IRC Logs for #crux-devel Wednesday, 2008-02-06

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cruxbotopt.git: libgcrypt: updated to version 1.4.007:58
cruxbotopt.git: postfix: upgraded to version 2.5.007:58
cruxbotopt.git: libgpg-error: updated to version 1.607:58
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cruxbotopt.git: hal: Clean out redundant depends.09:54
cruxbotopt.git: firefox: Clean out redundant depends.09:54
cruxbotopt.git: grub: Clean out redundant depends.09:54
tilmansepen: git show 3a7340af2bd57488f832d7070b0ce96c4baa6b5410:30
tilmannotice how it says october 200210:30
tilmanquoting linus:10:31
tilmanIn other words, the repo really was pretty broken, and the git behaviour10:31
tilmancame from that breakage.10:31
sepenhmmm  I was away, sorry10:33
sepenreading now10:33
tilmando you know whether we imported contrib.git from svn?10:34
sepentilman, whats about my git commit?10:35
tilmanit says: Date blabla October 200210:35
tilmanbut that's obviously wrong10:35
sepenyeah, can I fix that?10:35
sepenare there some dump utils for git repos?10:36
tilmandon't worry about it10:36
sepenpfff, sorry the inconveniences teK10:37
sepenthats was due to a bad config time in my office box10:37
Romsteroh man that.....10:38
Romsteri remember seeing that date10:38
Romsterso sepen was the one to break it wow for once it wasn't me10:38
sepenI've the same problem on a local svn repo, but I fixed it by using svndumpfilter10:38
tilmansepen: did you import 3a7340af2bd57488f832d7070b0ce96c4baa6b54 from a subversion repository?10:39
tilmanor did you use 'git commit' to do it?10:39
sepengit commit10:39
Romsterwith a old date...10:40
sepenyeah, the same I had on my office box10:40
sepenohh tilman did you read the core repoverify report?10:41
tilmani just sat down at the keyboard :p10:42
sepenspecially libstdc++-compat10:42
sepenohh ok10:42
sepenalso there are some maintainer lines different of CRUX System Team for simone and jue10:43
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sepen@seen _Viper11:04
clbsepen: I have not seen _Viper.11:04
tilman@seen viper_11:04
clbtilman: viper_ was last seen in #crux-devel 4 days, 20 hours, 48 minutes, and 39 seconds ago: <Viper_> yes11:04
sepensince the irc meeting11:04
sepenwell Im go back to home, later11:04
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cruxbotopt.git: libgcrypt: downgrading to 1.2.4; there are problems with gpg218:13
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