IRC Logs for #crux-devel Tuesday, 2008-06-17

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pitillois there info about the meeting? are there plans to make one or it was finally rejected? or the thread was to make a little list with people's time to organize the next meeting?01:38
cptn"the meeting" being?02:05
cptnmorning btw :-)02:05
cptnthe casual meetings will start soonish I guess02:05
cptnprobably after the soccer championship ;-)02:05
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pitillogood to know cptn, thank you :)02:05
cptnno problem02:06
cptnthat said, now that Switzerland is out the EM is basically over ;-)02:06
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cptneuropean championship02:21
cptn"Europameisterschaft" = EM in german02:22
cptnsorry :-)02:22
pitilloI thought it was related to that, but I didn't know the meaning... :)02:24
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tilmanwe need to have a cruxcon this year15:19
tilmanmanuel wanted to plan something in spain15:20
cptnsip mentioned that his employed could offer rooms15:20
cptnerr, employer15:20
cptnthat was a while ago though15:20
predatorfreaktilman: Someday, if CRUXCon's continue, I should show up in a troll suit.15:21
predatorfreakJust for fun.15:22
tilmani guess it's likely that they'll take place in europe15:22
tilmanso you'd be wasting mucho $$$15:23
predatorfreakOh well.15:23
predatorfreakI plan on getting the fuck out of the U.S.15:23
predatorfreakSo, I can go to CRUXCon as a troll AND leave the U.S. all at once.15:23
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