IRC Logs for #crux-devel Tuesday, 2008-04-22

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sepentilman, still the are 67 unmaintained ports on contrib, imho its a bad thing that worsens contrib's reputation, I think they should be moved to attic, contrib-attic or deleted directly, how do you think about?13:41
tilmanjust kill them...13:42
sepenthe are some ports like contrib/vmware-server, contrib/vmware-workstation ...13:42
sepencouldn't be possible attic-contrib?13:43
sepenmy updated list http://h2o/crux/files/unmaintained_contrib.ports13:44
sepenohh sorry s/h2o/
tilmani don't see the point of an attic13:45
Romsteriirc tek said he may take the vmware ports13:46
Romsterthe rest can be nuked imo13:47
sepenIm not agree with killing all these ports, and I should ask others contributors before kill them13:47
Romsterthere been in contrib for ages if anyone wants them they would of claimed them by now.13:54
Romsterand if they really want them once there removed they can get them out of git anyways.13:55
Romstertilman, permission to nuke them remaining ports or should let sepen give a last call?13:55
Romsterhaving the word unmaintained in the maintainer line for so long should tell them it's wanting a new maintainer...13:56
tilmanwhen did i ever give any permissions whatsoever wrt contrib13:57
tilmanthe whole point is that you guys do what you feel13:57
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