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sepenIm reading '[crux-devel] Potentially broken source downloads' and doing a comparison with my own repoverify script. It seems that thhere are more broken sources. Can someone confirm this? There are: core/xfsprogrs ( opt/mysql-python ( opt/wvdial ( opt/03:38
sepenlinux-fusion ( opt/zsh (
pitilloxfprogs is broken (noticed it yesterday)03:42
Romsterneed local mirrors of them.03:51
Romsterhmm xfsprogs dosn't exist..03:52
Romster2.9.6 is out.03:52
Romstersetuptools is ok.03:55
Romsterwvstreams is ok.03:56
Romsterlinux-fusion-3.2.4.tar.gz is out.03:57
Romstersince 29-Aug-2007 gee that one is way out of date whos the maintianer..03:57 seems down.03:58
Romsterok was just slow zsh-4.3.5.tar.bz2 is out.04:00
Romstersepen, ^04:01
sepensorry Im at office, sometimes is impossible stay here04:01
sepenthats my own report
Romsterlinux-fusion is way out of date..04:05
pitillosepen, the first ERRORs about conflicting files, must it be an error or it can be better a warning?04:05
Romsterzsh wasn't out that many of days.04:05
sepenpitillo, opt/postfix related¿?04:06
Romsteri think we need a whitelist for grouping ports.04:06
sepenpitillo, its the output form 'prtverify', not from my script directly04:06
sepenRomster, yeh04:07
Romsterlike the 3 nvnida ports and all them email stuff too.04:07
pitillosepen, I now, but I think it must be a warn instead of an error04:07
pitillonothing to do I think04:09
Romstersepen, could you colect all the conflicting ports and group them in a array?04:10
Romsterand have a sumary on it.04:10
Romsterso any 2 or more ports that conflict would be grouped as conflicting: foo bar, conflicting files: ....04:11
Romsteronly an idea.04:11
sepenRomster, surely04:18
Romsterat least then that could be grouped in a common section.04:18
sepenalso I have an idea for grouping maintainer whose have ports with errors too04:19
Romsterand it would make it's own list without having to mess with a whitelist.04:19
Romstercould give a sumer of how many errors etc for each maintainer.04:19
sepenpitillo, yeah, I could send a mail to Han an cptn and ask they about this modification04:20
sepenRomster, yeah, but in another log file?04:20
Romsterhmm maybe.04:20
pitillocan be a good idea to see why it's marked like an error04:20
sepenpitillo, its easy if you browse the source code04:25
pitilloyou mean to know why is it marked like an error?04:26
sepenthe problem for this kind of reports appears when repo's ports have dependencies from other repo's ports04:27
sepenpitillo, yes04:27
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sepenRomster eoeoeoeoe!04:27
pitillodo you know why they marked it like an error then?04:27
sepenno pitillo, Im not the prtverify author04:29
sepenbut you cand find the response by browsing the source code04:30
sepenor telling to system devels for a reason04:30
pitilloI tried it sepen, that is why I asked, I can´t find an answer about why they are marked like errors04:31
sepenpitillo, this line? ERROR  opt/masqmail ............. file conflict found: opt/postfix -> usr/bin/mailq04:31
sepenreason: file conflicts04:31
pitilloofr example04:33
pitilloyou must know that you are trying to use 2 mailservers... I think it isn't an error, I think it must advertise you about what are you doing04:34
sepenpitillo, try this: install postfix, then install masqmail, then removes masqmail, then postfix crashssssshhh!!04:36
pitillobut you are installing 2 mailservers04:38
pitillowhy do you want that? if you want to change your mail server, remove first the one you installed04:39
pitilloI don't know if you can see the point04:39
sepenbut I repeat, Im not the prtverify author04:42
sepenpitillo, I think you can get a solid response by sending a mail directly to authors04:43
pitillofor me doesn't matter if it's handdled like an error or like a warn, if they did that, they must know why they did it04:44
sepenok same here04:44
sepenIm only doing reports based on well known prt-tools04:45
pitilloand it's a good job, you know04:49
sepenand could be better too04:52
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sepen@seen Romster04:55
clbsepen: Romster was last seen in #crux-devel 31 minutes and 14 seconds ago: <Romster> yeah04:55
Romsterdamn power intruption and i had lilo -R set to a new kernel so i went fuck it and finished rebuilding the modules etc.04:55
Romsterdid i miss much...04:56
sepennot a big deal for you04:56
Romsterfrom lol..04:56
sepenohh Ill try 2.6.24 at night04:56
sepennow using 2.6.23 here04:57
sepenI've some problems with hd-intel sound on my lenovo laptop04:57
mike_kRomster:  please try to discuss the pkgutils patch in flyspray to avoid double posting and discussion split =)04:57
sepenno cards detected with 2.6.2304:57
mike_kif you don't mind04:57
sepenI'll also try jaeger alsa-driver04:57
Romsterwell i'm just on it for my desktop it seems to be ok for my firewall and another pc but one pc i can't get glx to work on a legacy nvidia driver..04:57
Romsterhmm i have sound..04:58
Romsterbah my glx is broken again..04:58
Romstergrr did the gl-select thing..04:59
pitillosepen, I got support here with 2.6.23, moved to 2.6.24 to avoid acpi problems with ethernet card04:59
Romsteroh how i hate updates at times.04:59
Romster$ glxgears04:59
RomsterIllegal instruction04:59
Romsterdosn't nvidia binary support ?05:00
sepenpitillo, here problems with Intel Corporation 82801H (ICH8 Family) HD Audio Controller05:00
pitillosepen, here running it without problems05:00
sepensome notes
pitillounder worked gine05:01
sepennot sure, Ill need to review all my steps at kernel config05:01
pitillohere the problem began with acpi and apic to solve irqs problems05:01
Romsteri had this issue with the new nvidia driver...05:01
Romsteron my older kernel.05:01
Romsteri was hoping a kernel update would fix it grrr05:02
Romsterlooks like i'll downgrade my nvidia driver again..05:02
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Romsteryep downgraded nvidia to 100.14.1905:31
Romsterand now glx works05:31
Romsterthe new 09 and 07 nvidia drivers suck...05:32
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