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cruxbotopt.git: transmission: update to 1.0405:37
cruxbotopt.git: mpg123: update to 1.2.005:37
cruxbotopt.git: fakeroot: update to 1.9.205:37
clbUpdate from opt: 1 Feb 11:37 - transmission: update to 1.04 || 1 Feb 11:35 - mpg123: update to 1.2.0 || 1 Feb 11:34 - fakeroot: update to 1.9.205:45
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cruxbotcore.git: man-pages: update to 2.7606:01
clbUpdate from core: 1 Feb 12:01 - man-pages: update to 2.7606:15
cruxbotxfce.git: xfce4-mixer: fixed header06:16
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tilmansepen: what's a useful feature?07:09
cruxbotcore.git: iputils: assign maintainership to the core crowd again.08:16
cruxbotcore.git: hotplug: assign maintainership to the core crowd again.08:16
tilmanmaybe i should get rid of the repository name at the beginning of the line?08:17
clbUpdate from core: 1 Feb 14:16 - iputils: assign maintainership to the core crowd again. || 1 Feb 14:15 - hotplug: assign maintainership to the core crowd again.08:17
sepentilman, what???08:20
tilman23:58 #crux-devel: <     sepen> <jue> I think it's not a big deal for Tilman,  and it's a useful feature08:22
tilmani had that shit twice in my away log08:22
tilmanso what's up? :P08:22
sepentilman, pkginfo -i foo08:23
sepenI wrote a ticket in FS08:23
tilmanERROR  tilman/ruby .............. file conflict found: opt/ruby08:23
tilmanthat's a retarded error08:23
tilmanokay, i'll have a look08:24
sepenI not really 100% sure if could be interesting and useful08:24
tilman/usr/ports/tilman/rake/Pkgfile: line 12: /usr/share/rubygems/Pkgfile.template: No such file or directory08:24
tilmanalso STUPID, because Pkgfile.template is installed by rubygems08:24
tilmanand tilman/rake depends on rubygems08:24
sepentilman, is not all written by me, I use prtverfiry for this reports08:25
tilmanwell, the one about rake isn't generated by prtverify for me fwiw08:25
tilmanand i don't have rubygems installed08:26
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sepentilman, so the repoverify output its only informative for me08:37
tilmansepen: those "file conflicts" should be a warning if anything imo08:46
tilmanthere's no way why me personal repository should not have other versions of ports for stuff that's in opt08:46
sepentilman, yeah but Im using 'prtverify' from prt-utils08:47
sepenis not my fault08:47
sepentilman, also noted that my script have hardcoded some dependent repos08:48
sepenI updated this file
sepenohhhh sorry08:48
sepenthis! jjeje08:48
sepenalso Im using this way for deps between repos08:49
sepennot the same as I was using before the irc meeting08:49
sepensurely whould be better if I try to use a config file where define this repo-dependencies08:50
sepenand setup all repo dependent for verify your repo08:51
sepenany idea?08:53
tilmani have prt-utils from opt, too, and i don't get that rubygems related warning.08:55
sepenIm validating personale repos using this .... -c /usr/ports/core -c /usr/ports/opt -c /usr/ports/contrib -c /usr/ports/personalrepo08:56
sepenthis could be the problem?08:56
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cruxbotcontrib.git: aqbanking, gwenhywfar, ktoblzcheck, qbankmanager: removed ports10:19
cruxbotcontrib.git: Created repository10:19
cruxbotcontrib.git: mpd: updated to version 0.13.110:40
cruxbotcontrib.git: Created repository10:40
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cruxbotopt.git: libpcre: updated to version 7.610:43
cruxbotopt.git: libgcrypt, libgpg-error: adopted10:46
clbUpdate from opt: 1 Feb 16:46 - libgcrypt, libgpg-error: adopted || 1 Feb 16:40 - libpcre: updated to version 7.610:47
cruxbotopt.git: tightvnc: fixed build process10:52
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clbUpdate from opt: 1 Feb 16:51 - tightvnc: fixed build process11:18
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juetilman: thanks for the patch, but TBH I'm not really convinced that ck4up should follow redirects11:23
tilmanhey, and aaaawwww11:24
tilmanjue: i'm trying to monitor gnome sources11:24
tilmando you think i should pick a specific gnome mirror?11:25
juewhy not?11:25
tilmani figured it would be nicer to let pick the best mirror available atm for me11:26
tilmanjue: i guess your reasoning is that with the patch, we don't know when a package has been moved to a different site?11:27
jueyep, that's one reason11:29
juethe other is that the mirrors will behave exactly equal, so you must strict regexp11:29
tilmanbut i think ck4up should still handle that HTTPRedirect response11:30
tilmancause the general "empty response" is misleading IMO11:30
tilman"empty response (http redirect)" would suffice to hint at a bad url :)11:31
jueyes, accepted11:32
juebut anyway, I'll not have the time to make a new release in the next 4-6 weeks11:33
tilmanseems it's not a very urgent feature anyway :)11:34
jueyep :)11:34
Romsterone thing i got anoyed with ck4up is not able to use a expression for the directory11:42
sepenI updated this link, whats your opinions about xopt as the shared repo for x related ports ?
Romsterlike file-[.0-9]+11:43
Romsteri can not do[.0-9]/ file-[.0-9]+11:43
sepenRomster, too many levels for find sources imop11:43
tilmansepen: tbh i don't like the xopt idea that much11:44
Romsterwell when an ew verion is realsed in a new directory and it's pointing to a older directory it'll not inform me.11:44
tilmanwell, duh11:44
sepentilman, contrib port actually can depends on gnome,kde,xfce ports ?11:44
tilmando you want ck4up to grab every possible combination that the RE allows?11:45
Romsterhence ck4up won't cover everything.11:45
Romsterwell it can be restricted to a few with the RE11:45
Romsterlike soemting like greater than 1.2211:46
Romsteror equal to.11:46
Romsternot sure how thats done in RE11:47
jueRomster: sorry, but that's not so easy and has nothing todo with RE's11:47
Romsterthat's the only strife i have...11:47
Romsterother than that ck4up is great.11:48
juehave you ever tried to do someting with wget?11:48
Romsteractually no but could.11:48
Romsteri could*11:48
juewill not work :-)11:48
Romsterbut that's more work too.11:48
tilmana possible solution might be to download the index of the parent directory, then run a RE on that11:48
tilmanto find interesting subdirectories11:48
juecurl has a limited "Range" feature11:48
Romstersometimes ya can get lucky and use a LATEIST_IS_x.xx11:49
Romsterbut some don't provide them.11:49
Romsteri might have to toy with a idea.11:50
tilmanthe url for the LATEST_IS file varies with the version, too. at least on gnome.org11:51
tilmanand it only points to the latest version of a specific major release, so it doesn't help with this problem11:51
Romsterhmm point taken.11:52
Romsterit could be done with a nested for loop in the other.11:52
Romsterfirst one wouldn't need to be RE + use the simple < > = stuff i guess since RE dosn't do verion matching *shrugs*11:54
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thrice`jue: can I bug you for a second?11:55
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cruxbotopt.git: gtk: updated to
cruxbotopt.git: ruby-cairo: updated to
cruxbotopt.git: cairo: updated to
clbUpdate from opt: 1 Feb 18:56 - gtk: updated to 2.12.7. || 1 Feb 18:56 - ruby-cairo: updated to 1.5.1. || 1 Feb 18:56 - cairo: updated to
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Romsteranother gtk ugh..13:49
treachubuntu is available on an ftpserver near you. ;)13:55
treachworse yet, it doesn't build here. :(13:56
treach"Internal compiler error" :<13:56
tilmanICE ftw :D13:56
treach"testcalendar.c: In function 'calendar_toggle_flag':13:58
treachtestcalendar.c:171:Internal compiler error: Segmentation Fault. :(13:59
treachanyone else get that?14:00
treach(or is it me having some bad ram..?)14:01
tilmanyou're the first to report it, but i dunno how many people built the new one yet14:01
Romsterwoot ubuntu in a crux dev channel...14:02
treachk, trying again, in case it's just me doing somethings stupid as usual :>14:02
Romsterwhy would you waste your time on that <<14:03
Romstercompiling ubuntu14:03
tilman*compiling* ubuntu?14:03
Romstereh did i merge sentances...14:03
Romstertreach> ubuntu is available on an ftpserver near you. ;)14:04
tilmanRomster: i think you need coffee14:04
Romster[06:56:33] <treach> worse yet, it doesn't build here. :(14:04
Romsteri've just had coffee.14:04
treach  . -> point14:04
treach \/14:04
treach /\14:04
treach(a somewhat misaligned romster ^ )14:04
treachmaybe I should have put the head under the arm..?14:05
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tilmanViper_: can you take care of namenlos' repository change in the portdb? (the mail to crux-devel)14:15
treachok, it was just me doing something stupid with gtk.14:16
tilmantreach: how so? :)14:17
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treachpresumeably I ran out of space.14:17
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treachdidn't see any mention of it though.14:17
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treachnow, to the task of finding out why firefox is acting up. :/14:20
tilmanit's the perfect time to try this gtk2-and-webkit-based browser!14:21
tilmani forget the name14:21
tilmanit was on a german site though14:21
treachmy laptop doesn't quite have the oomph for a lot of compilings. :>14:22
tilmanyep, that one14:24
RomsterViper_, can you please add (be active later today) and change my romster.httpup to romster.rsync thanks.14:32
cruxbotcontrib.git: lvm2: 2.02.32 -> 2.02.3314:37
cruxbotcontrib.git: Created repository14:37
cruxbotopt.git: hicolor-icon-theme: updated to 0.10.15:02
cruxbotopt.git: hicolor-icon-theme: assumed maintainership.15:02
clbUpdate from opt: 1 Feb 21:02 - hicolor-icon-theme: updated to 0.10. || 1 Feb 20:57 - hicolor-icon-theme: assumed maintainership.15:18
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cruxbotcontrib.git: herrie: updated to 1.9.215:36
cruxbotcontrib.git: Created repository15:36
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cruxbotopt.git: netpbm: updated to 10.35.3716:14
cruxbotopt.git: wine: updated to 0.9.5416:14
clbUpdate from opt: 1 Feb 22:12 - netpbm: updated to 10.35.37 || 1 Feb 22:12 - wine: updated to 0.9.5416:18
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