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treachsigh. ff3 = +dbus-glib, dbus, python, cairo > 1.5.2 *plus* patching libpng for apng. :/09:16
treachsqlite3 too.09:16
treachpitillo: if you want to play with it, I'll put the ports in my repo shortly.09:19
treachbeware that they are extremely quick and dirty though09:19
treachI'm not even sure the cairo upgrade doesn't break anything.09:20
pitilloummm I was thinking about ff using dbus, I found it interesting. Btw when I will update your repo I will take a look to it.09:21
treachshm     /dev/shm  tmpfs  defaults 0 0 ? Otherwise no idea09:28
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treachpitillo: I just put up the ports. Feel free to have a go at them. :)10:42
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acrux__is ti planned a bump to gcc-4.2.3 ?13:46
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predatorfreakacrux__: Toolchain updates normally come when a new version comes out13:48
acrux__gcc-4.2.2 -> 4.2.3 isn't a toolchain update13:49
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acrux__it's quite simple13:49
predatorfreakacrux__: .. Yes it is?13:49
predatorfreakYou're bumping a core part of the toolchain13:50
predatorfreakThat's a toolchain update13:50
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tilmanacrux__: yes, it's probably painless. but we're whimps :)14:08
treachsepen: you're not #crux-only ;)14:11
sepenyes, don't understand it14:12
sepenIm #crux-party14:12
treachI presume "#crux-only" means people who *only* hang around in #crux, and not crux-devel14:13
treachwhich was why I replied here, because if you were, you hadn't seen it. :)14:13
sepenyeah thats correct, just I don't pay attention when reading14:13
sepenpfffff hmmmm tetex
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sepenxemacs-sumo too14:17
sepenaon, ping?14:17
sepen /usr/ports/opt/qemu-bin (Simone Rota, sip at crux dot nu)14:18
sepenERROR  opt/qemu-bin ............. directory not allowed: usr/local/14:18
sepenalso there're some FATAL errors in this report14:19
sepenIll remove php4 and php4-eaccelerator from contrib14:24
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sepenlm_sensors dissapears from opt15:54
sepenso now I've a problem on the xfce repo15:54
sepenERROR  xfce/xfce4-sensors-plugin  missing dependency: lm_sensors15:54
sepenjust I have to duplicate the same port for xfe15:55
sepenpfffff bad thing15:55
sepenerr, it never appears in opt15:57
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