IRC Logs for #crux-devel Monday, 2008-04-21

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sepentilman, ping12:33
tilmansepen, pong12:34
sepenIm switching all xfce svn-based ports to tar.bz2, nice idea12:35
sepenbut, can be possible to have something like:
tilmanhow often are you going to update the snapshots?12:37
sepenatm, only xfburn need it12:37
sepentilman, on every big changeset of xfburn12:37
tilmanjust give me the urls to the tarballs and i'll put them there12:38
sepen#xfce-dev people told me that all svn commits are stable before commit then12:38
sepentilman, ok12:38
sepentilman, is fetchmail running for ML's at how many time I should wait to see my lastest msg to ML's?12:43
tilmanmake sure you send from the correct email address12:43
tilmanif it doesn't show up immediately, you probably used the wrong address again12:43
sepenis the second time I send my mail, the first one I was using a wrong direction12:44
tilmandon't have time to check right now12:45
sepennp, thanks at all12:45
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teKbtw for future use[tm] would be nice as there *could* be round robin DNS etc etc. :-)14:33
tilmanthat reminds me14:37 still points to jaeger's box, too14:37 would come in quite handy, too14:37
teKas I always type or port or port(s)db and the first guess ALWAYS is wrong14:38
tilmanthe problem is that we don't have direct access to the dns fu14:38
tilmanand contacting the mighty ones usually takes some time :|14:39
teKat least for round-robin that's bad14:39
tilmanactually, for round robin stuff you don't even need to touch the dns settings, do you?14:40
tilmansince you'll have a daemon running on that will determine to whom the request should be forwarded. no?14:41
teKI'd do round robin on the DNS Server14:41
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