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cptnhey there02:43
cptntilman: sorry, was out last night02:44
pitillowhat do you think about making a reply (tilman) to the ML adding the link which was posted a few days ago only here about the agenda items?02:51
pitilloI think tilman added a little wiki section to this kind of talks and can be good to show it in the ML to see if others maintainers/users can add there some items which can be interesting for them02:51
pitillothen you can sort a meeting with the gaenda items posted there02:52
cptnsure, why not02:52
pitillothank you very much cptn (this is what I was looking with my lasts answers to the meeting thread)02:53
pitillowhen I readed the logs I was near to add a new item ... the DE discussion to take it near and to look for a good day to see if people who manage these repos can assist02:54
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nipuLare these informal meetings going to be regular?04:10
cptnyes, I was hoping we could do them weekly04:11
cptnnot that everyone has to show up every time, of course04:11
nipuLsame bat time, same bat channel?04:11
cptnerr, yes04:11
nipuLok, just so i know what morning i need to wake up early for04:11
cptnwe can also discuss the time, I don't mind getting up early once in a while04:12
cptnso you wouldn't have to all the time :-)04:12
sepencptn, 20-24 would be better imho04:13
cptnwell, namenlos can only 18-19:30 or something04:14
sepenhow many hours differs?04:16
cptnhe's in germany, so our time zone04:17
sepenmaybe alancio04:19
cptnI mean, it's okay by me to change the hours04:20
sepenoops nipuL is from australia04:20
cptnI just made a suggestion where everyone could somehow join, although it's clearly not optimal04:20
cptnand won't be, since we're quite distributed04:20
sepenI think its a wide range of hours04:21
cptnmaybe we can do some meta meeting in a month or two, discussing the meetings itself04:21
cptnand what to improve04:21
pitillomay be during the meeting we can take note about thing to improve them instead of spend time in a meeting about meetings (not sure if you find this way interesting)04:22
pitillosome way of learning while doing meetings04:23
nipuLnah, times are ok. if i don't feel like getting up i wont04:24
nipuLit's not that early, 6am localtime04:24
pitilloif there are strong point which must be discussed (about meetings) may be has more sense to spend time in a meeting to sort this kind of items, but for normal way to ride meetings, I think there is no need to make a meeting about meetings (for me sounds like rolling the roll)04:24
pitillo(mixing singular and plural in those sentences, sorry)04:25
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tilmancptn: got your mail, thanks09:59
cptnwell, not sure if it works :-(10:00
cptnalso queried Charlie first thing today, no answer so far10:00
tilmandid anyone update wget?10:01
tilmanah, indeed10:02
tilmancool, more stuff in opt-x86_6410:11
tilmancptn: set_unmaint has a few issues, i think i'll fork it10:22
cptnnoo, don't take it away from me!10:24
cptnnote to self: one way to get things done is start something so someone else feels he can do better :-)10:25
cptnonce you're done, you could import it into the scripts repository10:26
cptnI've also written a PHP framework to manage reports of outdated ports10:30
cptnbut somehow it doesn't work, maybe someone can improve it:10:31
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nipuLok, i'm ip :S16:14
nipuLby the looks of things the meeting wasn't today16:18
treachtuesdays. CET, presumeably. :>16:24
nipuLright, a day early16:26
treachtz ftw. :D16:26
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