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tilmanbtw, we really should fix the git->rsync area export script to not run every 5 minutes but after a commit was made08:04
aongo for it08:05
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cptnhow does it work now?08:08
cptndoes it do a fresh clone all the time08:08
tilmanevery 5 minutes08:11
tilmanto a real hdd08:11
tilman(poor thing)08:11
tilmani mean, as opposed to a tmpfs08:11
cptnyeah, it was already like this for svn08:12
cptnwas easier that to cope with commits during the sync phase08:12
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tilmancptn: doesn't git use some locking that would prevent problems in that area? :)09:32
cptnwould that mean that if the hook is updating and another commit is made, the later one isn't exported via rsync until the next commit?09:34
tilmanuntil commit 1 hasn't ended, no other commits are allowed i think09:35
tilmanand post-update is part of the commit process i believe09:35
cptnyou could keep the 5 min cronjob, but only reexport if there was a change in the repo09:36
tilmanyes, i thought about that, too09:36
aonyeah, so that if there's a week without commits the rsync will still get it09:36
tilmancptn: but export-right-away sounds cool, too, no? :)09:36
aon-> less claims about being dead09:36
cptntilman: it does :-)09:36
aoni mean, have both09:36
cptnyou could also do the following:09:37
cptnfrom the post-commit hook, start an update script that forks off09:37
cptnand creates a lock file09:37
cptnif the update script is started and detects a lock file, it'll add another file stating that there's another update needed09:37
cptnso the original update script can check for that in the very and and run again09:38
cptnit's not very pretty though09:38
tilmanthe weird thing is that we're sometimes ending up with no directory in the rsync area09:39
tilmanie 'no such file or directory' on ports -u09:39
tilmanthe script exports to a temporary directory though09:40
tilmanmv real_thing real_thingold09:40
tilmanmv new_thing real_thing09:40
tilmanrm -r real_thingold09:40
tilmanthe window in which things can go wrong is pretty damn small :P09:40
tilmani'll switch to a post-update hook now09:41
tilmani don't like the current script anyway09:41
tilmani don't have write permissions on git-to-rsnc-foo/crux-master09:54
tilmancptn: changing the directory layout to repo_name/branch_name fixes that10:13
tilmanbecause the repo_name directory can then be owned by whoever has write access to the repo10:14
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tilmanaon: care to bring the cdrutils -> cdrkit thing up on crux-devel?11:28
tilmani think we should make the move soon, so we can give it some testing before the next release :D11:28
aonyeah, soonish i could11:29
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