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cptnteK: the worst is probably over :-)15:19
teKso? cptn?15:20
teK22:20 < Rotwang> i have nothing against black people15:21
teK22:20 < mernil> i dont have any problems with blacks fyi!15:21
teKswitched from a course in politics and politeness to racism? :>15:21
cptnwell, I'm not involved there15:21
cptnI'll bring up programming languages soon15:22
cptnor maybe window managers15:22
teKit worked! HEUREKA15:24
cptnwhat did I do!15:25
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nipuLwhy does all the fun happen when i'm asleep17:46
aonabout xpdf & poppler, do you think the conflict should be solved?17:47
nipuLthere's a conflict?17:47
aonthe pdfto* stuff17:47
nipuLwhere's the bug report then?17:47
aoni think17:48
aoni personally don't care about it17:48
aonsince people with xpdf probably don't have poppler17:49
aonand people who use stuff that uses poppler won't probably want xpdf17:49
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aondoubt it makes much sense to add it into the readmes either, as nobody reads those17:50
nipuLthey couldd probably be removed as they're not essential to the use of either program17:50
nipuLpossibly moved to a new port17:51
aonbut nice to have somewhere otherwise17:51
aonyeah, could be17:51
nipuLpdftools-xpdf and pdftools-poppler17:51
aoni wonder if they're standalone tools17:52
nipuLthere's one way to find out17:52
aonwell, yeah17:53
nipuLworking fine for me18:00
aonyeah, perhaps it's better to make it out of poppler18:01
nipuLthat would of course have a dependency on poppler18:04
aonare you sure?18:05
aonthe tools depend on the lib?18:05
nipuL> ldd /usr/bin/pdftops =>  (0x00007fff93fff000)18:05
nipuL => /usr/lib/ (0x00007fdf8b80d000)18:05
aoni see18:05
nipuLof course it does, how else would the tool read the pdf?18:05
aonwith xpdf it doesn't do that18:05
aonhow big is your pdftops?18:06
aonright, mine's 978k :)18:06
nipuLmaybe move a poppler based pdf viewer into opt?18:07
aoni think i'll just remove them from xpdf18:07
aonsince well18:07
nipuLlike epdfview, or that one tilman is writing, if it ever gets finished18:07
aonpoppler isn't that dependency-heavy either18:07
aonepdfview could be good18:09
nipuLah, it's already in opt18:10
aoni'll try it and drop xpdf if it's sufficiently good18:11
nipuLyou could just dump it in contrib18:11
aonseems a bit pointless18:14
aondoesn't help at removing the complaints about conflicts either18:14
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