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jueRomster: what's the purpose of that pushd/popd in bmp? The original single command did exactly the same.05:10
sepenhi jue, I found some junk README files in opt/a2ps, see report
jueyep, I know05:13
juewill fix it some time05:14
juesepen: btw, if you have extensions/additions to prt-verify, patches are welcome05:15
Romsterremoves the need to use subshells ( ) and removes the -f force option.05:15
juehmm, sorry?05:16
jueln -s beep-media-player $PKG/usr/bin/beep05:16
juesubshells, force option?05:17
sepenjue, Im writing a repo verification tool which uses prtverify, findredundandeps, and my own checksources function05:17
sepenjue, I think it could be adopted by the sys team if you want05:18
Romsteryeah install without bmp already on the system would fail. i would think. i've had issues of others that didn't have the force option and would be fine if the port was already installed.05:18
Romsterso i'm doing them all the same and doing without the -f force opton.05:19
jueRomster: no05:19
Romsterforcing shit is a good way to mask a future problem.05:19
jueRomster: please have a look at your commit,;a=blobdiff;f=bmp/Pkgfile;h=8bd5b8d7e68461fea6d386432dae64b0522cbff7;hp=8a9bc0be5d260364f9f8f64c3ef4cb6e3f8f3ee6;hb=78e5e4e51c68749f95ae5d6535bbfd5d0066f1f0;hpb=eadd079163e359bb132b82481c53e191a69e489c05:20
Romsterhmm i'd have to test it... i'm busy right now clenaing up dependencys.05:20
Romstergrr i know what i did05:20
Romsteri'll test it in my chroot soon and see if i'm right or not.05:21
Romsterright now i'm busy05:21
pitillotoo much things between hands....05:21
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jueok, but your pushd/popd stuff is pointless05:22
Romsterwell i'm gonna go test now..05:26
juesepen: done (a2ps)05:42
sepenI'll re-do the report05:42
juethx for reminding me ;-)05:43
sepenIm interesting on verify as much as posible all ports05:43
sepennp, just its part of my crux work :)05:43
sepenjue, what do you think about repo dependencies?05:44
sepen -> can you take a look around lines 104-112 ?05:46
sepenjue, I use them for getting all required collection for each port in which I use prtverify, thats the cause for what I didn't write a patch for prtverify yet05:48
jueyes, and what's the problem at all?05:49
sepenhow to automate the use of certain -c collections for each repository05:50
sepenactually there isn't any document in where repodeps are explained05:50
sepenI also known that Per originally didn't want deps, as it said cptn here05:51
sepen /it/d05:51
jueyep, that's correct, but you are using it in the right way, IMO05:52
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sepenI think we need a document containing these kind of comments05:53
sepenjue, well which tool is generating the official prtverify.log, crontab lines?05:56
juesorry, dunno05:58
sepenIm interesting also in checkurls script05:59
sependidn't found in git repos05:59
jueah, seems to be a small shell script05:59
sepenIll comment this to tilman too06:00
jueask sip for such stuff, he is the server chief06:00
sepen@seen sip06:27
clbsepen: sip was last seen in #crux-devel 6 weeks, 1 day, 14 hours, 37 minutes, and 53 seconds ago: <sip> bye!06:27
sepenIm very satisfied with sip work too, he's maintaining ucrux2.1 ports yet, pretty nice for some older machines06:29
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thalliumwine .md5sum is broken16:51
aonwell let's fix it, then16:51
aontry now16:52
thalliumstill nothing16:55
thalliumprt-get: updating /usr/ports/opt/wine16:56
thallium=======> ERROR: Md5sum mismatch found:16:56
thalliumMISSING   bf1a0b5db2c30287507e21d5c286453e  wine-0.9.57.diff16:56
thallium=======> ERROR: Building '/usr/build/pkg/wine#0.9.57-1.pkg.tar.gz' failed.16:56
aon23:52 < cruxbot> [opt] wine: updated md5sum16:56
aonthat's all that i can do16:57
tilmanthe rsync export takes a while to update though16:57
tilmanup to 5 minutes or something16:57
thalliumok :)) now working :) thanks :)16:57
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