IRC Logs for #crux-devel Sunday, 2008-02-03

nipuLRomster: just looking at your rox repo, i have a few rox ports that aren't in yours that you might like to use07:15
Romsteri have more too add.07:15
Romsterjust haven't got to them yet it's far from complete.07:16
Romsterlibwnck   panelclock   pycairo    pymad     ripper    ROX-MAME     volume07:17
Romstermusicbox  pyalsaaudio  pygobject  pyogg     ROX-CLib  systemtrayn07:17
Romsterpager     pyao         pyid3lib   pyvorbis  rox-lib   tasklist07:17
Romsterif it's none of them i'd be interested.07:17
nipuLtasktray and devtray come to mind07:17
Romsterruyo made most of them and didn't do them exactly to standareds.07:18
Romsteryou got them in your rox repo.07:18
Romsteri think i bookmarked the url07:18
nipuLthat's why they're not in the portdb07:18
nipuLmost of mine just need the junk files removed07:19
nipuLand metadata07:19
Romsteryeah i'm working on a site
Romsterand need to finish it07:19
Romsterthen i'll get stuck into the rest of the rox ports i have and go though your colection too.07:20
RomsternipuL, i haven't yet but maybe you want to joiin on the repo with ruyo and i?07:20
Romsterwe plan to port everyting that's functional.07:21
nipuLheh, i hope no one on dialup hits thats site ;P07:25
Romsteryeah it's a bit big on images07:27
Romsterthe recieps page is the worst.07:27
Romsterisn't much of my design, i had to clean the entire crap out of it, was made in frontpage eww07:28
nipuLthat would explain why it's so slow, heh just took at apeek at the html.....eek07:29
nipuLanyhoo, off to bed07:30
Romsteryeah it's still messy i gotta get it done.07:46
Romsterthen clean it up more.07:46
Romstertrust me before i touched it it was 100x worse.07:46
Romsterg'night nipuL07:46
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cruxbotopt.git: ruby-gtk: fixed the build.13:08
tilmannipuL: what username do you want?13:10
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treachmmh, did someone volonteer to take mplayer and friends?15:07
treachor could we throw that at predatorfreak as well? ;)15:08
predatorfreaktreach: I'll take them.15:08
tilmansomeone should probably announce this as well15:08
predatorfreakI track mplayer and ffmpeg pretty aggressively.15:08
tilmani've asked namenlos, hannes, nipuL and predatorfreak for the ssh keys15:08
predatorfreaktilman: Any rules about committing that I should know?15:15
predatorfreakLike no batch commits or anything like that?15:16
tilmanusually we touch one port per commit15:16
tilmanrun 'git log' to see the history and copy what you see ;)15:17
predatorfreaktilman: KK, just wanted to clarify, because on my personal projects I like to do batch commits :)15:17
tilmanit's a good idea to run 'git log' before you push, too15:17
tilmanto make sure you didn't introduced crap ;>15:17
tilmani'm off to bed now, Romster or someone else can give you a hand with git in doubt15:18
predatorfreaktilman: Would it be acceptable to say, batch the maintainer changes for hal/hal-info in one run?15:18
predatorfreaktilman: Night then, that's all I need to know :)15:18
tilmansepen: the git guys are looking into my contrib bug btw15:18
cruxbotopt.git: nvidia: Updated to 169.09.15:38
cruxbotopt.git: mplayer, win32-essential-codecs: Assume maintainership.15:38
cruxbotopt.git: openntpd: Assume maintainership.15:38
cruxbotopt.git: bchunk: Assume maintainership.15:38
cruxbotopt.git: firefox, firefox-flash-plugin: Assume maintainership.15:38
nipuLtilman: lucas15:40
nipuLpredatorfreak: want to leave me some ports? ;P15:42
predatorfreaknipuL: There's some left :P15:42
predatorfreakI just stole the ones I planned on.15:42
nipuLhmm, so there are15:49
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Romsterwhere is the list of whats left.16:17
predatorfreakRomster: grep -R 'Maintainer: Matt' /usr/ports/opt16:18
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Romsteri'll take over libdvdcss since i've got other related ports.16:20
Romsterhmm lets see what else.16:20
nipuLi have 11 orphaned ports installed that haven't been adopted yet16:29
nipuLbut i don't think my account is ready yet16:30
nipuLprt-get isinst `grep -rl /usr/port/opt | cut -d/ -f5` | grep 'is installed'16:45
Romsterhmm i'm looking over the list quite a few i'd like but i'm not in the opt repo...16:51
nipuLwell the same can be applied to contrib16:52
Romstercould do that.16:52
Romsteryou applied for opt?16:53
nipuLand accepted16:53
Romsteri should of applied too but i didn't think i really needed too since i'm in contrib already.16:53
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Romster18 ports so far i've counted.16:54
nipuLhas anyone taken on gnome yet, not that i want to, just wondering16:54
Romsterreally have no idea, that's one thing i don't think i'd be upto the task of.16:57
Romsteras i've not used gnome and it's alot to maintain.16:57
nipuLyeah, i'm suprised matt did it for so long. big job for one person16:57
nipuLsame goes for tilman and xorg16:58
Romsterhmm wonder if i should take firefox.. can't really take it to contrib as it's on the install cd too..16:58
treachRomster: 22:38  <cruxbot> opt.git: firefox, firefox-flash-plugin: Assume maintainership17:04
treachRomster: look in devel17:05
Romsteryes flsh plugin but i was talking about firefox itself...17:06
treachhave a better look17:06
treachat what cruxbot really said17:06
Romsterthen why is git not showing it nor a ports -u17:07
Romsteroh ffs17:07
Romsterwhos the smart arse to do a bulk git commit of more than one port at a time17:07
Romsterno wonder i did not see it17:07
Romsterand it hadn't moved to rsync yet17:08
treachI'm not trying to assign any blame, just put a spotlight on it. :)17:08
Romsterdoes squid cache rsync stuff too?17:10
Romsterbecause i arn't geting the recent changes of opt when i do a ports -u17:10
* treach scourges the settings in pidgin for "block messages from people not on my contactlist"17:10
nipuLmaybe they haven't moved from git yet?17:11
Romsterah i think that's in tools - privacy17:11
treachit has changed here17:11
treachMaintainer:   Brett Goulder, predatorfreak at dcaf-security dot org17:11
nipuLi wrote a git driver for my ports17:11
Romsteri have a squid server setup as transparent but i'm starting to wonder it caches rsync too..17:12
nipuLnot likely17:13
nipuLtried a fresh copy?17:13
* Romster deleetes /usr/ports/opt and trys again17:13
Romsterthat fixed it..17:15
Romsterrsync must be buged or something...17:15
Romsternow i gotta go though the list again...17:16
Romsterthanks treach17:16
Romsteri'm just really anoyed why i had a stale copy.17:17
nipuLit happens17:17
Romstermeans i've got ports listed that are taken <<17:17
nipuLblame cosmic radiation affecting the electronic fields in your transistors17:17
Romstermaybe the few that i find left that i'd like can be moved to contrib.17:17
nipuLi use that all the time on people that won't accept the "sometimes it just happens" reasoning17:18
nipuL"solar flare acticity is really high at the moment"17:19
nipuLpeople fell better when they have something to blame17:20
Romsterah it just happens but rsync is ment to be perfect at syncing files...17:21
nipuLif computers were perfect, i'd be out of a job17:21
Romsteri mean how can i trust rsync if i used it to mirror a hdd if it can't even find a diference in a file and sync it.17:22
Romstermaybe the new pre-release of rsync would work better.17:22
Romsteranyways i got the list of what i'll take over not sure on a couple.17:23
treachI somehow doubt the problem is rsync17:23
Romsterwell it wasn't me i did the right commands.17:23
Romstersometimes it's my mistake but not ths time.17:23
treachI've had the same thing happen to me from time to time, back since we were using cvs, iirc..17:23
nipuLfamous last words ;P17:23
Romsterah so cvs won't sync too well either.17:24
Romsteron the rare ocasion.17:24
treachor the problem is somewhere else17:24
Romstermaybe some net problem *shrugs*17:24
nipuLit was the matrix17:25
RomsternipuL, you able and allowed to drop some ports that i can take over and put in contrib?17:25
nipuLi don't think tilman has made my account yet17:26
Romstermaybe i'll email tilman my list and see what goes.17:26
Romsteras he is off to bed now.17:26
treach :)17:43
Romsterseen it <<17:50
nipuLthat's eerie, not 30 minutes ago i was suggesting romster blame cosmic radiation for the stale rsync17:53
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Romsterlist made and sent to tilman he'll know what todo with it.18:34
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nipuLyou should atleast wait until the new devs take their pick18:57
nipuLthere's about 15 ports i'll most likely pick up that haven't been adopted yet18:58
Romsterwell what ever is left over, i have quite a few listed of dependencys of what i use now.18:58
Romster12 i got counted.18:58
nipuLthey're just ones i have installed18:59
Romsternearly all are dependencys of what i maintian in contib now.18:59
nipuLopt ports shouldn't rely on contrib18:59
Romsterwell rss-glx does..19:00
Romsterbut no i mean ports in opt that i rely on for my ports in contrib.19:00
Romsterlike distcc relys on popt.19:01
Romsterstuff like that19:01
Romsteri maintain distcc in contrib so i'm keen on that port.19:01
Romsteramong others.19:02
nipuLi'll probably throw some stuff into contrib now19:02
Romsteri'm mainly keeping to games, librarys, video/audio stuff.19:02
Romsteras that's my area of interest.19:03
Romsterand distrbuted computing too.19:03
Romstersometimes it's hard to limit oneself.19:04
Romsterto what should and shouldn't be added.19:04
Romstermy private repo isn't looking that much since all my good ports are in contrib.19:04
nipuLi'll probably clean up my private repos to be added to the portdb before considering adding them to contrib19:05
Romsterwhat sort of stuff you thinking of.19:05
nipuLbetter than dumping a heap of stuff on it that no one will use19:06
nipuLi was thinking of adding my django related ports19:06
Romsteryeah i try to only add stuff that's useful.19:06
nipuLbasically stuff from that isn't already in contrib and might be useful to people other than me19:09
nipuLafter i've removed any multiarch stuff from them of course19:11
Romstervobcopy i've already got.19:14
Romsteractually i arn't using zope... i might drop that.19:14
Romsterand twisted19:15
RomsternipuL, do you use them?19:15
nipuLi haven't for a while19:17
nipuLbut i don't mind picking any python frameworks19:17
Romsteris it ok if i rename zopeinterface and twisted to your name and you can do with them as you please?19:18
Romsteri haven't got a use.19:18
Romsterdid but not anymore.19:18
Romsterlol in actual fact i stole your zopeinterface it appears.19:23
cruxbotcontrib.git: gst-plugins-bad: disable neon19:27
cruxbotcontrib.git: twisted: changed maintainer to nipuL19:27
cruxbotcontrib.git: zopeinterface: changed maintainer to nipuL19:27
cruxbotcontrib.git: Created repository19:27
Romsterman that bot is fast.19:29
nipuLheh, still don't see the point of foo at bar dot com19:34
Romstereh seems to be what everyone uses19:51
Romsterand prtverify is after i think.19:51
Romsteri ws happy with the <>19:51
Romstercan't really see what we have now is any harder to parse for spamers.19:52
nipuLmy thoughts exactly20:34
nipuLgood spam protection is always better20:35
Romsterwould habve to hide the files and only display a parsed virew with a image of the email or something.21:18
nipuLimages can be parsed too22:09
nipuLeven captcha has been hacked22:09
Romsteryeah i've thought of that happening need someting more secure.22:10

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