IRC Logs for #crux-devel Saturday, 2008-03-08

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aondamn i hate people checking ports with finddeps and reporting bugs13:36
aonnow i need to check whether they really are real dependencies13:36
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tilmanaon: if it was pitillo who reported them, they are very likely real bugs13:41
tilmanaon: he tried to prt-get depinst things on a clean system13:41
aoni see.14:01
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Romsteraon, and i do the same in a chroot using safe-build tool i'm working on, pitillo is doing it in a VM21:10
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Romsterok i don't folly it fully but dosn't look like it's being consistant.23:26
nipuLyou should be able to assign a char array to a string, but it's not letting me do that23:27
Romstertry with gcc34 if you got that installed.23:30
nipuLif i create a new string, i can do it23:30
nipuLbut then i can't assign that string to the string23:30
nipuLstring cwd = getcwd(NULL, PATH_MAX); root = cwd23:31
nipuLproduces the same result23:31
Romsterso it's the wrong type to reassign?23:31
nipuLstring -> string23:31
Romsterthen that should work...23:31
nipuLi know!23:32
Romsterhave you looked over the gcc docs?23:32

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