IRC Logs for #crux-devel Tuesday, 2008-05-06

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tilmanRomster: schilling is a linux-flaming solaris fanboy01:02
tilmanthat might give you an overview ;)01:03
tilmanread the debian bug, too01:16
teKwhat's the deal with CRUX and Schilling?01:20
cptnor any Schilling posting on LKLM01:20
cptnerr, LKML01:20
tilmanteK: we (i think?) would like to switch to cdrkit/wodim01:21
teKhe hung out in #grml recently as mika from the grml teams seems to plan to take the same step01:22
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tilmanthat bug report is very cool01:23
tilmani think i only skimmed it last time around01:23
tilmaneventually the start speaking german ;>01:24
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* aon hopes that schilling will flame us too for added amusement01:26
cptnteK: what's his nickname?01:26
teK(I do hope #grml is on freenode *g*)01:27
teKit should be.01:27
tilman> Deciding that is not my beer.01:27
cptnat least there's a __schily_ on this server01:27
cptnor rather network01:28
j^2more crux-devel activity!01:28
tilman> I01:29
tilman> have been threatened by Joerg Schilling who claims that I would defame him by01:29
cptnyeah, aon might be next01:29
cptnmaybe he was just collecting evidence in #grml?01:30
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aonwho cares :)03:10
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