, I can't express the damn idea in english. forget about it.14:32
sipmike_k, you clearly need some localization :-P14:33
Romstercan the call for contributors for contrib be extended to include for the wiki access? i for onewould like a wiki account.14:34
clbUpdate from opt: 30 Jan 20:28 - libart_lgpl: took maintainership || 30 Jan 20:22 - gimp: took maintainership || 30 Jan 20:15 - libidl: took maintainership || 30 Jan 20:13 - xchat: took maintainership || 30 Jan 20:13 - thunderbird: took maintainership || 30 Jan 20:13 - startup-notification: took maintainership || 30 Jan 20:13 - pycairo: took maintainership || 30 Jan 20:13 - pidgin: took maintainership || 30 Jan 20:06 - alsa-oss: assumed maintainership. || 30 Jan 20:05 - alsa-utils: assumed maintainership. || 30 Jan 20:05 - alsa-lib: assumed maintainership. || 30 Jan 19:57 - cairo: assumed maintainership. || 30 Jan 19:57 - glitz: assumed maintainership.14:34
mike_kI need a grammar and modern jargon book. not the localization14:35
*** roliveira has quit IRC14:36
sipRomster, nice idea, I think some help also on things outside the port tree is welcome14:36
tilmanin the long term it would be great to have a new iso master, too14:36
Viper_hmm i will leave now; still have some things to do14:37
Viper_is that okay?14:37
sepenand update about page with the new team reorganization14:37
tilmanViper_: i think so :)14:37
Viper_good :>14:38
tilmanjue, sip: anything else?14:38
sepenwhat about jaeger's irclogs14:39
tilmanlet's keep our fingers crossed for the recruiting :P14:39
thrice`haha, nice subject14:40
Romsteroh yeah irc logs..14:40
Romstermoved to i'd say?14:40
sepentilman, cruxbot could be capable of doing it?14:41
tilmanmaybe jaeger wouldn't mind keeping the logging going14:41
sipsorry was afk for a while14:42
sipafter the server cleanup we can eventually evaluate some solution for irc logging14:43
tilmansounds good14:43
* treach hopes this isn't too stupid..14:44
sipif there's no hot topuic left I'll go towards some reboot: still have to upgrade to 2.4 at home   (/hides)14:44
tilmani hereby close the meeting ;)14:44
treachsip: I have a minor question/suggestion : Unless I'm wrong, pidgin is the only thing that uses nss...14:44
tilmansepen: let's talk about that xfce port thing tomorrow14:45
sipyup, could also use gpg or some other port I think14:45
treachthat would mean that if you use gnutls, you could drop nss.14:45
tilmanwe can think of a solution and pass it by jue for approval later14:45
sipoh gnutls right14:45
sepenIm very satisfied with this meeting14:46
sipafair there were some problem with gnutls back at the time and I provided nss for matt14:46
treachsip: ah, ok. for what it's worth, I used it for quite some time with gnutls, so it could be worth looking into agian maybe.14:47
tilmanViper_: btw, is there still a point in having mpg321 in opt? mpg123 is very good these days, and it's also Free[tm] again (GPL)14:47
sipadditionally nss (standalone) seems stuck in the limbo14:47
treachone less port, and all ;)14:47
siplooks good14:47
sipwill build it against gnutls then14:47
Romsteryeah nss looks ugly..14:48
tilmanViper_: you mentioned crypttab some time ago. my solution just looks like this: ._o14:48
tilmanViper_: + two lines in /etc/fstab for easy mounting14:48
* tilman runs14:48
tilmanbye guy14:48
Romsterlater tilman14:49
juebye tilman14:50
juesepen: I thought about handing over the whole xfce repo to you. But I'd like to see a 'slim' DE without gnome deps. What do you think ?14:52
sepenI think I could do it14:53
Romsterok i'm off too if no one needs me.14:53
sepenIm running xfce on many boxes14:53
sepenjue, but as I commented you, in my plains thunar (i.e) need some changes14:54
sepenI planed to testing it without doc files14:55
*** sip has quit IRC14:55
jueif it dosn't break things, why not14:56
sepenok I need some test before do nothing14:56
sepen+1 for xfce14:56
juebut you could do me a favour14:57
jueplease omit the useless curly brackets ;-)14:57
sepenok Ill do14:58
sepenalso I have some useful scripts as crontab jobs for verify the repo14:58
sepenand another thing, could be possible to have something like that $ pkginfo -i foo  instead of using $ pkginfo -i | grep ^foo ?15:00
juehmm, not that bad15:00
sepenmy second comment? or repoverify?15:00
sepenok, very premature yet15:01
teKi think this pkginfo -i foo thing is a good thing, too15:01
sepenbut funtionall15:01
juewe must keep the junk-files of xfce-utils or we will break the about dialog15:01
sepenI tried to patch pkginfo, but Im not familiarized with c++ code15:02
sepenI also have some errors Ill try to fix inmediately15:02
jueno, don't di that, but add a feature request at our flyspray15:02
sepenok jue15:03
sepenlater I'll add this to FS15:03
jueI think it's not a big deal for Tilman, and it's a useful feature15:04
sepenwell some time for dinner, later15:11
juebye sepen15:12
*** nipuL has joined #crux-devel15:43
*** maro has quit IRC15:43
nipuLstill looking for slave^H^H^H^Hvolunteers?15:43
juesure, see Tilman's mail to the CRUX ML15:46
cruxbotcore.git: usbutils: adopted for CRUX System team, update to 0.7315:48
clbUpdate from core: 30 Jan 21:47 - usbutils: adopted for CRUX System team, update to 0.7316:05
cruxbotcore.git: usbutils: use full path with update-usbids16:11
cruxbotxfce.git: xfce4-places-plugin: Fixed description in Pkgfile.16:22
cruxbotxfce.git: xfce4-places-plugin: Removed redundant deps.16:23
*** Viper_ has quit IRC16:25
sepenopt ports in this moment are maintained exclusively by the core team, and in future?16:26
*** treach has left #crux-devel16:30
*** Man0l0 has quit IRC16:33
clbUpdate from core: 30 Jan 22:11 - usbutils: use full path with update-usbids16:37
*** mike_k has quit IRC16:41
*** jue has quit IRC16:43
*** mike_k has joined #crux-devel16:44
*** jtnl has joined #crux-devel16:45
nipuLdoesn't prt-get already do that?16:48
sepenprt-get isn't pkgmk16:48
nipuLis it necessary to repeat features?16:50
sepennipuL, take a look16:50
sepen$ prt-get isinst gcc16:50
sepenpackage gcc is installed16:50
sepenand is the same output for you?16:50
sepenpkgmk works directly with your installed ports16:51
nipuLstrange, prt-get listinst is faster that pkginfo -l for me16:56
sepenwell, add your report to the ticket please16:56
sepenso then some maintainer could close it16:57
sepen<jue> I think it's not a big deal for Tilman, and it's a useful feature16:58
sepen<teK> i think this pkginfo -i foo thing is a good thing, too16:58
*** jtnl has left #crux-devel16:58
sepennipuL, also take a look of some ports like qt3 which uses it16:58
sepeni,e /usr/ports/opt/qt3/Pkgfile:    if [ "`pkginfo -i | grep mysql`" ];then16:59
*** DarkNekros has quit IRC16:59
*** jtnl has joined #crux-devel17:10
nipuLadded my report17:12
sepennice and complete report17:21
sepenwell now Im taking some time to sleep17:22
sepenbye nipuL17:22
sepenlater all!17:22
*** sepen has quit IRC17:22
nipuLseeya, kick that pillow's arse17:22
*** mike_k has quit IRC17:25
*** jtnl has left #crux-devel17:30
*** pitillo has quit IRC18:04
thrice`tilman: around?18:15
*** roliveira_ has quit IRC19:25
cruxbotcontrib.git: gst-plugins-base: 0.10.16 -> 0.10.1722:53
cruxbotcontrib.git: gstreamer: 0.10.16 -> 0.10.1722:53
cruxbotcontrib.git: jack-audio-connection-kit: 0.109.0 -> 0.109.222:53
cruxbotcontrib.git: Created repository22:53

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