IRC Logs for #crux-devel Wednesday, 2008-03-19

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juetilman: thanks for testing gcc, did you made any changes to the port?13:55
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tilmanjue: nope, i didn't. the old patches still applied13:57
jueupdate is ok for me than13:59
Romstergcc 4.2.3 or 4.3.0 ?13:59
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jueof course, running it here for several weeks, no problem14:00
tilmanah, that's good to hear14:01
juetilman: I wrote that to you in my gcc mail ?! ;-)14:04
tilmanoh, of course.14:05
Romsterso if i read corectly this is the first ever tool chain upgrade ever on crux without a new cd?14:18
jueno, Per did similar updates to gcc as well14:18
Romsterjue, does more than one make jobs break gcc still?14:18
Romsteroh ok i never noticed.14:19
jueyes, at least 4.2.2 did14:19
Romsterwhich is why i'm asking if 4.2.3 doesn't break or it still breaks.14:21
juethe -j1 option is applied only to "make install", so why bother ?14:24
Romsterah k so it's ok to build no tthe install part.. i should of looked.14:25
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