IRC Logs for #crux-devel Wednesday, 2008-05-14

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j^2man, it seems i just surf the web at work all day now-a-days11:26
j^2it's getting annoying/boring11:26
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cptntilman: did you perform a speed analysis of libtre BTW?14:02
cptnjust going through the open bugs...14:03
tilmannot yet14:03
tilmanimo libtre should remain open14:03
tilmani'll probabyl evaluate it again when pkgutils6 progresses14:04
Romsteri looked at that earlier, tried to understand it and only did a little.14:14
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cptntilman: any reservation to closing
cptnthat's " FS#215 - stable vs current branch"14:27
tilmanclose away :)14:27
Romsteryeah i agree current = stable.14:34
Romsterwe arn't trying to make more work for everyone having a stable and testing branch would be too much effort.14:35
teKthen we could start patching openssl ourselves, too *scnr*14:43
Romsteryeah removing the random seed generator sounds like a very good idea, don't you think?14:52
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cptntilman: I was wondering whether there could be something like a "contrib secretary"16:47
cptnto announce new members for example16:47
cptnthey're in charge of recruiting after all :-)16:48
tilmanthat guy would also be the crux-devel liaison, right?16:48
tilmaneg it would be his job to request accounts etc16:48
tilmansounds good to me16:49
tilmanreally good :]16:49
cptnless work for you -> good16:50
cptnright? ;-)16:50
cptnI'll send a mail to crux-contrib tomorrow17:02
cptnI guess it's a bad time to send something to right now :-)17:03
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Romsteri'd offer to take that position and kick some contrib members to fixing some issues with there ports.22:06

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