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sepen@seen _Viper05:10
clbsepen: I have not seen _Viper.05:10
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tilmanSubject: Using Git for Linux distro07:17
tilmansome guy is asking how you use git for a distro07:17
Romsterthat's silly.07:20
tilmancare to elaborate?07:21
Romstertilman, where on earth would i find Xephyr it says it's in xserver but i can not find it. played with Xnest and i found on the Xephyr site that it is better than Xnest but i can't seem to find it.07:22
* Romster shrugs07:22
Romsteri don't even know the full question.07:22
tilmanbut you find it silly anyway07:22
tilman--enable-xephyr in xorg-server07:23
Romsterwhy didn't i look though the configure script... how stupid of me.07:24
tilmanit should be built automatically... maybe we're missing some dep07:24
Romsteromg that configure --help is huge.07:25
tilmanah, it depends on kdrive07:26
tilmanhaving xephyr in the default build would be good07:26
tilmanit's inifinitely better than xnest07:26
tilmanbut i don't have time for this :D07:26
Romsterk i'll do some diging.07:28
Romsterah yeah i was looking at --enable-kdrive07:28
Romsteri'll build and test.07:29
Romsteri've messed with xinit and Xnest and had luck as soon as i say -depth 16 to Xnest it wants IPv6.07:29
Romsterno idea on that.07:29
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aonj^2: 4410:19
aoni'm in a two-week exercise in lapland10:19
aontell that to whoever has highlighted me10:20
teK't was me :010:21
j^2aon: lapland? is that a strip club? :P10:21
aonhaha :D10:22
aonyes, yes it is10:22
j^2_nice_ ;)10:22
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