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j^2hey all08:44
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nipuLi have a non multiarch branch of core for multilib, it only has ports that require changes
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nipuLwell it's on its way to having multiarch crap removed09:08
nipuLi should have known to stay quiet when he said "elite"09:12
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cptnhe being?09:33
cptnah, nevermind :-)09:33
sepen-> subversion 1.5.0 released09:52
sepenThe first new feature release of Subversion in almost 2 years ....09:53
cptnyeah, and they have finally merge tracking10:00
sepenwell, I still using svnmerge10:04
sepenno idea if its integrated now10:04
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tilmanwho would like to maintain firefox?10:59
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cptntilman: any idea whether a 64-bit firefox can use 32-bit flash?11:29
cptnI guess nipuL's asleep, right?11:29
tilmanprobably. and i have no idea on the flash thing11:32
pedjacptn: something like, maybe?11:51
cptnpedja: looks good, thanks11:52
cptnI've read about nspluginwrapper before, but never knew it was addressing 32-/64-bit issues11:52
cptnI guess if we go pure 64-bit, users will ask for these things (Acroread, flash etc) frequently, right?11:53
pedjaff-3.0 package is 1.1Mb when built against external :)11:55
pedjai never understood what  are real advantages of using 64bit system, apart from coolness factor :)11:56
cptnyou can address more ram for one11:56
tilmanstuff might run faster because the x86_64 abi is cooler than x86 abi ;)11:57
cptnmore practical arguments include the fact that Athlon64's have more registers when used in 64-bit11:57
cptnwhich occasionally makes apps faster11:57
tilman(up to 6 function arguments are passed in registers)11:57
pedjamy m/b can't take more than 4Gb of ram, and I use Intel Pro Duo(2160), which *should* be 64bit.vmware ws would be more than happy with that extra ram, though ;)11:59
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