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cruxbotcontrib.git: Merge branch '2.4' of crux:/home/crux/scm/ports/contrib into 2.400:21
cruxbotcontrib.git: exiv2: Updated from 0.12 to 0.1500:21
cruxbotcontrib.git: Created repository00:21
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cruxbotcontrib.git: gst-plugins-bad: fix dependencys01:27
cruxbotcontrib.git: Created repository01:27
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Romsteraon, Merge branch '2.4' of crux:/home/crux/scm/ports/contrib into 2.4 < isn't that pointless?02:03
Romsterdidnt you do a fetch and a rebase first.02:03
pitillocan someone remove the dup answer at ticket 220? I am sorry I refreshed it and re-sended the data twice.02:18
sepennp pitillo02:19
pitilloyeah sepen, but isn´t confortable and more when it isn´t a good answer02:19
sepenI think is not a problem02:19
sepenno worry02:19
pitilloummm I think so, but isn´t confortable to have dup data :(02:19
aonromster: uh, what?02:33
aoni haven't done a single commit in a month02:34
Romstersorry i kinda got the assumption of aon=alan02:43
Romsterobviously not the same person.02:43
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Romsterjue tends to think i spend all my time nit picking opt for out of date ports that need to be updated. :/02:55
Romsterfrom the meeting earlier.02:55
Romsterif you run checks over them the would see alot are in need of TLC02:56
treachwell, file bugs about it in the bugtracker then.02:56
Romsteri've emailed the maintainers.02:56
treachI'd say it's not something you'd need to waste time on a meeting with.02:56
Romsterhmm true.02:56
Romsteroh but i'm the one that nit picks and sepen dosn't with his port checking scripts <<02:57
Romsteri see were that is heading.02:57
treachthe script doesn't nag. If you repeatedly complain about stuff being out of date, you'll become a PITA, even if you don't mean to.02:59
Romsterwell i can see i'm a pest and nag and bitch so it seems.03:00
Romsteryes people have other things todo and no why can't they spend even a few minutes fixing at least one port a day?03:00
treachthat's not what I said, was it?03:00
Romsterit's what i'm perciving.03:01
treachthen I suggest you read a bit more carefully.03:01
treachit's not always about *you*, you know.03:02
Romsterhow about i write a script that emails all the problems once a day <<03:02
sepen?? <Romster> favourtism03:02
Romsteri want things to work for everyone not just me.03:02
sepenRomster, whats the problem?03:02
treachRomster: I understand that, as I was trying to say, it's not that you don't mean well.03:03
Romsternevermind guess i'm the one with the problems.03:03
Romsterthat anoyes everyone.03:03
Romsterits the don't like it fork it routine.03:03
Romsteri mean well but i come across as anoying.03:04
treachRomster: I'm sure everyone manages best they can, it's just that nobody gets paid for this you know.03:04
Romsterneather do i, i do it this ecasue i enjoy this distro.03:05
Romstereven with my bad english and limited skills as a programer.03:05
treachso, if you're already doing your best, and maybe even have a bit of a bad consience because you can't do more, people being on you back for not doing more will become irritating rather quickly, I guess.03:05
treach*your back* obviously.03:07
Romsterwhat anoyes me is broken ports, more than out of date, wiki access so i can add my expeareances to the site, i should see if i can get access to rebuild the portsdb web pages for a better search setup too. if at all possable. i'm quite good at scc/xhtml03:07
Romsteractually i'm gonna throw a load of things on FS03:08
Romsterand see how i go.03:08
treachwell, presuming that "broken ports" means ports where the url is broken, that's the same thing as the port being out of date, no?03:09
Romsteronly way i might get a reply.03:09
treachbecause IMO ports that are just down right broken are very rare IME03:09
Romsterbroken url = out of date but worset of all ya can't do a prt-get depinst port.03:09
treachthat's what happens when people are collaborating in a sparetime project.03:10
treachthere will be glitches.03:10
Romsterfor those that are too busy to update there ports they should give permission to another maintainer to update what there capable of?03:10
Romsterwhile there away.03:11
treachmmh, that's a sensitive question.03:11
treachI can see both benefits and problems with that.03:11
Romsterwell all of core is one colection anyone in dev can edit a port?03:11
Romsteri for one always itch to edit a few ports that arn't mine in contib to clean out common errors but it's not my right too.03:12
treachwell, one problem with that is that everything becomes everyones responsibility.03:12
Romsterso i grit my teeth.03:12
treachwhich usually means nobody does it, because "someone else will"03:12
Romsteri'd say some permission to touch other ports for ocasions as hollidays, periods of being away, if that other person is already using that said port.03:13
RomsterFS can have things assigned to a person.03:13
treachthat's a major point in some discussion I'm not the one to participate in.03:14
Romstertrue it's just a idea i've thought of and i'm colaberating with you03:14
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Romstersomething i should write a feature request to FS or maybe a message to the ML03:15
treachsure. you might always start some fires with it. ;)03:15
Romstermy idea is to have permission todo so. so no one can jsut edit anything they see fit.03:16
Romsterit be upto the maintainer to allow permission.03:16
Romsterfor a given time while there busy.03:17
treachI suggest you sit back and think it through from all possible angles, then fire off a mail about it.03:17
Romsterhave a good policy in place it'll then be the maintainer of the port to blame if they don't give permissions.03:17
treachrather than thinking aloud here03:17
Romsteryeah, think of al possabilitys03:17
treachpossibilities* ;)03:18
Romsternone of this is offical it's thoughts.03:18
Romsterheh yeah my spellling isn't the best. i've been trying to improve it.03:18
treachwell, since you were correcting yourself already, I tought I might just as well finish the job. ;)03:19
Romsterpaying more attention to detail is a major thing and look what i type before pressing enter.03:19
Romsterya know a well formated long message to the mailing list would do better than me bitching here.03:20
Romstergive vaild good points.03:20
Romsterthanks for the time chatting, has cleared up my mind.03:21
treachand try to be concise and coherent as well.03:21
treachno problem.03:21
Romsteri sometimes need to brainstorm and there isn't many that will even spend the time to add there opinion.03:22
Romsteryeah straight and to the point.03:22
Romsterno one wants to read a 10 page report <<03:22
Romsterone question though i should seperate things to there reveleance than to throw everything on one ML email?03:23
Romstercomon sense says to split them up and not feed them all at once. so i guess i'll go with my thought.03:25
aonyes, learning names or even checking them is rather essenial03:28
aons/even/at least/03:28
Romsteryeah i can't remember some..03:39
Romstersorry about that.03:39
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cruxbotopt.git: transmission: update to 1.0310:11
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clbUpdate from opt: 31 Jan 16:11 - transmission: update to 1.0310:40
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cruxbotxfce.git: xfce4-macmenu-plugin: Fixed maintainer line in Pkgfile.13:32
cruxbotxfce.git: xfdesktop: Removed redundant deps. Cleanup Pkgfile.13:39
cruxbotxfce.git: librsvg: Removed redundant deps. Cleanup Pkgfile.13:42
cruxbotxfce.git: xfce4-mixer: Removed redundant deps. Cleanup Pkgfile.13:45
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cruxbotxfce.git: Took maintainership. Clean up.14:44
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sepenroliveira, ping17:34
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roliveirahello sepen18:06
sepenhi! see    Checkout: roliveira/wxwidgets/Pkgfile18:07
sepenFailed to download The requested URL returned error: 40418:07
sepensounds that you should regenerate your REPO file18:07
roliveiraone sec, i thought i did18:08
roliveirai did, but forgot to upload it18:08
roliveirai fixed the ports yesterday18:09
roliveiraand removed a few that made no sense like wxwidgets18:09
sepenalso you should do something similar as is explained in   (and upload helper script for ssh-enabled webhosts)18:10
roliveiramy host doesn t have that...18:11
sepenok only an idea18:12
sepenwhat are you using ?18:12
roliveiraits my email provider18:13
roliveiraonly the paid plans have ssh18:13
roliveirajust updated the files18:13
roliveirabut i must find a better solution for the hosting18:14
sepenhmm surely you need it18:14
roliveirai think my ports should be ok now18:15
sepenok now runnig fine ports -u roliveira18:15
sepenwait a momment please18:15
sepenpfff   prdownloads.sourceforge.ney18:18
sepenbut you find the right way18:19
roliveiraprdownloads doesn`t work for you?18:19
sepenwhy not ?18:19
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sepeni.e   core/e2fsprogs/Pkgfile   source=($name/$name-$version.tar.gz)18:20
roliveiraprdownloads finds a mirror faster imo18:20
roliveiraa lot faster18:22
sepentell to others18:22
sepenbut I just using an standart18:22
sepenand then setting up my own sfg mirror in /etc/hosts18:23
roliveirasince i started building my ports prdownloads works like a charm18:23
roliveiraERROR  roliveira/kmess .......... missing dependency: kdelibs?18:25
sepenohh, thats my problem, I rewrite the repoverify to use WARNING messages instead of errors when appears the HTTP/1.1 301 Moved Permanently message18:25
sepenroliveira, kde is nos a dependency of the contrib repo18:25
sepenbut you can rewrite your own repoverify tool to setup as you need18:26
roliveirahumm, i don`t follow18:26
roliveiramy Pkgfile specifys kdelibs as a dependency18:26
sepenbut where it appears?18:27
sepenin the kde repository ?18:27
sepenyou mean that contrib ports could be dependent on kde ports?18:27
sepenis not my opinion18:28
roliveirawell i dont see a big problem with that, but i guess something like kmess should be on the kde repository,,,18:29
sepenin this moment kmess is fine for you repo18:29
sepenroliveira, yeah thats the idea18:30
roliveirabut there is no guideline on that right? contrib is like a melting pot of ports...18:31
sepensurely we need this guideline to avoid problems (imho)18:32
roliveiraso were are you from?18:34
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roliveira_sepen, Spain?18:37
sepenJose Vicente18:38
roliveira_ahh how do we say it, ermano?18:38
sepenJose V Beneyto18:38
sepenroliveira, eres de portugal?18:38
roliveira_muito prazer Jose18:38
sepeno braileño18:38
sepenroliveira, conozco gente de portugal18:39
sepenroliveira, -> #crux-es18:39
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sepenfeel free to join to our channel18:39
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sepenroliveira, feel free to join to our channel18:40
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Romstertilman, here we go a example of lzma in the wild
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