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j^2aon: what's the count down to ;)?08:42
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aonj^2: 6013:47
aonnext three weeks in forest :S13:47
aoni don't even remember when the last time was13:47
aonprobably december13:47
aoni'm rathr fed up with it already :)13:57
j^2i cant imagine13:57
j^2can i mean13:57
aondoes u.s. military slang have some word for the phenomenon where serving too much time and having too little to do causes unsoldierlike behaviour?13:58
j^2heh, probably13:59
j^2<-- dont know much military types14:00
teK"expected phenomenon" -.-14:00
aon9 months would have been enough, now it's just like being to work but getting paid for only one hour per day and having assholes as coworkers14:02
aon  gotta star doing shorter days, today i was shouted at for leaving too near 16:00 when it's supposed to end14:05
aonthat and the camps is why i don't like it that much at the moment14:06
j^2an hour?14:07
aonyes, well actually a bit less :)14:07
j^2i get paid for 8 hours but work like 12-16 per day14:07
aonah, bedtime 7 min ago14:07
treachgo to bed, or go to jail. :P14:10
aonsomething like that14:12
aoni could claim that i came here today instead of yesterday if someone asks14:12
aonthen it's 00:30 :)14:12
treachheh, just hope they don't ask with the checkpoint. ;)14:13
aonprobably not14:13
tilmanomg, #crux-devel activity14:16
aonoff-topic, though14:16
* j^2 runs for the hills14:16
cptntalking about OT: I wonder what happened to Galisus...14:17
treachshut up, "speak of the devil" etc. :P14:21
treachI'm more interested in what happened to Hannes Mayer, his site for 64 bit Crux has said There will be no "crux86_64 2.4 ISO release in the next days" since early january iirc. :P14:22
aoniirc we were discussing that just a few days ago14:23
treachoh, interesting.14:23
j^2i'm running 2.4 x86 on a 64 bit a fileserver yay me14:25
teKRAM is cheap those days, so 64 bit would be nice14:26
treachyeah. and i686 is beginning to feel really old.14:32
teKi don't care14:33
teKPAE is teh sux0r14:33
teKi _think_14:33
treachyep :)14:33
treachEMS once again. :p14:33
teKI will have to google that14:33
teKwhat's this?14:34
treachback from the DOS days.14:34
treachworked pretty similarly to PAE iirc.14:34
teKhighmem? :>14:34
treachnot quite14:35
teKthos f*cking GNU nazis and their long options "unknown option -h, use --help to get help" FUCK you14:36
treach :>14:36
j^2teK: what util?14:37
teKj^2: this time it was the other way 'round. ssh-keygen doesn't know --help (but generates just a key pair) but -h ...14:37
teKDid I mention that I LOVE this statement: The  full documentation for uname is maintained as a Texinfo manual.  If the info and uname programs are properly installed at your site14:38
teKgo fuck yourself, 2nd time, too.14:38
teKIt's awful and I feel this comes from the GNUish naziism...14:38
tilmansto pthis retarded "nazi" crap please14:48
* sepen off-topic14:48
teKsame problem.14:51
treach"Easier upstream to work with"15:15
treachO'RLY? :D15:16
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Romsteryeah what is this "Easier upstream to work with"20:27
Romsteri've never had any issues there.20:27
Romsterbut i guess the license is the biggest thing.20:27
RomsterteK, yeah some programs only use the long or short option method and some don't have a help option.20:29

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