IRC Logs for #crux-devel Wednesday, 2008-06-18

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cptnmmmh, the "notify" hook still doesn't work01:30
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nipuLthere's been bickering?06:51
mike_knipuL: that's a single word I had to search a translation for to understand the reasons...06:55
mike_klog has more on that topic06:55
nipuLwth, that's quite the tantrum07:05
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tilmancptn: notify? hook? did you set up the 64.git repos?09:54
tilmanor do you mean [notify]?09:55
tilmanwhat's the main argument against using a multilib system?10:00
nipuLalso, apparently you're not leet if you run multilib10:03
tilmana multilib system shouldn't be more work than a pure one, or am i mistaken?10:03
nipuLwell there is more work as there is a second set of libraries that need to be maintained10:04
tilmanmmh, true10:04
tilmani only thought you'd need two's10:05
nipuLalthough i do little work these days to keep things running smoothly10:05
nipuLnah you need all the shared libraries to be built in 32bit10:08
cptntilman: "[notify]"10:08
tilmannipuL: *facepalm* of course ;p10:09
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tilmannipuL: though nothing is set in stone yet... we'd just like to get started and playing around :)10:45
nipuLin terms of a pure64 vs multilib repo the only real difference is that gcc is going to require a 32 bit build of glibc10:48
nipuLthere's not going to much difference if any for the rest of the ports10:48
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