IRC Logs for #crux-devel Friday, 2008-02-15

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sepenmike_k, you have a mail06:16
mike_ksepen: now you have a mail too07:15
sepenhmm Im problems with my sourceforge mail redirection07:57
sepencan you send it to joberui at ei dot upv dot es ?07:58
mike_ksepen: hmm, I did exactly that08:11
sepenhmm strange I don't have the mail08:12
mike_ksepen: some trouble on the way. nevermind. I'd add a few lines to README whenever I find a useful ones.08:13
sepenok I think could be useful for other, not all people will use the xfce port08:14
mike_kyeah, I just don't beleive anyone will have much troubles with configuring lm_sensors and choosing the right modules.08:17
sepenI received the mail now08:36
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