IRC Logs for #crux-devel Tuesday, 2008-06-03

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tilmansomeone should hack epdfview to use the cairo backend of poppler instead of the glib backend01:17
tilmanand generally remove the suckage01:17
cptnheh, reminds me of that Dream Theater studio footage01:20
cptnwhere they had a separate track on the mixer desk labelled "suck"01:20
cptnwhich was of course on 001:21
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aonepdfview seems to suck indeed06:37
aonit doesn't have any keyboard control06:37
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nipuLheh, well you could always use evince ;P08:06
nipuLis the meeting tuesday or wednesday, as it's tuesday night here08:07
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aoni doubt it would be much more usable09:59
aonso can't remove xpdf just yeat as everything else is hideous09:59
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tilmanaon: epdfview has pgup/pgdown :)11:46
aonreaching for those breaks my wrists11:49
aonhow hard can it be to have n and p11:50
aonor (*gosh*) space?11:50
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tilmanaon: heh12:47
tilmanaon: remind me to add vi keybindings to raktpdf12:48
tilmanwhen i'll get to it in 2009 ;)12:48
aongood idea13:39
aondoesn't make much sense to cripple apps just because good behaviour is old13:40
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nipuLnot everyone uses vi ;)22:27
nipuLbetter include emacs bindins too then22:27
nipuLalthough emacs probably has it's own built in pdf renderer22:28
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