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cptnnipuL: still around?02:28
cptnnipuL: just to be sure, multilib glibc means that we build two libs, right?02:29
cptnso there's no performance penalty02:29
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nipuLmultilib's more to do with gcc03:01
nipuLbinutils, bin8603:02
nipuLthere's no performance hit having 32bit and 64bit libraries03:02
cptnbut these can then just generate code for both architectures03:02
nipuLa program will only use the ones it needs03:02
cptngood, thanks for confirming that03:03
nipuLyou could probably drop compat32 packages into a pure 64bit system and run 32bit apps without having to change anything03:05
nipuLyou just need to enable multilib in gcc if you want to be able to compile03:05
nipuLin both architectures03:05
cptnI can't see a problem building multilib gcc/glibc/binutils/bin8603:08
cptnI mean, it's some diskspace03:08
cptnbut allows you to just subscribe to the compat32 repos, and build ahead03:08
nipuLthe purists wont like it03:08
cptnI bet03:08
cptnbut it's just disk space03:08
cptnwe have a compat libstdc++ in core as well03:09
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nipuLglibc-compat32 would also be need to be added if core was multilib03:45
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cptnwould the "regular" glibc require no changes then?04:27
cptnor is that multilib glibc and compat32 glibc?04:27
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tilman<> (expanded from <>): unknown user: "cptn"10:15
tilmancptn: fail! your email alias is 'jw' ;p10:15
cptndid you change it already, or shall I10:18
tilmanno, please do it yourslf ;p10:18
cptnshould jaeger still be on that list?10:19
cptnnot that I mind, he might just not care all that much10:19
tilmanno, i meant oyoyoy10:19
tilmanhe shouldn't be there10:19
cptnokay, removed and changed10:20
cptnsorry for that :-)10:20
tilmannp ;)10:20
cptnoh, BTW:10:26
cptnI asked jaeger if he'd mind if we would announce his updateed ISOs10:27
cptnand he doesn't10:27
cptnthat might be another thing for the dev blog/newsletter10:27
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tilmancptn: can i just merge your patch for extract-only?10:57
tilmannobody replied to your final comment on teh bug :/10:57
cptnmine isn't complete I fear10:57
cptnbut I can prepare one10:57
cptnI think mine depends on jue's10:57
cptnor is it?10:58
cptnlooks complete :-)10:58
tilmani'll try it before pushing11:03
tilmancptn: #299? :p11:14
cptnI knew there was something11:16
cptnI'll do that right away11:16
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cptn5.16 uploaded11:26
cptnshall I do core?11:26
tilmanyou mean updating core/prt-get? sure11:27
cptn299 closed11:31
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caraca1So is this where i come to rant about prt-get?13:29
caraca1And why a Pkgfile based on xml would be better. :)13:32
caraca1You probly wndering why xml and what my rant is about13:33
caraca1It comes down to when your prt-get depinst gstreamer or what ever and half of the src packges servers time out when downloading.13:34
caraca1With an xml based Pkgfile would not only be easyer to work with but prt-get could query say the crux web server for available src location of a requested package.13:39
caraca1rant over i feel better lol :)13:39
tilmancaraca1: PKGMK_SOURCE_MIRRORS in /etc/pkgmk.conf13:40
tilmanis the best we have atm :D13:40
tilmanxml based pkgfile is not going to happen ;p13:40
tilmancaraca1: if sourceforge is your problem, see the faq on crux.nu13:41
caraca1sourceforge was what i was refering to13:42
caraca1Whats wrong with xml:-D13:44
caraca1Question i posted the awhile ago is there a better way to do this?13:46
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caraca1The network configuration section of the handbook seam over complicated to me.13:49
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tilmantreach: eh?14:09
tilmanoh heh14:38
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treachheresy. :)18:16
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