IRC Logs for #crux-devel Friday, 2008-06-13

tilmanjesus fucking christ02:22
tilmantilman@trillian [~] > dig -x|grep -i mail.crux.nu02:22 3600
tilmantilman@trillian [~] >02:22
tilmantilman@trillian [~] > dig mail.crux.nu02:22
tilmannada /02:22
tilmanmy bounce score is 1.0/5.0 again ;p02:24
cptnthat's what I get02:24
tilmancptn: yes. note the missing answer section02:24
cptnah, indeed02:24
cptnwe need a swedish developer02:25
cptnaon: would you like to relocate?02:25
tilmanyou mean someone who can call charlie?02:25
cptnaon: I heard Kalmer is nice02:25
cptntilman: yeah, or visit them in person02:26
tilmanalso, dhcpcd put an empty "search" clause in my /etc/resolv.conf02:26
tilmanwhich is pretty LAME02:26
tilman"dig: cannot parse /etc/resolv.conf"02:27
tilmanlinux fails02:27
cptntilman: you sent an email to charlie regarding, right?02:27
tilmani forget what the previous problem was02:28
tilmanbut i think this is a new one :D02:28
tilmanremoving the reverse DNS entry for should solve this02:28
tilmanwe don't use the mail subdomain anyway!02:28
tilmani guess charlie removed the CNAME entry for mail, but forgot to remove the reverse entry as well02:28
tilman"Can you add a reverse DNS entry for that points at please?"02:30
tilmanthat's what we did the last time, and that was correct :)02:30
tilmancptn: could you take care of this please?02:30
cptnI can try02:30
tilmani'll shoot him an email02:31
cptnwe should definitively get him on the infra list02:33
cptnthen we could do such things there02:33
tilmani'll cc infra-team02:33
cptnand I'll make sure aon moves to Kalmar right after his military service02:34
cptncalling the finnish embassy now02:34
tilmandid you receive my mail to infra-team?02:37
tilmanor does it silently discard mails from non-subscribers?02:37
cptnnot yet02:37
cptnit should send you a warning02:38
tilmanwhich i don't receive because of the reverse dns problem02:38
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tilmanhuh.02:42 successfully delivered the welcome message to me02:42
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