IRC Logs for #crux-devel Friday, 2008-05-09

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aonoh my13:35
aonnew cvs :)13:35
aonnow this is something that doesn't happen everyday13:35
aonalso, new wine, but that's uninteresting13:36
aoni wonder if there's a reason for removing rcs2log in cvs13:50
sepenno idea, the only I use is 'svn2cl' that makes me a nice Changelog13:52
aonwell that was completely irrelevant :)13:55
aonwell, it's in both of the emacses so doubt i'll really need it13:56
aonmight as well not include it13:57
aonwow, and wine 1.0-rc13:57
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treach"With lots of bugfixes" :P14:29
aonprobably :)14:29
aonwell, yeah14:30
aonWhat's new in this release (see below for details): - Bug fixes only, we are in code freeze.14:30
treachnot lots this time though. :P14:30
treachwhat a dissapointment. :D14:30
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sepenaon,  nice wine sounds really clean17:40
sepenbut can you take a look of emacs junk files?
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Romsterwoot wine 1.0-rc122:31
Romsterthey are having to branches now.22:31
Romsterwine 1 and a unstable branch and they'll back port between the branches when something gets altered.22:32
Romsterdidn't think they be doing this this soon.22:32

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