IRC Logs for #crux-devel Wednesday, 2008-04-09

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sepenhi recently sent a message to, can someone check if it sucessfuly recived or filter or something?, I don't have any notification from the smtp of crux.nu04:41
tilmani can check tonight04:42
sepenIm sure this mail passed across my smtp server and now is out04:48
tilmanwhen did you send it?04:50
sepenat around 9:15 of this morning04:51
sepenI thinking on mail to simone about this, also for notice him some opt/imagemagick issues with sources04:52
tilmanwhat's your sender email address?04:52
sepenbut I can use an alternative one04:52
tilmanit was handed to mailman at least04:53
sepento bounces?04:53
sepentilman, whats the meaning of MedHelp messages?
tilmanit's spam04:54
tilmanthey shouldn't get through in the future04:54
sepenhmm bounce processing...04:54
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