IRC Logs for #crux-devel Sunday, 2008-06-29

tilmanmaybe pkgmk should warn if .nostrip contains patterns that don't match anything in the footprint04:43
tilmanseems valgrind/.nostrip has been superfluous for ages04:43
tilmanrehabdoll: libgmp should live in core-x86_64.git since it's a gcc dep now. i'll move it eventually08:08
cptnwhere "move" is "force the current maintainer to give it away"08:12
rehabdollnow what did i do?08:30
rehabdollerror: unable to write sha1 filename ./objects/55/9aecc073b56389d9843cb1e0536fd045e6a63d: Permission denied08:30
cptndid you checkout via git://08:34
cptnor ssh?08:34
tilmanretarded permissions problem again08:34
tilmancptn: soooo, should we have core-ports-x86_64@?08:38
tilmancptn: that i can use as arch maintainer for core-x86_64/*?08:38
cptnsure, why not08:45
cptnI'm wondering whether there should be a overall core-ml08:45
tilmanokay, i've moved libgmp09:21
tilmanguess i should import the other ports that needed adjustments, too09:21
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tilmanrehabdoll: fyi, i'm importing the ports that you had to patch for gcc 4.3 from core to core-x86_6409:25
* rehabdoll is about to do a rm -rf public_html/crux/x86_64 \o/09:26
nipuLany thoughts on the specifying architecture thread?09:33
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tilman../../gcc-4.3.1/gcc/config/i386/ internal compiler error: Segmentation fault12:23
tilman4.3.1 cannot even compile itself o_O12:23
tilmantreach: did you try iommu=noagp? :p12:39
treachno, not yet. :)12:39
treachbut I did write it down on a post-it, so I'll try it when I get around to it.12:40
* tilman is installing ioquake3 to have a meaningful benchmark for DRI12:40
treachExcuses, excuses. ;D12:40
tilmangcc built at the 2nd attempt13:26
tilmanmemtest86 would take a week13:31
tilman(4 GB :x)13:31
treachyeah. :/13:32
treachprogress in action :>13:32
tilmanrehabdoll: i added all core ports found in your x86_64 repo to core-x86_64.git13:32
* treach longs back to the days when 4MB was plenty.13:32
treach(not really)13:32
tilman.o(XMS EMS memman)13:33
rehabdolltilman: you forgot unzip?13:35
rehabdolland traceroute13:35
rehabdollnot critical ports, but still :)13:36
tilmani added traceroute13:42
tilmanmaybe i forgot to push13:42
tilmanoh, and unzip... indeed13:43
tilmantreach: iommu=noagp doesn't help here13:43
tilmanrehabdoll: traceroute & unzip are in13:44
tilmanso, still relevant in your repo:13:44
tilmanamd64-essential-codecs, boost, gmplayer, virtualbox-bin13:45
tilmansomewhat afk for the massacre13:45
rehabdollboost and virtualbox are both in contrib. should mplayer still be built without gui ?14:39
tilmanrehabdoll: right, boost/virtualbox shouldn't be in opt-x86_6414:41
tilmani was just checking that i didn't miss anything else14:41
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rehabdollerror: unable to write sha1 filename ./objects/8a/12bad3aae2379ce5ffa7d710b71248e706cbe4: Permission denied D;15:53
tilmanyeah well fuck yourself16:02
tilmanjust kidding ;)16:02
treachdrowning your sorrows? :>16:03
tilmansudo: 3 incorrect password attempts16:04
tilmancptn: am i missing some magic flag to chown new stuff in opt-x86_64.git/ to group optx8664? :|16:05
tilmanrehabdoll: fixed16:05
tilmanfor now16:05
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