IRC Logs for #crux-devel Saturday, 2008-06-21

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tilmannipuL: they differ from the plain 32 bit ports by an additional comment/header in the 'best' case04:45
tilmannipuL: i can add the repos i added to gitweb later[tm]04:45
nipuLno i meant my multilib ones05:57
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tilmani just updated our flyspray installation10:14
tilmanyell at me if you notice anything weird10:15
tilmanand it just broke10:20
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tilmanSet directory for built packages.13:11
tilmandoes that sound a bit strange to anyone else?13:11
cptn"Place where built packages are placed" maybe?13:12
tilmanplace.. placed? no13:12
tilmanDirectory.. placed13:12
tilman"Directory where [...]" or "_The_ directory where [...]"?13:14
tilmani'm not sure when to use the article :)13:14
treach"set directory for packages"/"set directory for compiled packages" I'd guess "the" directory is optional in these cases13:26
tilmanthat one sounds good13:28
treachno problem. I hope it's as correct as it is good sounding. :>13:30
tilmanDefault: current directory of Pkgfile.13:40
tilmanplease reword that as well13:40
tilmanPkgfiles aren't magically moving, so "current" is misleading imo13:41
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tilmantreach: ^^^^? LD14:31
tilman:D even14:31
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treachtilman: not sure what you're refering to.16:28
tilmantreach: nvm, i think i got it quite okay16:29
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