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tilmannipuL: i'm creating your account now10:48
tilmannipuL: done10:51
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Romstertilman, i sent you a email but it looks i'll have to wait on claiming any ports yet.10:55
tilmanyeah, i got it10:56
tilman+ yes on the 2nd part of the sentence, too10:56
cruxbotopt.git: libxslt: assumed maintainership.10:58
tilmanRomster: firefox doesn't really require the ms core fonts, btw10:58
tilmani've been using firefox for YEARS without having the core fonts installed10:58
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tilman*some* win32 apps require the core fonts10:58
tilmani've found one so far10:59
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tilmanbut i'm not a heavy wine user10:59
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Romsterwell i've had to use it for what i un.11:00
* treach finally finds something that looks like a nice standalone systray. :)11:03
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sepentilman, ?? 15:18:59 <tilman> sepen: the git guys are looking into my contrib bug btw11:09
tilmansepen: "created repository"11:10
tilmanin cruxbot's announcements11:10
sepenIm reading the irclog now11:11
sepenpredatorfreak becomes opt maintainer?11:12
predatorfreaksepen: Sure, I'll maintain everything in opt.11:12
predatorfreakMight overwork me and bit, but it'll free up all your time :P11:12
predatorfreak-and +a11:13
sepenand what about contrib maintainers?11:13
sepennow contributors go directly to opt?11:13
tilmanwe specifically asked for opt personnel11:13
tilmanbecause opt had scary few people involved11:14
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tilmanand a *lot* of ports were dropped with matt leaving11:14
tilmantreach: which one?11:14
sepenand why not Romster ?11:14
treachtilman: stalonetray11:14
tilmanas in AAAADRIAN?11:14
sepenI think Romster could be the more qualified dev for opt in this moment11:15
predatorfreaksepen: I didn't see him propose to work in opt?11:15
treachit's in my repo11:15
predatorfreaksepen: Well, til earlier.11:15
tilmancome on, someone laugh about my joke11:15
predatorfreaktilman: Who what now?11:15
tilmanhe proposed?11:15
treachto whom? :P11:15
predatorfreaktilman: I saw something about him sending an email about maintaining stuff?11:16
tilmanah, right11:16
predatorfreakMaybe I misread that.11:16
sepenand what about the system team and opt repo?11:16
tilmani'm too dumb to prepare frozen pizza11:16
tilmansepen: perdon?11:16
tilmani don't understand your question11:17
tilmanwhat about them?11:17
treachtilman: maybe if you put it on a graphic adapter?11:17
sepenok, whats the actual status of opt11:17
sepenthe system team also works on it?11:17
tilmanthe whole teams thing didn't really take off ;)11:18
treachQ: Now that apparently th floodgates to opt have been opened, at least to some extent, could we please get lvm there?11:18
treachSo it can go on the iso next time.11:18
Romsterisn't it ok in contrib?11:18
Romsterhmm thats a point.11:19
treachI asked jaeger about it, he wasn't happy about it being in contrib, when it came to putting it on the cd.11:19
Romsteri didn't see a need to apply fr opt when i'm in contrib now but should i?11:19
sepenimo amule -> contrib11:19
sepenand new maintainers should take part of contrib and not opt11:20
sepen*new maintainers*11:20
treach+1, not that I have a vote. ;)11:20
sepenI can understand these changes11:20
Romstershould i apply for opt i got a couple of ports that could be in opt.11:20
* tilman runs away screaming11:21
mike_ktilman: I am sure you are missing Han and his unforgetable style =)11:22
Romsterlol, was it something i said.11:23
mike_kjust trying to read between the lines, nothing particular11:25
tilmanmike_k: yeah, right i am. *cough*11:25
treachI think he might prefer you left those ports to someone else, some new opt maintainers are under used atm. :>11:25
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treachyep, look at all those happy cruxers. :>15:18
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nipuLi'm assuming the git setup for opt/core is the same as described in the contrib howto?17:06
treachtilman: I wonder how much nimbler midori would be than ff.. I just pulled the webkit sources -> a 223MB bz2 tarball o.O17:30
nipuLthat doesn't sound promising17:31
nipuLthe entire X11 sources aren't that big17:31
treachhopefully it's just heaps of redundant multiplatform stuff17:32
nipuLmaybe there's just lots and loats of documentation :)17:32
treachhehe, let's hope. :)17:32
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cruxbotcontrib.git: dnstracer: 1.8 -> 1.8.119:01
cruxbotcontrib.git: Created repository19:01
cruxbotopt.git: pyrex: New maintainer20:35
cruxbotopt.git: popt: New maintainer20:35
cruxbotopt.git: poppler: New maintainer20:35
cruxbotopt.git: p5-xml-parser: New maintainer20:35
cruxbotopt.git: p5-html-tagset: New maintainer20:35
nipuLnow to look through the orphaned ports i don't have installed20:36
cruxbotopt.git: poppler-data: New maintainer20:44
cruxbotopt.git: libdvdcss: New maintainer20:44
cruxbotopt.git: ntfsprogs: New maintainer20:44
cruxbotopt.git: xorg-font-msttcorefonts: New maintainer21:23
cruxbotopt.git: xorg-font-artwiz-aleczapka: New maintainer21:23
nipuLseems i don't have access to contrib21:53
Romsterlooks like i don't get libdvdcss popt and whatever else is taken although i use them in xine etc. saves me worrying about more ports i guess.22:10
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