IRC Logs for #crux-devel Saturday, 2008-05-10

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tilmanRomster: wine 1.0 is due in early june iirc01:31
Romsteri'm in the #wine channel they are doing a code freeze for wine 1.001:33
Romsterbut they will still do a new branch and keep adding new features.01:33
aonsepen: no01:46
aoni mean, that's something i have to do when i have more time01:46
aonit's a bit more complicated than just removing everything prtverify thinks is junk01:46
tilmancptn: haha, only saw your mail now02:30
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sepenaon, yeah I suppose04:13
sepenbut there are some files that could be removed imho (/usr/lib/xemacs/xemacs-packages/etc/riece/NEWS.ja)04:13
sepenspecially in opt/xemacs-sumo04:14
treachisn't the point with "sumo" that it should be bloated? :>04:36
aonsepen: yes, i do know there are files that can be removed06:08
aonwhich was kind of the point06:09
sepenjust its only my point of view06:49
sepenaon, I've some problems with a particular nick in crux-es06:50
sepencould you take an 'op' action in #crux as I done i #crux-es for this nick?06:50
sepenautorem  #crux-es add jordin06:51
sepentilman, this person attacks me personally06:51
sepenIm trying to help he the lastest night06:51
aonsepen: _what_?06:52
sepena little problem with one person06:52
aonin #crux-es? that's none of my business06:52
tilmanyou want us to ban him from #crux?06:52
sepenyes for future06:53
aonuh, no06:53
sepenbut isn't my decission06:53
aonlet's wait for him to come there first06:53
sepenok I understand06:53
tilmanhe's not even there06:53
sepenthanks at all06:53
aonsepen: about emacs, i share your point of view, but again, removing junk from it is not as simple as nuking everything prtverify suggests06:54
sepenhmm yeah06:54
aonsince it actually uses that junk06:54
sepenxfce uses some junk files too06:54
sepenok I understand it06:54
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* tilman made a pkgutils6 commit08:11
aoni'm thinking of whether i should start working on popcon08:21
aonat the moment i'm drinking beer and watching videos, so it's not progressing that well08:22
tilmanwe should of popcon08:22
tilman(yes, i know it didn't work very well here)08:22
aoni actually had a hard time understanding that08:22
aonbut yeah08:22
aoni wonder what should be used as the db08:23
aonthe first version had sqlite iirc08:23
* aon prt-get depinsts apache08:24 has mysql08:25
aonprobably that, then08:25
tilmansqlite should be okay, too, if you prefer that08:32
aonwell i don't know08:32
aonwonder if mysql would be better suited08:32
aonas the db could grow a bit08:32
aonin case someone actually decides to use it08:32
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Romstermake it modular so it can use either sql back end.08:50
aonwell, it's not that much about modularity08:53
treachmmh, I wonder at what table size sqlite becomes unwieldy.08:53
treachI read that suse uses it as backend for their package management, but they had to split things up in more tables because it got too slow.08:54
aonyeah, that seems dirty08:54
Romsterthat's when you'd jump to something more powerful.08:56
treachor design your tables in a better way08:56
treachwhich apparently made wonders in this instance. :>08:56
Romsterbut interesting point. wonder if anyone has done benchmarks on how big a table can be verses speed.08:56
Romsteror that too.08:57
treachI don't think really sqlite compares to a more "normal" db.08:58
treachin that regard that is.08:58
treachlike, totally different design objectives.08:59
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Romstermeant to be small that's the whole point.09:16
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