IRC Logs for #crux-devel Tuesday, 2008-02-05

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nipuLtilman: don't suppose i could be added to contrib?00:41
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predatorfreakRomster: If you get some time later, I'd like to talk about bringing x264 into opt and modifying the mplayer port to support x264 out of the box.10:06
predatorfreakRomster: Since I think that'd be a useful improvement to mencoder.10:06
thrice`predatorfreak: I emailed you mplayer pkgfile, too10:07
predatorfreakthrice`: Yes, I saw.10:07
Romsterhmm should i aply for opt.. or hand over the port. i have it as snapshots.10:07
predatorfreakDoing a test build now.10:07
predatorfreakSo I can verify it builds "for me" before pushing it10:07
predatorfreakRomster: I maintain an x264 port in my repo.10:07
predatorfreakBut I just do a checkout of a revision via svn.10:07
Romsterthrice`, if it's the svn up method that i saw the other day i disagree to them type of packages.10:08
predatorfreakRomster: I'd need to get authorisation from tilman or someone to upload snapshots to the CRUX site XD10:08
thrice`Romster: would you like to see my mplayer-svn script ?10:08
predatorfreakRomster: I'd modify my current build script.10:08
Romsteri guess i have my own scripts i use though.10:08
predatorfreakRemove the svn up.10:08
predatorfreakand do svn checkout -r blah10:09
predatorfreakand make the revision the package version10:09
Romsteri have a generate-x264-snapshot and various other scripts10:09
Romsterpredatorfreak, i already do that.10:09
thrice`Romster:  is what I do10:09
predatorfreakRomster: your contrib port uses a snapshot, mine would do a live checkout from the SVN server.10:09
Romsterpredatorfreak, untested snapshots shouldn't be in the repo's10:10
predatorfreakIn any case, I don't want to do that for mplayer, merely x264.10:10
predatorfreakRomster: Untested revisions wouldn't get the bump in opt.10:10
predatorfreakIt'd just remove the need to generate snapshots.10:10
Romster./generate-x264-snapshot and then i test with the Pkgfile.10:11
predatorfreakRomster: One sec.10:11
predatorfreakMy personal port works like thrice`'s, but I'll mod the pkgfile to show you what I mean10:11
Romsteri should do it every 2 weeks like how wine does a git to release version.10:11
cruxbotopt.git: openbox: updated to
predatorfreakYou'll see what I mean when you see it10:13
tilmanpredatorfreak: you need more than just an "ok" ;)10:14
tilmanyour shell is git-shell atm10:14
predatorfreaktilman: Yeah, I figured.10:14
tilmanwhat snapshots do you need?10:14
predatorfreaktilman: I more meant I'd have to clear putting-snapshots-and-all-that-stuff with you and the other "core" people.10:14
tilmani mean for what port?10:14
predatorfreaktilman: Just x264, so I can give mencoder x264 out of the box.10:15
predatorfreakI'm seeing if Romster would let me maintain x264 in opt XD10:15
Romsterpredatorfreak, the reason i changed to using snapshots is to avoid the subversion dependency for users.10:15
predatorfreakRomster: Yeah, that I can understand.10:15
predatorfreakRomster: Either way works really.10:15
tilman$scm-ports are frowned upon10:15
predatorfreakThey're both doing the same thing10:15
Romstertilman, thats why i now use snapshots.10:16
tilmanif you're checking out trunk, you never know what your users will get10:16
predatorfreaktilman: Well, there's sadly no official releases of x264.10:16
predatorfreaktilman: No no, see
tilmanRomster: i know, i'm just explaining the reasons to predatorfreak10:16
predatorfreakIt works like a snapshot.10:16
predatorfreakOnly it uses svn.10:16
predatorfreakIt checks out an exact revision10:16
Romsterand it requires subversion///10:16
tilmanpredatorfreak: yeah, i said "if you co _trunk_" ;D10:16
Romsterwhile mine does not.10:16
predatorfreakRomster: Like I said, either way works.10:16
predatorfreakOne requires less work (i.e. no snapshots)10:17
predatorfreakOne requires less depends :)10:17
predatorfreakI'd be fine going either way.10:17
Romsterand i've heard compaints about the cvs/subversion thing so i did it this way.10:17
tilmanpredatorfreak: let me check with simone wrt full shell access10:17
predatorfreakRomster: I really just want mencoder to have x264 out of the box :P10:17
tilmannipuL: if you have a good reason to have shell access you can get it, too of course10:17
predatorfreakRomster: Then I can retire my mplayer port and move to the opt port.10:18
tilmanyour svn port would break if the svn port was blocked by a firewall, btw10:18
predatorfreaktilman: Yeah, snapshots is probably the best way to go.10:18
predatorfreaktilman: Just offering options :P10:18
Romsterwhich is why i have ./generate-name-snapshot that does all that and tars it up <<10:19
predatorfreakRomster: Well, if you get into opt, I'm happy letting you maintain x264 too.10:20
predatorfreakIt's just that x264 needs to move from contrib -> opt for me to enable x264 support in mencoder and get that done.10:21
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cruxbotopt.git: mplayer: Apply 4 security patches for various vulnerabilities.10:26
Romsteri should apply to opt. got lvm2 ndiswrapper at least that should be in opt too.10:27
predatorfreakRomster: Out of curiosity, can I see your snapshot generating script?10:27
predatorfreakRomster: oh and you could also move libdca into opt too, since that's useful for mplayer as well10:30
Romsterk my x264 one is a bit messy i'm toying with a new idea but i could show you it or one of my other ones that are working fine as is now?10:31
thrice`no bloated mplayer!10:31
predatorfreakthrice`: Just x264 and libdca.10:31
tilmanit's always bloated10:31
Romsteri'd say list them on a # Optional: line.10:31
predatorfreaklibdca so mplayer can actually play DTS files out of the box.10:31
tilman7959480 34884413284569636780 930bac/usr/local/bin/mplayer10:31
predatorfreakand sure Romster.10:31
tilman8 mb, hello?10:31
Romsteri'm thinking of unbloating xine-lib by moving anything that it dosn't need to build with to a Optional: line.10:31
predatorfreaktilman: That's basically mplayer + GUI + mencoder10:32
predatorfreakIn one file10:32
Romsterupx is a nice thing to narrow that down tilman10:32
predatorfreakThey still haven't managed to separate them nicely..10:32
tilmanugh, upx10:32
tilmanupx for the massive loose ^ 210:32
tilman(and executable compressors in general)10:32
predatorfreakthrice`: x264 I suppose can stay as a nice recommendation, but libdca should be part of the depends.10:33
predatorfreakIt's horribly annoying to put in a DVD and not be able to listen to it because the main audio track is DTS :)10:33
predatorfreakRomster: Although, you could remove the --disable-static bit from libdca now.10:34
predatorfreaklibdts is gone XD10:34
tilmanMPlayer was compiled WITHOUT GUI support.10:35
tilmanso 8 mb for mplayer and mencoder10:35
tilmanstill insane10:35
tilmanmplayer = insane10:35
predatorfreaktilman: Jesus Christ.10:35
predatorfreaktilman: Well, blame them doing static linking :P10:35
predatorfreakThey integrate ffmpeg right into the binaries...10:35
predatorfreakFreaking crazies.10:35
predatorfreakThere is a trick to make it dynamic.10:36
predatorfreakBut that opens up a host of annoying problems.10:36
predatorfreakand some nasty mplayer bugs <_<10:36
Romster$ ls -lh /usr/bin/{mencoder,mplayer}10:37
Romster-rwxr-xr-x 1 root root 2.8M 2008-01-27 21:29 /usr/bin/mencoder10:37
Romster-rwxr-xr-x 1 root root 2.8M 2008-01-27 21:29 /usr/bin/mplayer10:37
predatorfreakSadly, I haven't found a solid replacement for mplayer.10:37
Romsteryou saying again tilman  << 2.8MB10:37
predatorfreakRomster: ... WHAT DID YOU RAPE IT WITH?10:37
Romsterupx -9 mplayer mencoder10:38
predatorfreakRomster: Isn't that that executable compressor?10:38
Romsterprt-get info upx10:38
tilmanit will still take 8 mb in ram...10:38
Romsterin my opinion upx shoudl be intergrated into pkgutils10:38
tilmanan upx-packed library once fucked me over at work10:38
Romsterbut ram is cheap so is hdd10:38
tilmanno love for upx :P10:38
predatorfreaktilman: A bit more than that depending on runtime shit.10:38
Romstertilman, what happend?10:39
tilmanpredatorfreak: yes, i just meant the image of the binary itself10:39
predatorfreaktilman: Ah, yeah, that'll stay the same.10:39
tilmanRomster: the details are boring, it was win32 crap10:39
predatorfreakRomster: oh and integrating upx should be a matter of a "check if it exists" bit.10:40
predatorfreakand adding it to the part where stripping is done on binaries.10:40
tilmanRomster: where do you want to put upx in?10:40
tilmando you want to compress /usr/bin/pkgadd or what?10:41
predatorfreaktilman: Actually I was thinking pkgmk...10:42
predatorfreaktilman: But I'm too lazy to do it/don't care enough10:43
tilmanpkgmk is a shell script :o10:43
Romstertilman, win32 no wonder..10:44
predatorfreaktilman: It'd run upx on all binary executables.10:44
predatorfreakLike it runs strip atm.10:44
predatorfreaktilman: In other words when you build the package.10:44
predatorfreakIt automatically compresses the binaries.10:44
predatorfreakand then finishes building the package.10:44
tilman"you've been hogging the pipe for too long"10:44
tilmanare you tripping?10:44
predatorfreaktilman: me or romster?10:44
tilmanboth, apparently10:45
predatorfreaktilman: Give me a few minutes10:45
tilmani don't think there's a point10:45
predatorfreakand I can show you a working implementation10:45
predatorfreakNot that I'd bother with it.10:45
predatorfreakI'm just saying it's perfectly doable.10:45
predatorfreakand easy-as-fuck at that.10:45
tilmanbut it's pointless imo10:45
predatorfreaktilman: TBH, the megabytes saved aren't worth the hassle or time wasted on compressing/decompressing10:46
Romstertimnah use a .compress file with a RE as to what to not compress for each package and add in a USE_UPX= and UPX_COMPRESSION= line to pkgmk.conf10:46
predatorfreaktilman: HD space is too cheap to waste start time on something like a couple megabytes here.10:46
predatorfreakRomster: See the strip bits in pkgmk.10:47
Romsterpredatorfreak, exactly compress binarys then finish taring up the built package.10:47
predatorfreakJust add upx to the automatic bit.10:47
tilmanRomster: what are you trying to achieve?10:47
tilmanfaster load times of the binary?10:47
predatorfreakRomster: Function is strip_files.10:47
Romsterbut then i'd alsoneed to make a line like how .nostrip works but for upx, i knwo how tdo it but i just haven't bothered too.10:47
predatorfreaktilman: It'd slow it down... I'd think.10:47
predatorfreaktilman: Especially if you were using lzma compression/decompression.10:48
Romsterslight slow down jsut less space taken up on a hdd.10:48
predatorfreakBecause of the fact you have to decompress, run all the linker shit.10:48
predatorfreakLet the prog start, etc, etc/10:48
predatorfreakRomster: oh and if you modified strip_files.10:49
predatorfreak.nostrip would work for upx too.10:49
predatorfreak'course, you could make a compress_binaries function.10:49
predatorfreakand a .nocompress file.10:49
predatorfreakor something to that effect.10:49
predatorfreakRomster: Still, I don't think it's worth the wasted time on compression/decompression.10:50
predatorfreakI have a glorious 320GB HD, I can afford some extra megalbits for binaries :P10:50
predatorfreakRomster: Only sane use I see for it is embedded space where you've got crap for storage space... but even then.10:51
Romsterpredatorfreak, that was my idea10:52
predatorfreakThe memory demands of compression and decompress would out-weigh the benefits10:52
Romsterah upx is fast and why waste disk space... becasue there is heaps of it?10:52
Romsterthat's like saying why bother to save a few cpu cycles when there are fast cpus now, vista anyone?10:53
Romstermore cpu get sloppyer code.10:53
predatorfreakRomster: Handful of megabytes isn't worth it.10:53
Romstermore hard disk space use bigger binarys10:53
tilman*you* are burning cycles with the upx thing10:53
predatorfreakCPU cycles are precious even if the CPU is fast.10:53
Romsternot many.10:53
predatorfreakRomster: Depends on the compression algorithm.10:54
predatorfreakRomster: But you're basically burning CPU cycles for disk space.10:54
predatorfreakRomster: oh and why not just use reiser4 with online compression? :P10:54
predatorfreakSame effect, less work.10:54
predatorfreak-online +on-the-fly10:54
Romsterhmm reiser4, i'd have to format then reinstall.10:55
predatorfreakRomster: Less work afterwords.10:55
Romsterand normal compression dosn't work for binarys10:56
predatorfreakI'm saying with the size of HDs these days.10:56
predatorfreakOne megabyte saved doesn't equate to the lost cycles.10:56
predatorfreakRomster: It compresses all files on-disk.10:56
Romsterhmm guess cpu is more important than saving 6 or so megabytes of mplayer.10:56
predatorfreakIt decreases the size of everything using lzo or gzip, as I understand it.10:56
predatorfreakRomster: Sure is.10:56
predatorfreakI've got more disk space than CPU cycles :P10:57
Romsteralrhough i'm running low on disk space atm.10:57
predatorfreakRomster: Purge some porn :)10:57
Romsterhardly have any and it's all on dvd <<10:57
predatorfreakRomster: Do spring cleaning, buy a cheap 320GB HD.10:58
predatorfreakI have to try to use up my disk...10:58
Romsteri just hate seeing waste11:00
Romsterbut something are a compromise.11:00
predatorfreakRomster: Well, you're wasting cycles for disk space or you're wasting disk space for cycles :P11:01
predatorfreakTake your pick.11:01
Romsteranyways do i just mail the devel ML and ask to get opt access?11:01
predatorfreakRomster: that's tilman's area :P11:01
Romsterwell i've emailed tilman of what ports i'd like to take over some have alrady been taken now since that email11:02
predatorfreakRomster: He's gotta talk to the others too, I suppose.11:02
Romsterkinda thought being in contrib i wouldn't need to be in opt but some of my ports i'm maintaining should be in opt.11:03
predatorfreakand get a consensus on "Should Romster be allowed to feast on the souls of our poor opt maintainers?"11:03
predatorfreakor something like that.11:03
predatorfreakRomster: You're the local werewolf/vampire/<insert generic hollywood monster>11:03
Romsterwell i'm sure i do a pretty good job keeping ports working, except that gpgme i'm still trying to see why it builds for me but no one else.11:04
Romsteri guess.11:04
predatorfreakRomster: gpgme works here...11:04
Romsterit builds for you the current release?11:04
* predatorfreak tries a rebuild..11:04
Romstersays tests fail on 3 of the keys that are the sha keys..11:04
Romster1.1.6 i think11:05
Romsterit's in contrib11:05
predatorfreakRomster: contrib is 1.1.511:05
Romsteryeah 1.1.611:05
predatorfreakUnless it just got bumped overnight..11:05
Romster$ prt-get info gpgme |grep Version11:06
RomsterVersion:      1.1.611:06
RomsterPath:         /usr/ports/contrib11:06
predatorfreakRomster: Huh...11:06
predatorfreakoh wait11:07
predatorfreakI forgot to edit my contrib file11:07
predatorfreakit's still syncing the 2.3 version11:07
predatorfreakwoah bomb11:07
predatorfreakRomster: That explains a LOT.11:07
Romsteryou'd be out of date on alot i'd hate to see your sysup11:08
predatorfreakRomster: Not much actually.11:09
predatorfreakntfs-3g, libcap, libsndfile, libidn11:10
predatorfreakoh and gpgme works.11:10
predatorfreakBuilds fine11:10
predatorfreakAlthough... it leaves the info files.... even though I don't have texinfo installed11:12
predatorfreakI see why though.11:12
predatorfreakRomster: Fix'd that by removing the texinfo check :)11:13
predatorfreak'cept for that, everything is fine.11:14
Romsterhmm i'll fix that damn info file.11:14
Romsteri thought without texinfo it wouldn't leave anything.11:14
predatorfreakRomster: 1.1.5 didn't, .6 apparently does.11:15
predatorfreakMaybe they pre-gen it now?11:15
predatorfreakI dunno11:15
Romsteri'm refusing to sue force on stuff i think it maskes problems.11:16
Romsterbut i'll fix that problem.11:16
Romsterso ok why does it build for you and me and yet raw reports it won't pass the tests.11:16
Romsterand those last 3 keys it dosn't kno wabout are sha alog...11:17
Romsterso am i missing a depends on package?11:17
Romsteror something funky on raw's pc11:17
Romsterpredatorfreak, don't mind sending me a listing of pkginfo -i ?11:18
predatorfreakRomster: Not at all.11:18
Romstermight aid in me tracking it down.11:18
predatorfreakRomster: Lemme fully update though :P11:18
Romstergrab a lsiting now then save in a text file then try rebuilding gpgme after you've finished a sysup.11:19
Romstermight be some new version of something that breaks it too, dunno.11:19
predatorfreak <-- Good, now they can implement a proper compressed ebuild format and fix that.11:19
predatorfreakThen maybe they can revert their bullcrap intrusive init system <_<11:20
predatorfreakThen maybe I'd be happy with my existing Gentoo installation on my server...11:20
predatorfreakRomster: Also, there's nothing in there that affects gpgme.11:21
predatorfreakJust some non-related stuff.11:21
predatorfreakBut I'll do that anyway11:21
predatorfreakRomster: I keep deps to a minimum and use a lot of small apps, so I didn't have a billion things to update11:22
Romsteri just want a lsiting in case someting does break it.11:23
Romsteri'm slowly cutting back my installed programs.11:23
Romsterstill got nearly 800 installed though.11:23
Romsterway too many.11:23
predatorfreakRomster: o.O11:24
predatorfreak442 things totall.11:24
predatorfreakand this is my standard installation-of-shit-I-actually-use11:24
Romsteri must have alot that i don't use11:26
Romsterthis leads me to another idea11:26
Romstersome way to track what files actually get used so i can see what i don't use find what package it belongs too and remove it.11:26
predatorfreakRomster: Use footprints + atime.11:26
Romsteri've disabled atime on my ext3 drive so i can't do that...11:26
predatorfreakRomster: You're shit-out-of-luck then :)11:27
predatorfreakRomster: hmm.11:27
predatorfreakQuick question.11:27
predatorfreakDo you use util-linux or did you migrate to util-linux-ng?11:27
predatorfreakMight be something with that causing problems11:27
predatorfreakI actually forgot to migrate to util-linux-ng until just now...11:28
Romstermaybe i can log commands or use notify or something... or log ps and keep a list of what gets used.11:29
Romsteri migrated to util-linux-ng11:29
predatorfreakRomster: Bah.11:29
Romsteron crux 2.311:29
predatorfreakJust use relatime.11:29
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predatorfreakLess of a hog (groups atime updates together, I think)11:29
Romsterhmm how do i do that/11:30
Romsterext3      defaults,noatime,nodiratime11:30
predatorfreakRomster: noatime -> relatime11:30
Romsteris what i have now.11:30
Romsterah should of guessed.11:31
predatorfreakthat's the sum up of how it works.11:31
predatorfreakI was off XD11:31
predatorfreakI just remember hearing about it.11:31
Romsterlol just googled it now..11:32
Romsterdata=writeback ? hmm11:34
Romsternever did that.11:34
predatorfreakRomster: It makes ext3 like reiserfs11:35
predatorfreakIn terms of how it updates metadata11:35
Romsterah writeback instead of copy on write.11:36
predatorfreak"I'm sure Gentoo will use relatime the moment anyone knows its > 5% 8)"11:37
predatorfreakEven the kernel devs know.11:37
predatorfreakGentoo ricers are first to use everything and be guinea pigs :P11:37
thrice`gotta love how much they contribue to linux =)11:37
predatorfreakHehe, we do need our guinea pigs11:38
predatorfreakHaha, I love reading LKML at times..11:49
predatorfreakIt's like a religious flamefest.11:49
predatorfreakNO MY WAY IS BETTER! FOLLOW ME!11:49
predatorfreakNO MINE IS! FOLLOW ME!11:49
* Romster giggles at this11:51
Romsterbtw., Mutt does not go boom, i use it myself. It works just fine and11:51
Romsternotices new mails even on a noatime,nodiratime filesystem.11:51
tilmanthe one app i've found that b0rks is devtodo11:51
Romsterpredatorfreak, so i keep the noatime there and add relatime or replace noatime with relatime?11:52
predatorfreaktilman: they cited tmpwatch too.11:52
predatorfreakRomster: replace noatime with relatime11:52
predatorfreakand remove nodiratime if you have it.11:52
Romsterta wont' take effect untill the next boot though unless can remount.11:53
predatorfreakRomster: Yeah.11:53
Romsteryeah i got nodiratime so i can knock that off too.11:53
predatorfreakRomster: I don't have any need for atime personally though, so, I use noatime.11:53
predatorfreakBut your check-if-I-actually-use-this-prog stuff would be so much easier to do with atime11:54
predatorfreakand find :)11:54
Romsterwell i could too but i would like to see what i use so i can remove old stuff.11:54
Romsterwell relatime would work ok for that too?11:54
Romsternot sure on the how oftern it refreshes thing.11:55
predatorfreakRomster: I meant atime as both atime/relatime11:55
predatorfreakRomster: Basically I'm just saying that while there's other ways to do it, the quickest to code as a script is find and footprint parsing :P11:56
Romsteri see your idea.11:56
predatorfreakDamn it, I hate updating wxgtk.12:00
predatorfreakTakes FIVE BILLION YEARS12:00
predatorfreakRomster: oh wait, if I read that right... relatime won't work for my idea.12:03
predatorfreakSince it only updates it if the atime is older than the mtime/ctime.12:03
predatorfreakIn otherwords.12:03
predatorfreakIf you edit the file12:03
predatorfreakit updates the atime12:03
predatorfreakotherwise it doesn't.12:03
Romstermodify or create the file...12:03
predatorfreakBut honestly.12:03
predatorfreakIf the atime is older than the creation time12:04
predatorfreakYou've got problems :P12:04
Romsterhmm so i should be using relatime12:04
Romsterbut for testing what i use and don't use i'd need to use atime12:04
Romsterwhich is removing relatime and or noatime12:05
predatorfreakRomster: Yes.12:06
predatorfreakRomster: For me though, the nice thing is.12:06
predatorfreakI separate my root and home.12:06
predatorfreakSo, atime wouldn't affect like opening my mail.12:06
predatorfreakor something.12:06
predatorfreak(Unless I turned it on for my home partition, of course)12:07
Romsterbugger i didn't partiton them seperately <<12:07
Romsteri should have i'll seperate more when i get the new hdd,12:08
predatorfreak <-- I can't believe I laughed...12:08
predatorfreakAlthough... if there was a Presidential candidate that liked metal, they'd get my vote :P12:09
predatorfreakI'd be like "Hmm, I would prefer Dio, but he'll do."12:09
predatorfreakStill hoping I'll see like a Gene Simmons/Ace Frehley ticket someday.12:10
predatorfreakJust for comedy :P12:10
Romsterdude i got a 15yo female (suposidly_ signed up on not that long ago and requesting to be added as a freind, and shes got blind gurdian on her playlist O_O12:10
* Romster declines12:10
predatorfreakRomster: TRAP.12:11
Romsteryeah really.12:11
Romsteri thought it rather strange.12:11
predatorfreakRomster: I haven't met any women besides my mother who likes good metal.... and my mum is fruitcakes.12:11
Romsterlike come one what 16yo demale listens to blind gurdian.12:11
Romsterbah i hate typing..12:12
predatorfreakRomster: They aren't "hip" or whatever it is the kids call it today...12:12
Romsteryou get the idea.12:12
predatorfreakRomster: Although, I've seen a few death metal groupies.12:12
predatorfreakBut Death Metal is a growing emo-convert cult now <_<.12:13
predatorfreakIt's like they went from "I'LL CUT MYSELF!" to "I'LL CHOP MYSELF IN HALF!"12:13
predatorfreakRomster: I'll know I've met a female with good rock 'n' roll taste when she says she likes surf without being asked about it :P12:14
predatorfreakRomster: 'til then, they're all liarz!12:14
Romster < that's the one i just talked about.12:14
Romsteri smell a rat with that profile.12:15
predatorfreakAhh England.12:15
predatorfreakRomster: Probably from Brighton :P12:15
predatorfreakEither trap or dyke lesbian.12:15
predatorfreakBut dykes = men.12:15
predatorfreakSo, dyke's don't count as women :P12:16
predatorfreak8 Manowar12:16
predatorfreakManowar are like singing about being a guy who loves sex and motorbikes.12:17
predatorfreakTo a chugging riff repeated until you die.12:17
Romsternot into that.12:19
predatorfreakRomster: Yeah, neither am I :P12:20
predatorfreakManowar are too macho and funny to be taken seriously.12:20
treachI thought that was the description for AC/DC12:20
Romstereven Haste The Day is alot better,12:20
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predatorfreaktreach: AC/DC are songs about partying.12:21
Romsternah AC/DC is the good rocken blues.12:21
predatorfreakand rock 'n' roll.12:21
predatorfreakRomster: Listen to the lyrics :P12:21
predatorfreakIt's sex, rock and partying :)12:21
treachpredatorfreak: well, "money talks" could fit your description fairly well. :P12:22
Romsteryep i have 17 albums of acdc!12:22
Romstermistres for christmas.12:22
predatorfreakSometimes thinly disguised with "clever" lyrics like "GIVING THE DOG A BONE!"12:22
Romsterthat's a good song.12:22
predatorfreakRomster: Hehe, sure is.12:22
treachminus the moterbikes though. Not sure what all this have to do with the topic at hand though. ;)12:22
Romsterall the acdc cover bands i've worked with not one did play 'are you ready'12:23
predatorfreakMan0l0: Hello.12:23
Romsterhi Man0l012:23
predatorfreakWe eat people.12:23
predatorfreakMan0l0: Especially Romster.12:23
Romsterpurple people eater.12:23
predatorfreakHe survives on peoples flesh and brains.12:23
* treach looks at Romster "Brains!" 12:23
treachopps, my mistake. ;)12:24
predatorfreakMan0l0: No seriously, Romster is our local werewolf thingiemabob.12:24
Romsternah i confuse everyone into spelling bad sentances.12:24
Man0l0Romster, really!!! do you eat people ?12:25
treachhahaa, "updates failed" -> no diskspace.. I installed OOO, eclipse earlier today. ;D12:25
treachI think I need to remove some packages/sourcefiles. :D12:25
predatorfreakRomster: oh and for partying bands there's also Korpiklaani, if you don't mind a bit of folk in your metal.12:25
predatorfreakSongs like "Beer Beer" wind up working like "HAHAHAHAHA OH GOD WOW."12:26
Romsternot heard of them i'll check it out.12:26
predatorfreakIt's like folk instruments12:26
predatorfreakMetal guitar12:26
predatorfreakthen a chorus of BEER BEER12:26
tilmanannoying, dumb, sucky12:27
tilmanevery song is the same annoying & dumb12:27
tilmanthey suck12:27
Man0l0BEER? hummmmm cold beer !!!!12:28
treachI read that as "Mental guitar"12:28
treachI probably need sleep12:28
predatorfreaktilman: Yep, that's Korpiklaani.12:29
predatorfreaktilman: We should have religious debates about music more often! Eventually we outta be able to turn #crux-devel into LKML.12:30
tilmanmaybe in #crux-music12:31
treachor -ot12:31
tilmandoes that one still exist?12:31
*** thrice` has quit IRC12:31
Romster-ot exists but is very small.12:36
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cruxbotxfce.git: libwnck: New port. Fixed missing dependency issue for xfce4-macmenu-plugin.13:08
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cruxbotxfce.git: Clean up. Removed curly brackets.13:20
cruxbotxfce.git: libwnck: Cleanup Pkgfile.13:54
cruxbotxfce.git: xfce-utils: Cleanup. Removed junk files.13:55
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