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nipuLsweet, got flash working again07:37
nipuLnow with sound07:42
nipuLmy multilib and compat32 branches are up git://
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juehello tilman10:01
tilmanjue, cptn: we should give nipul feedback about 20080622234947.00f6b10e@akira.digitilocal10:07
cptnis that the .arch thing?10:08
tilmanthe question is: do we believe we can come up with a better .arch thing?10:08
tilmani think not :p10:08
cptnwell, "arch=" is the alternative10:09
cptnin Pkgfile10:09
tilmanyes, but i think i like .arch better10:10
juesorry what's 20080622234947.00f6b10e@akira.digitilocal ?10:10
tilmanSubject: [crux-devel] Specifying architecture in port10:11
cptna mail message id :-)10:11
tilmanon crux-devel10:11
cptntilman is a geek10:11
cptnI'd say let's go for .arch10:12
cptnand see how it feels10:12
cptngoing home, bbl10:13
juepuh, no opinion yet10:13
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cptnthe nice thing about arch= is that there are no changes needed to pkgmk10:57
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cptntilman: if we had a arch= file, compat32 could be optional11:13
cptnusers can choose to use plain 64-bit crux11:13
cptnor get the compat ports and change pkgmk.conf11:13
Rotwangi thought arch variable wasnt good idea ;]11:13
tilman+ shadowed ports for glibc/gcc/binutils11:13
cptnshadowed meaning?11:14
tilmanx86_64/glibc is pure 64bit11:14
tilmanwe could have a compat32/glibc port11:14
tilmanresp, compat32/* ;)11:14
cptnbut couldn't we make glibc multilib anyway?11:14
cptnand gcc11:14
cptnRotwang: quote?11:15
tilmaneven on a pure64 environment?11:15
cptnis there a drawback11:15
Rotwangcptn: never mind11:15
tilmanmaybe. though it's somewhat lame to have compat32 you don't even use11:15
tilmancptn: i mean, it's a bit lame to have /lib/ (or whatever it's called) if you never use it11:16
cptnI just mean compat32 is a hack in some ways11:17
cptnit's probably required for a good while if you want flash et al.11:17
cptnbut it would still be nice to keep its impact low11:17
cptni.e. mike_k seemed to prefer a pure 64 bit system11:17
* Rotwang too11:18
tilmanbtw, should i ask rehabdoll to ask for an account to be an arch maintainer for x86_64?11:18
cptnyes, please :-)11:18
tilmani think i'll do the remaining nss/nspr/xulrunner/firefox crap work tomorrow11:19
cptnI have to run, bbl11:20
cptnactually, not yet11:24
cptnshould we do a dedicated 64-bit meeting next week?11:24
cptnto get things going?11:24
tilmandepends on whether 32bit stuff comes up i guess11:25
jueIMO the compat32 grap _must_ be fully optional11:25
cptnwell, I guess that's the main question, multilib or not11:25
tilmanjue: hehe11:25
tilmancptn: not sure i'm convinced of what's Right[tm]11:26
cptnit should be fully optional, yet easy to integrate11:26
cptnpersonally, I'd like to do a pure 64 test run11:26
cptnsince I'm more interested in multi arch in general11:26
tilmanthat's what i'm doing atm11:26
cptnnot 64-bit specifically11:26
cptnbut for a final crux64, offering no way to run 32-bit legacy apps may not work well11:26
cptnin the sense that the users may not really like it11:28
jueyeah, might be. So it's the challange to get it working optional.11:28
juedunno if this is possible at all11:30
cptnlet's ask nipuL11:30
cptnmaybe we can do it tomorrow morning our time11:30
cptnor on the ML11:30
cptnmaybe compat32 can be its own official subproject11:31
cptntilman: can you install a 32-bit glibc part later11:38
cptnon a pure 64 bit system?11:38
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tilmancptn: you mean only the compat32 bits?11:55
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nipuLlike i keep saying short of gcc/binutils/glibc there isn't going to be any difference to the x86_64 ports17:50
nipuLmultilib users will just need a few extra repos17:51
nipuLand of course a modified pkgmk.conf17:51
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nipuLFILTER="grep -v -f $PKGMK_ROOT/$PKGMK_NOSTRIP"20:41
nipuLhow to escape the path correctly?20:41
nipuLPKGMK_ROOT is /usr/src/crux/ports/new ports/...20:42
nipuLI get grep: /usr/src/crux/ports/new: No such file or directory20:42
nipuLi've tried \"...\" and '...'20:43
nipuLeven TMP="$PKGMK_ROOT..." FILTER="... $TMP"20:44
nipuLepic bash fail20:45
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