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nipuLwho killed FS?01:17
nipuLlooks like mysqld is down01:17
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aonnipuL: tilman did03:09
cptnI started mysqld again03:59
cptnnot sure what the problem is though03:59
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cptncrashed already04:03
cptntilman: I'll update mysqld now04:13
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cptnokay, we're back (flyspray)04:41
cptnlet's see whether it works better now04:42
* tilman crosses fingers04:42
tilmani'll have to ask sip where the old flyspray header came from04:43
tilmanthe old one had the main links below the image04:43
tilmanbut it wasn't in the 'crux' theme, so i'm lost ;)04:43
cptnI've also made a backup tar of today's mysql04:43
cptn# ls -l fs.sql.bz204:43
cptn-rw-r--r-- 1 root root 57682 Nov 14  2006 fs.sql.b04:43
predatorfreakmm, seems I forgot that I maintained nss too04:43
predatorfreakSent an e-mail about it to the ML so someone else can "enjoy" packaging that bastar04:44
tilmancptn: did you write that mutt macro yet? :D04:45
cptnheh, I'm still waiting for the post commit hook sending out the hashes ;-)04:46
tilmanbrb, new evdev04:46
tilmanhey hey hey04:48
tilmannew git fixed the stupid 'git diff' behaviour that was introduced late in 1.5.504:48
tilmanfs is/mysqld is still up \o/04:51
cptnthe bug reports I found pointed in that direction, i.e. that newer versions fixed it04:51
tilmanthe mysqld crash?04:52
tilmanit's a bit strange that it started to crash after the fs update04:52
tilmanFS sent me an email with nipul's comment on #30405:31
tilmanbut it doesn't show up in FS itself05:31
tilmani added another comment, and mine does show up05:35
tilmannipuL: ping?05:36
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nipuLtilman: pong!06:41
tilmandid you do anything funny to your comment?06:43
nipuLif you find deleting it amusing, then yes06:45
tilmani was afraid that flyspray was acting up in weird ways06:45
nipuLturned out to be a local caching issue06:46
tilmani'll close 304 then06:46
tilmani think we need a crux-bugs mailing list06:52
tilmani want zsh tab completion for 'prt-get remove ..." :)06:52
tilmanwhere are my minions? ;)06:52
tilmancptn: doesn't crux-commits everything we need wrt keeping ports trees for different architectures in sync?07:31
tilman*provide* everything07:31
cptntilman: probably, yes07:45
cptnexcept that you get every mail07:45
cptnnot just those ports that you're interested in07:45
cptnshould be fine for now though07:45
tilmannew files aren't included probably07:46
mwansahmm with epiphany i was getting the error08:51
mwansa This program needs a gtk 2 gecko build08:51
mwansachanged the line in pkgfile to --with-gecko=firefox08:52
mwansaand seems to build fine now08:52
mwansamaybe someone wants to alert jaeger about that one08:52
tilmanfeel free to do that :)09:06
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nipuLare all the xorg-* names really necessary?09:26
nipuLunless there are known conflicts, it seems like overkill to me09:26
tilmani thought it was a good idea to group them09:27
nipuLseems to me they've been grouped twice09:27
tilmanyes, but the ports repo name gets lost on installation -- i mean it's not recorded in /var/lib/pkg/db09:28
nipuLso you do a prt-get info... "aah it's in ports/xorg, must be an xorg port"09:30
nipuLbut don't mind me, i'm just bitching because i'm doing compat32 xorg ports09:31
nipuLport names get stupidly long09:31
nipuLplus crux is aimed at experts, do we really need to be reminded everytime that a port belongs in xorg?09:33
tilmanin the case of the xorg-rgb port it's pretty nice imo :D09:34
tilman'rgb' is a terrible package name09:34
nipuLahh, the exception that proves the rule ;)09:35
tilmani think i used the xorg- prefix for packages that are part of the project09:36
tilmanthat's why xorg/mesa3d doesn't have it09:36
nipuLi suppose that's an ok reason09:36
tilmanxorg-util-macros is another example imo09:38
tilmannipuL: do you need to write a compat32 counterpiece for _every_ port?09:39
nipuLi have 69 compat32 ports across core,opt,xorg and contrib09:45
tilmanwhen is a compat32 port needed hen?09:45
nipuLmostly providing shared library support to a 32 bit binary09:45
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tilmanfor the record, i have populated opt-x86_64 somewhat13:27
tilmancore is still empty though13:27
mike_ktilman: is it intentional that they are not visible in project list on the gitweb? handcrafting url reveals them =)13:42
tilmanah, i forgot to add them to gitweb13:43
tilmanhango n13:43
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treachyay, eclipse running on x86_64. :)16:48
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nipuLstupid soft dependencies22:47
nipuLlibxslt automatically detects libgcrypt, when I build a compat32 version it tries to use the 64 bit libraries because it's installed22:55
nipuLdo i, a) add libgcrypt-compat32 as a dependency (bad because the native libxslt doesn't)22:56
nipuLor, b) detect the presence of libgcrypt and fail the build if libgcrypt-compat32 isn't installed (also bad, package detection in build)22:57
nipuLor, c) disable libgcrypt23:00

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